Dave Mustaine: 'They Take God Out Of School To Dumb Us Down'

The Megadeth leader had some harsh words for the Obama administration, and thinks 2012 will be "really horrible" for America.

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Dave Mustaine shared some strong views about both the lack of God in schools and the Obama administration in a new interview with MTV Hive.

He also says that 2012 is going to be "really horrible" for America.

"Everything is pretty sh-tty right now," Mustaine said. "I think that we're headed for a lot of trouble. We've got an incredible debt, which is just continuing to get higher and higher. We need jobs right now, man. We don't need any more Washington deals, we need jobs. There are so many things wrong with this current administration."

Mustaine has little faith in his president, and senses an effort to control religion in schools.

"It's pretty clear that they're taking prayer out of school. It's been happening for a very long time," he said. "They're taking God out of the schools to dumb us down."

"It's not just in the schools," he adds. "There are a lot of people being persecuted for what they believe in. There was that girl who was fired from a Macy's in Texas because she didn't let some cross-dressing dude into the woman's dressing room. Come on! Are you out of your mind, Macy's?"

When asked what his one piece of advice to Obama would be, Mustaine said: "A president should be the one who steps up to the plate and says, 'Knock it off.'"

So who would Mustaine like to see take leadership at the next election? "I always thought Colin Powell would make a great president, but he doesn't want anything to do with politics anymore. I can't say I blame him. Given our choices for president, I think next year is going to be just terrible."

Do you agree that God shouldn't be pushed out of schools, or would this be a progressive move for education? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    They should teach about religion in school, but not force it on the students.
    I don't know about the 'taking God from school to make us dumb us down'-part. But I surely agree with Dave that USA is in a shitty position right now. And we in Europe aren't particularly doing well either. All rising Asian country's like China are laughing at what's happening in Europe and the USA.
    So forcing religion on kids is the smart thing to do? Consider me dumb!
    Speaking as an atheist here, the lack of religion in schools isn't really that huge of a deal. Religion does not make one more able to get a job or anything else to be successful in this country...unless you decide to work at a church or something. But I do agree with him about the candidates for president. I'm not really excited about any of them either.
    iscreamicecream wrote: If you think Dave's stupid, you're either a dumb closed minded moron who's out of touch with reality or just a retarded sexually confused individual. Grow up.
    I agree! This has to stop! Cant you see!? The world is controlled by shape shifting lizards from the Draconian constellation! Open your eyes you fools!
    Wilbo Baggins
    No way, I think 2012 will be great, New Black Sabbath album, Big 4 doing Australia (I hope), New Metallica album, new Slayer album, survival of another Fake Apocalypse, I don't see what's wrong with 2012.
    ThrashMetal014 wrote: I honestly agree with everything he says. In a country where we supposedly have "freedom" of religion, Christianity is the most stepped-on of them all. And the president should be the one to step up and say "knock it off". If you flamers on UG can make a better point, get your own sorry ass in an interview and let us hear it! *grabs popcorn, sits back.*
    No, the most stepped-on religious people would have to be Muslims. At least in America, for sure.
    Well I think what Dave meant to say (now this is my assumption), or at least what would have been a smarter thing to say is this: Education and religion should be kept secret. I agree with this. But education does need to be taught in schools. Many children today are somewhat narrow minded about religion, because they don't understand it. Many kids insult and demean religious people mainly because they don't understand what it is truly about. I am not a religious person at all. But, I understand where they are coming from. School shouldn't neglect education and try to write it out of textbooks, schools should openly teach students about it IN AN UNBIASED MANNER. NOT IN THE ATTITUDES HELD BY ATHIESTS BUT ALSO NOT IN THE ATTITUDES HELD BY RELIGIOUS NUTCASES. We should openly teach future generations about it mainly because it is a huge part of society. I think this may have been what Mustaine tried to say, but just didn't use the right words. being religious doesn't make you smart or stupid, its an option. We need to be educated about these things in order to not be retards about it and make assumptions that many make about christians or hindus and muslims etc. Teaching about religion is not forcing it, it is just making people AWARE of it.
    Well, at my school (in Australia) they have religion classes but you choose if you want to do it. Why can't they do that?
    Also, on a second read-through:
    senses an effort to control religion in schools
    So they try to control religion by not doing anything with it at school, thus letting people form their own beliefs, instead of forcing everyone to confirm to the rituals of a single religion? Dave, I think you MIGHT have gotten the meaning of some words wrong.
    Uhm...we don't have any prayer or that crap in school here in the Netherlands. Hasn't really effected anyone in a negative way. Dave, I respect you, but with some topics you should really just shut it before you make yourself look like an idiot.
    SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! Why can't religious folk get this through their damn skulls?!
    MetalMike676 wrote: Man all you self proclaimed atheists still in highschool are so cool, thinknig you know the answers to all of life's mysteries and solutions. There's nothing wrong with keeping God in the schools, I went to a private lutheran school and we were taught both sides with no prejudice. Our nation's founders were beleivers and they want to pass that on for the future rulers of the US, to me it's more un-American to go against tradition because a few people's feelings get hurt, than teach about religions in public schools.
    that's a horrible misconception of atheism. atheists, in they're humbleness, don't claim to know all of life's mysteries or the answers to all of life's problems. religion on the other hand does and yet it's the atheist's who are perceived as the arrogant ones. who's really the arrogant or pretentious of the two? the group that admits their lack of knowledge and are open to being proven wrong or the group that insists without a reasonable doubt that they're correct. you tell me. also, our nations fathers were NOT believers. they were deists at best, not theists. they even constructed our nations founding documents, the Constitution, with absolutely no reference to God or Christianity. Thomas Jefferson in particular actually took the Bible, erased all of the "myth and magic" he didn't agree with, and left in only the moral teachings of Jesus. This became known as the Jefferson Bible. The Declaration of Independence has the words "our creator" instead of "God". There is absolutely no reference to Christianity in said document further proving Jefferson's deist standpoint. The United States is not by any means a "Christian nation". It was founded on secular principles, from the likes of John Locke, that the founding father's believed in very adamantly. This "tradition" you speak of has only been "tradition" for the past 60 or so years in American history. ever since the Red Scare (the fear of godless communism) and McCarthyism in the 50's Christianity has been thrown into politics and has been given much more attention than in previous decades. and lastly, if religion is to be taught in public schools it should be done in a separate class dedicated to religion and religion only. to this i'm not against. however, when religious folk want something like Creationism to be taught ALONG SIDE Evolution...i get very upset. Doing this would be the equivalent of teaching Astrology in an Astronomy class or Alchemy in a Chemistry class. once put into perspective, it seems a little ridiculous doesn't it?
    I giggle when celebrities talk about things they don't understand. I love you as an artist, Dave, but u so silly
    It's true! I go to Catholic school and I'm gifted and talented, just like everybody else there! Come on, Mustaine.
    *sigh* Mustaine, your political ramblings were at least somewhat accurate until now. Now you've crossed the dumbass line- God does not belong in public schools, it's a private, family matter- if I want to teach my kid about the invisible man in the sky who will set you on fire forever if you disobey his mostly arbitrary rules, I don't need my kid's first-grade teacher to do it for me, when they could be focusing on basic literacy skills the kid'll probably forget by high school. raggle fraggle
    Let's focus on the fact that a female was fired for not letting a male into the female fitting room. The **** is wrong, America? He did say something intelligent.
    I don't see my school forcing atheist beliefs on me just because it's a public school that doesn't teach a specific faith or faiths. And When I pray to God I'm going to do it when I want in school, I don't want a 5 minute session forced on everyone to pray, think, or whatever. I don't hold up a sign saying 'I'M PRAYING TO MY CHRISTIAN GOD, I'M BETTER THAN YOU' and (most) people at my school don't put others down because they're a christian/ atheist/ agnostic/ muslim / jew. Why can't atheists respect sensible religious people's beliefs, and why can't religious people respect sensible agnostic or atheist people's beliefs? If anything, all the sensible, open minded people in the world should work together to oust the closed minded people, no matter what they believe or don't believe in.
    jacobstayton1 wrote: some may not want religion in school as alot of us don't want evolution taught in school. None of it should be taught in school and no one would complain.
    Please tell me this is a joke. We should not teach evolution in schools, a sound theory with mountains of evidence to support it because some people who believe some crazy magical story, that is condradicted by all available evidence and has no logic or reason behind it might complain. Your sir win most retarded comment even surpassing Dave Mustaine himself. Congrats
    Idiot Pineapple
    Dear people saying "religion holds back society", Catholicism developed the scientific method, accepts evolution and the big bang theory. If you want to claim to be progressively thinking, maybe you should actually try learning. tl;dr stop being edgy teenage atheists.
    Idiot Pineapple wrote: Despite popular belief, prayer and even religious groups ARE allowed in school. The school just cannot force their students to pray in accordance to any religion. The employee by all rights should have been penalized because they do not own the business and have to contractually obligate to the business customer service policies. That being said, FORCING a business to let everyone shop there and is unconstitutional. However if we took out the federal regulations regarding discrimination, society would likely abandon a bigoted business and the problem would solve itself without forcing tolerance on society. Finally, those of you bashing religion are just as bad. You're making broad generalizations and condemning perfectly rational people who have a set system of beliefs. There is nothing wrong with being Christian. The problem comes from forcing your beliefs on others, and there is no difference on a moral level from a Christian forcing their beliefs down the throats of others, and an atheist doing the same. -An annoyed agnostic-atheist.
    You make excellent points, yet you'll be branded a spineless idiot by the likes of Dawkins because you're agnostic. That's ****ed up.
    Woffelz wrote: They should teach about religion in school, but not force it on the students.
    I completely agree with this. The way I see this situation, is that it should not be pushed on students, because not everyone is Christian. Especially today since students backgrounds and beliefs are more diverse. It would be unfair really. But I also agree about the candidates. They're all jokes.
    separation of church and state is a good thing. I bet he wouldn't like kids being forced to read the Quran.
    Yeah, teaching kids about actual things like science and evolution is clearly making them less intelligent.
    shreducator wrote: PhilipAndersson wrote: mchapin43292 wrote: I think if they are going to teach evolution or religion in schools regardless of what your point of view is it should always be taught as a theory and not a fact, people have the right to express religion but schools now days teach evolution as a fact when it is only a theory and that is what really grinds my gears Evolution is fact. But I hope you feel the same way about the theory of gravity too, then you might just float the ***k away. If evolution is "fact", tell me what the missing link is... because as far as I know, it hasn't been found.
    You mean besides the missing links already found? You are aware there are hundreds of focils, probably thousands that support evolution right?
    Root Beer
    Religion IS taught in schools; CHRISTIAN schools. People should not be forced into religion; it's a CHOICE they make. People blow the morals of Christianity WAY out of proportion when they see people saying stuff like this.
    venom1stas wrote: At least the man is inteligent unlike 99% of other musicians. Dave for president!
    Danger zone
    Sensual Lettuce
    Dave should really just stick to the music, he's making himself look like an idiot. I like how he isn't pointing out any decent alternatives for the government though, that's really helpful.
    Dave, get your facts straight, I can pray in any school in America, but the Government has no place in what religion I should pray for, that's the issue here.
    I don't think religion should be taught in schools, but at the same time, if a kid wants to pray, he should be allowed. I never thought about it before, but I also think colin powell would make a good president...
    Well, I really don't care about other people's beliefs, but I think this was the dumbest thing Mustaine ever said.
    They totally should teach us how god made a women out of a man's rib, how the earth is flat, how the earth is 6000 years old and how all our languages exist because we built towers into heaven and he got a bit intimidated with us getting close to his crib, although planes do little to him... Religion is the reason we haven't colonized Mars and cured cancer yet.
    I always thought 38 Special was the best southern rock band. This was mainly due to the brilliant hit entitled "Hold On Loosely".