Dave Mustaine: 'Thrash Metal Fans Don't Want to Accept Rock

"It has nothing to do with Megadeth or the greatness of the band and its music," says the frontman.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently reached the subject of thrash metal fans and their willingness to accept different music genres, calling them predictably less open for variations and diversity.

When asked by the Illinois Entertainer to comment on some of the hate the group is getting for the rock-oriented "Super Collider" tunes, Mustaine said that a solid portion of today's thrash fans don't even know what the essence of thrash metal is.

"I think that thrash metal fans, when you label them as 'thrash metal fans,' of course they're not going to want to accept a rock track," the singer/guitarist said. "It has nothing to do with Megadeth or the greatness of the band and its music. Heavy is heavy. Look how heavy Black Sabbath is, and they're not fast. I think the fastest song they ever did was 'Neon Knights' with Ronnie James Dio. It's all relative, I guess."

After stressing that he is not looking to "play it safe and play the same record for 40 years like some of these old dinosaurs do," the frontman once again focused on the metal fans.

"The thing is, in the thrash metal community right now, a lot of these thrash metal fans, God bless 'em, what they think is thrash metal right now really isn't what thrash metal was back in the day," he said. "It wasn't about the tempo of the music, it was about what the music was about. It was the lyrical content, it was the energy of the song, it was the modality of the chord progressions."

Mustaine then remembered the early thrash days, saying, "There were a lot of bands that would just play one note and pedal super, super fast and barely have any movement, and those bands fell by the wayside. You had to have some artistic merit at some point, where the songs had melody, or people would just lump you in with all those other bands that sound the same. I mean, my God, I've been doing this 30 years, you think I would learn something."

The frontman was also asked about the impact politics had on his work, admitting that it severely infected the message of his music.

"I think what has happened is that politics and the liberal media have really infected my message with my music, and no matter what I say, how I say it, its going to be misinterpreted," Mustaine said. "So I think probably our time would be better if I answered some other questions."

He continued, saying, "I would love to talk politics with you, but our country is really in a very precarious position right now, in all the parties: Republican, Democratic, Independent, Green Party. You ask young people, they thought that Ron Paul was the answer, until he said that we're just like the Taliban. I ain't like the Taliban. I don't cut kids' heads off."

The current Megadeth release, "Super Collider," dropped on June 4 via Universal-powered label Tradecraft. After shipping 29,000 copies in the US within the first week, it landed on No.6 position of the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Ok UG this is getting ridiculous. Stop posting shit about Dave Mustaine unless it's actually of interest, most of us are getting to the point where we're just sick of hearing every breath he mutters. Find something else to write about or don't write at all.
    For once I agree with Dave, lot of thrash metal fans aren't too "open minded".
    Dear god UG, what's with your obsession for Mustaine? You like gingers don't you?
    I'm actually suprised UG haven't replaced the Music News section with his Twitter feed yet.
    Welcome to Mustaine Month...
    He's just expressing his point of view, nothing wrong with that. But since he's a hell of a rockstar, everyone tend to maximize every word he says, calling him dumb simply because they disagree. I mean, stop bashing Mustaine, with all of these thrash posers running free!
    When your fans don't accept your music as you'd like, insult them! Classic Mustaine logic...
    So when Charlie Benante said that "Metal Fans are close minded" was that "Mustaine Logic" or an actual fact that can be easily proved?
    He's not famous for his speaking abilities, serioously cant this guy just say something without it being super analysed. Really disappointed in UG right now
    "they're not going to want to accept a rock track," This is really sad, but it is true. There are too many close-minded metal fans...
    Oh boy, more news from the Mustaine News Network! Seriously UG, this is getting old.
    "I mean, my God, I've been doing this 30 years, you think I would learn something." I'll let you guys do the rest
    He is not blaming anyone, he is right, the album is not bad by any means but is a departure from the thrash metal sound. Remember, kids thrash metal is gun metal grey, and that is all it can be. These are the very words of Mr. Marty Friedman. It is when you remove yourself of genre blocks that your music becomes unique and it is exactly this sound departure that made Countdown, Youthanasia, and cryptic, iconic to the Megadeth catalog and all music in general. People keep saying "Wh3res d4 ThR4sh?" "This !s n0t meGadeth!" No it IS Megadeth, and they are still the band that can suprise its fans, instead of offering the same thing over and over again *cough* slayer *cough*. Not saying Slayer is bad, but its true, most thrash bands have literally offered very little variety since the end of the 90's. He has a sound argument.
    Dave's right from a certain perspective. As a Thrash Metal fan myself, I was very close-minded 4 years ago, then I realised I was just being an elitist and missing out a lot of great, well-made music. However, he's using this as an excuse for the bashing Super Collider's getting. It's not a bad album by any means, but definitely subpar considering some of their most recent material (United Abominations and Endgame come to mind).
    Dave like Thrash Metal, I like Rock, I like Death Metal, I like Heavy Metal & a lotta other Metal. I just didn't like The freaking album. I think I'm having a hard time adjusting to the releases of albums so fast. Man chill out a lil and shut up please.
    Well, while it's true that thrash fans in general aren't the people most open to different kinds of music, wouldn't Dave have known this himself before he started recording?
    Nah, Megadeth fans should know by now that Megadeth can be more than thrash, theyve been playing a variety of different styles the past 15+ years afterall...
    Isn't that definition of sell out? Doing what fans want instead of what do you want?
    I think doing radio friendly records is selling out, but whatevs.
    I think you started at the wrong end of my comment. I thought it was strange for him to actually take notice when the thrash people reacted in the manner one would expect from them. Music is also a business. To make a career, a bit of "selling out" is usually necessary, as with any product.
    It's not that we dislike rock, Super Collider really is terrible. Accept it and move on Dave.
    "It was the lyrical content, it was the energy of the song, it was the modality of the chord progressions."...well surely didn't that lead to the band playing faster, to me it seemed to served as a good way to channel this energy into their playing?
    Super Collider isn't that bad. It's not another Rust in Peace or Countdown to Extinction, but it has some good songs on it. It also has a few awful songs. It has a lot of good music but some of the lyrics were not the best he has written. It's closer to the Megadeth sound than Risk was and I actually like it better than Endgame.
    Agreed. People hate Super Collider way more than it deserves. It has a few crappy song, but also has the awesome ones
    Is Dave ****ing retarded or something? I mean, seriously? There are literally NO Thrash Metal fans that I know who don't like Rock music. Same goes for other genres of music. There are no Thrash Metal fans whom I know that are close minded when it comes to the music they listen to. Hell I know people who listen to Thrash, Dubstep, Rap, and so on and so forth.
    There's an article for him every day I swear! It must be a slow week for music news...
    Pikka Bird
    "It wasn't about the tempo of the music..." Alright, so why release Mechanixxx at a million billion BPM to prove that you were more "true" than those other guys?
    I thought the album was bad but not the worst.. but this year Evile brings the thrash.. just listen to their new album.
    I accidentally downvoted your comment. I'm sorry ! I couldn't agree more with what you said. +100000 for Evile
    Yeah yeah, mustaine blame the fans right? Easy way to prove that most of Thrash Metal fans are close minded, Slayer, it doesn't stop being a great band (well we don't know now with their current problems) but nobody can deny that they are extremely repetitive.
    "It wasn't about the tempo of the music" Reign in Tempo, tempo is My Business, Tempo Thrashing Mad, Bonded By Tempo, Feel the Tempo, Tempo Nightmare, Tempo 'Em All, Beneath The Tempo, Doomsday for the Tempo, Pleasure to Tempo, Agent Tempo, Tempo Descends, Epidemic of Tempo, Chemical Tempo, Spectrum of Tempo, etc... all of them slow records.
    I understand. We have a radio station here that has a FB group, and they kick anyone who says anything disparaging about said radio station. Its a joke.
    Supercollider is not bad cuz it's not thrash metal, it sucks because its lyrics are cheesy as f*ck and Dave's voice got worse!
    There was some high speed chuggage in places on Endgame, but it wasn't your typical Thrash album. but it was brilliant. I thought Endgame marked the start of a new era of Megadeth with a new sound... but the next 2 releases were no where near as good. Metallica tried with Death magnetic (lets not talk metallica) but Endgame was actually a fuking strong come back to the word of heavy metal. 13 and SC just don't cut it. I dunno if they're rushed, or what but forget the word thrash, they're just not that good compared to previous releases. Endgame though, never gets old.
    To me Endgame is Megadeth's greatest record from start to end only after Rust in Peace.
    Same for me. It's just outstanding work. With so much effort and sounds amazing. Wish they could have held onto that and rolled forward with that level of intensity. What happened?
    "There were a lot of bands that would just play one note and pedal super, super fast" That's what bands are doing now and they are successful. Altough i dont like the simplicity in guitar tracks in a lot of music these days, they dont show off any of their talent
    That's not always true. If the passion for the music is there, it doesn't matter.
    Way Cool JR.
    I love Thrash and Rock music. But to be honest, I was listening to Rock Music before Thrash was even invented. LOL
    If he's generally talking about "thrash metal fans" or "extreme metal fans" and so on and so forth, yeah okay we all know this. If this is an excuse for Super Collider, however, it's not the fact that it's not thrash, it's the fact that it isn't very notable, especially by Megadeth's standards. The three tracks that I really like off the album are barely metal. If the rest of the album were as forward thinking, I'd really like the album even though it'd be really far from metal.
    Eh, the title track isn't that bad. Not that different from when they came out with Youthanasia. I generally avoid Mustaine articles, but he's right. Most metalheads do tend to be closed-minded. I used to be one of them, for christ's sake!