Dave Mustaine to Festival Goers: 'Don't Take Acid'

MegaDave dispenses "dad advice" to festival goers.

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Speaking to Metal XS at this year's Sonisphere Festival in France (via Brave Words), Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine had some very practical advice to give festival goers:

"My advice for the folk at Sonisphere ... I would not take acid. The first time I went to a festival somebody was handing out acid and I was a kid and I didn't know what it was so I took it ... It was a terrible experience. It's kinda like that joke about the old Grateful Dead fans. When the drugs wore off they said 'these guys suck.'

"If you go to a festival, time your buzz, stick close to your friends, try not to get separated. If you go with a girl, be preapred for other guys to look at her, cus it's just gonna happen. If you're with your friends, don't try and out drink them because you won't remember the concert ... bring mosquito repellent if you're in the United States because there's lots of mosquitoes out doors, remember sun screen ... This is like the dad in me talking!"

Mustaine also talked about the significance of the title for the band's latest album, "Super Collider":

"It's a real thing. It's in Switzerland. It's about smashing atoms and trying to figure out what the big bang theory is ... but it (the album) wasn't about that. It was about the metaphor of having a climax ... y'know, with your friends. Everything doesn't have to be orgasmic or sexual ... it can be, like, fun. Y'know, when you're dancing with your girlfriend or he and I are going to watch sports or something. Or we're watching a fight, and our fighter knocks the other guy out... That feeling is the feeling I was talking about in 'Super Collider.'

"The song is about somebody like myself going to somebody who may not have as much as I have and me helping to show them the way. Kind of like one beggar showing another beggar where there's a crust of bread to eat. I'm the kind of person where if I had food and you didn't, I would share with you. I was homeless for a long time and Ive gone many many meals without eating, so I know what it's like. So when I see some of these younger bands who are struggling, I really wanna help them out. That's what Gigantour is about. The whole thing with 'Super Collider' was, 'come with me man, Ill show you the way, we'll have a great time, and when it's all over, you'll be very happy.'"

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    People always concentrate on the shi**y things Dave says all the time. Haters all seem to think he's an ass and doesn't care about anyone. Really, he's made a ton of bad choices in his life and he actually cares about his fans. He doesn't want them to make the same mistakes he made. Which is more than you can say about a lot of musicians. Dave, you were, still are and always will be my favorite musician ever.
    This is why I've started to dislike Dave Mustaine articles on UG, they always try to trash him with something. This was one positive one again though
    well of course UG thinks their liberal agenda sells that's why it's up to us readers to tell them we only want facts not bullshit smear stories.
    Dave seems to be a decent man, and that's good. While I personally find his political views to be stupid, I can wholeheartedly say that I respect him.
    That's because here on UG, you get annual news about Dave's music but daily news about what kind of crap he has to say.
    It's annoying. I come here to read music news, I don't care if once in a while there's an entry of whatever Dave rambles, but it's all they publish. What about his music and tours? UG should change its name to Ultimate National Enquirer.
    Acid and all other hallucinogenics should only be done by responsible people who are knowledgeable about the drug and it's effects. It's silly kids who take it for a laugh and end up crying and thinking that they have the soul of a moth inside them and that every house on the block has a secret portal inside their bathroom which lets people look at them while they're tripping.
    Sounds like your speaking from personal experiences...
    The most important things about safe psychedelic use is set and setting. If you've never taken one before, a festival or concert isn't a good place to be trying it out. If you are going to do it, take it in a safe place, and with close friends. Not in public, not at a party, not by yourself, and not with a bunch of strangers. And do some research.
    I'm a silly kid that takes 'em for the laughs, but I have never ever thought stupidities like that. lol
    If you go to a festival, time your buzz, stick close to your friends, try not to get separated. If you go with a girl, be prepared for other guys to look at her, cus it's just gonna happen. If you're with your friends, don't try and out drink them because you won't remember the concert ...
    Some actual, decent advice from Dave.
    I'm with him on this. I would not take acid anywhere near a crowd of drunk people, green grass in which I can roll over and fall into a river or a hole, a bunch of woods in which I can get lost, and so it goes. Leave it for when you're home.
    theres nothing wrong with anything he said here yet everyone still chirps, way to feed the UG slander campaign
    back when I saw pearl jam at san francisco outside lands festival back in 09, eddie vedder said: "i've been advised to tell you: 'don't take the brown acid,' but the mushrooms are fine!"
    Tomorrow's headline: Dave Mustaine says 'pushing a screwdriver through your hand hurts'
    "Ugh, my dad Dave Mustaine is such a dork. Like, I'm gonna take acid. Leave me and my friends alone."
    Dave's back..... .....with his comments. Although he says that from his older wiewpoint, and his newfound ways.
    "It was about the metaphor of having a climax ... y'know, with your friends." And I thought he was anti-homo.
    Dave has it right about drugs in this article. Besides good, fresh shrooms are way better than lsd
    No son, those are two completely different set of symptoms and effects. Can't be compared.
    don't want to be pedantic, but "the big BAND theory" really made me laugh!
    This is the first good thing that has come from Dave in a while.
    Yes because I'm sure you know everything he's said and done other than what UG articles have reported on.
    take acid at concert = see the music, hear the lightes, smell the frangrants of melting ice. my ma mmm mm mm momma says acid is the devil!!
    pierced chode
    Mustaine has his good points at times. He kind of reminds me of Jello Biafra, more of a person I find interesting to listen to on his worldview points than listen to his music. Sure, drugs can be destructive given the type of drug, the amount of that drug ingested, and most importantly prior knowledge of the effects of the drug and the company you keep when you're doing them. But this particular quote sounds more like a backhanded insult from a guy who may be becoming increasingly insecure on where him and his band will be placed in music history, thrash or otherwise, whether consciously or not. So given that, he has to throw sucker punches at what he sees as a defenseless juggernaut in the music biz like the Grateful Dead. But In my opinion, people will be listening to the Grateful Dead's music long after Megadeth stop creating music.
    He's right, you know! Don't ever touch drugs! That's certainly the square in me talking, but I've seen what they can do to people... not pretty.
    he's saying not to do it at festivals. read some of the comments above, some good advice on safe hallucinogen use.
    The whole thing with 'Super Collider' was, "Come with me man, I'll show you the way, we'll have a great time, and when it's all over, you'll be very happy. " Mustaine is Jesus!
    In my opinion you just shouldn't do drugs at big gigs like that. Why would you pay so much money to go to something you wouldn't enjoy sober?
    Doing drugs does not mean that you wouldn't enjoy it without, it's something that enhances the whole experience. That may not be for you, in which case... That's cool as well. I'm not too keen on psychedelics in a big, social environment, but that's just personal preference. If you enjoy it and can handle it, I don't see the issue.