Dave Mustaine Vs. Satanic Bands

Megadeth's previously announced gigs in Greece appeared to be in jeopardy over the participation of Greek black metallers Rotting Christ.

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Megadeth's previously announced gigs in Greece ? on June 17 and 18 in Athens and Thessaloniki, respectively ? appeared to be in jeopardy over the participation of one of the scheduled support acts, Greek black metallers Rotting Christ, according to Blabbermouth.net.

Dave Mustaine was reportedly willing to cancel Megadeth's Greek dates (to be more specific: wherever Rotting Christ are set to appear as support) due to his known dislike for black/death metal bands that depict religious issues in a negative light. Here's what a member of Megadeth's official forums posted concerning this issue and what Dave Mustaine posted in response (as found on the band's forums):

  • April3rd: Well, Megadeth will be playing Greece this summer. Both Athens and Thessaloniki. Although it is not yet on the Killing Road the company that organizes the concert announced that the support act for the gig in Athens will be the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ. We all know Dave's beliefs and his opinion about black metal. Rotting Christ, as you can easily understand, don't actually go to church every Sunday, instead they had taken part in the "F--k Christ Tour" along with Mayhem and other Satanic bands a few years ago. Hey, Dave, do you mind them opening for you?

  • Dave Mustaine: Well, if they are on it, I certainly don't want to kick them off. We will just have to pass and play Greece another time or place. I have informed my management and they know what I feel.

    Lately, Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site: "It has come to my attention that there was a show in Greece where an allegedly 'full-on' Satanic band [Rotting Christ] was going to be playing, as well as one in Israel too [Dissection]. No one knows for sure what their intent or content is, so I am not going to say they are.

    "Yes, I said that I was not really interested in playing with Satanic [bands], and that is because I changed my outlook on life and my spritual beliefs over three years ago. I became a Christian, yes, and I have made even more mistakes now that I have, because there are things I do that I know I should not do, and things I do not do that I know I should.

    "Plus I have helpful people like the guy in this thread who is quick to point out my failings, and volunteering as my self-appointed judge to remind me of everything that I am doing wrong.

    "Yes, I did say I would prefer not to play on concerts with Satanic bands. That doesn't mean I won't, it doesn't mean I would not talk with the bands either, (sometimes it is just for fun anyway with these bands). But to make a life-altering change and then not have some kind of affect would not have been a change at all, would it? It's not much different from staying away from booze if you have made a decision to be sober.

    "The concerts that I headline or I put together is usually my choice who I want to play with; festivals are different. If I don't feel it is right for me to do something, then like I said in this post here I would just respectfully decline. I would not ask that anyone be taken off if they were already confirmed.

    "I have to draw the line and stand for my beliefs or they aren't beliefs at all, are they? I don't expect anyone to fully understand this, but I know many of you do, and I thank you for your support.

    "To the Droogie that is set on insulting me about my beliefs, I understand. It is easy for a person with no beliefs to mock someone who does. I don't know if you do (I hope so), but it appears not. Because if you did, you would say, 'Well, those are Dave's beliefs, they are not like mine, but if mine are to be respected, than so should his.'

    "I doubt you will think things through like this before you come on here and attack me for my beliefs again, but here's to hoping. And ya might want to check the guidelines of this site too; we are pretty friendly here, but personal attacks don't sit well here.

    "And if not, I imagine someone will prolly buy your ticket and I will dedicate a song to your abscence at the concert.

    "The moral to the story is this ... I don't like certain bands and that will never change that in me."

    And here's what frontman Sakis Tolis of the Rotting Christ has said in response (exclusively via Metal Temple magazine), concerning the issue that has arisen due to Mustaine's comments:

    "Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the difficult position to have to announce to our fans that we feel like canceling our upcoming participation in two big festivals (something that we have done several times before, too), with the reason being our band's name. A name that expresses our opposition to any kind of religion, a name that opposes to any fake visions of an eternal calmness and peace, a name that is a punch at the conservative basis of the hypocritical and religious so-called democratic societies.

    "Unfortunately the middle ages still find their way into the new millennium and metal must support the freedom of the mind, something that it has been doing since its foundation."

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      I hope Mustaine is happy with his closed minded choice. I hate Christian morons...so hypocrytical...so damn ignorant...and too damn proud to see the truth...
      [QUOTEkeen: only music... well music influences people... I mean some music seems to make more easily influenced people *******s. | I listen to alot of satanic music,but im a nice guy..I know the difference between right and wrong
      It's Dave's tour, so he can make his own choices. I think he managed to stand up for his beliefs without being an a$$ about it, and I commend him for doing so. He may choose not to play w/the bands, but it's not like he jumped out and said "I'm right, you're wrong, eat shit". He stood up for his beliefs without mocking others.
      Speaking of ignorant, you need to read up on "satanism", what christians call "satanism" and actual satanism, are very different things, for instance actual Satanists are basically atheists who use the "religon" to mock christians. Both forms of "satanism" are pretty stupid though.
      Yes, contrary to popular belief, most satanists do not worship satan. Honestly, some of you people should wander on down to the pit and discuss things in the religion thread.
      well,.. on the contrary even if some satanist do not worship satan they are still considered satanist...
      I hear a lot of people saying that death/black metal sucks, but i bet none of you have half the talent of any good black/death band.
      Well according to DAVE its right to respect other's opinions and beliefs, so shouldn't he respect ROTTING CHRIST's? The guy even said its not about jesus rotting, its about opposition to any sort of mass-religion. I think they believe that only you can find the right beliefs for you and they think its wrong for people to be drones. Just because two people believe differently doesn't mean they can't coexist, thats just what Dave wants. hes a hypocritical douchebag, the end.
      well,.. on the contrary even if some satanist do not worship satan they are still considered satanist...
      what the hell did you just say? You agreed with me, even if you didn't try to.
      I find the death metal guy spoke more intelligently than mustaine did, though.
      I don't. He phrased his sentences in a way that suggested he was himself, an infinite/all-knowing being, who already knew the answers to infinite questions, despite being a finite being- that's pure arrogance, really. He should accept Mustaine's beliefs, and not say they are wrong without any factual evidence- a poor statement, at best.
      I think Mustaine should be respected cus he stood up for his beliefs...that's obvious enough. however, all you guys who think that bein a Christian is a pussy are really nothin short of stupid. as one ealier posted, satanists arent atheists; they believe/worship satan. if thats the case they have to acknowledge God, and to do that they have to see that Satan is hell. it doesnt make you hardcore to want to be in hell; just ignorant. regardless, i dont wanna make this a theological discussion, so again, dave mustaine can't be mouthed by atheist or satanist: atheist cant speak due to lack of belief, and satanist cant speak because they worship something of their own...would they not stand up for their rights? so in the same way Dave should stand up for his, and receive respect not criticism...
      Sun King
      i have never heard any of megadeathes stuff but i'll be in greece befor the concert dates.. are they good... im thinking of getting a cd just in case the do play...
      dave mustaine vs whole ***in world. he is always against someone
      Don't you get it? He's trying to avoid conflicting with these satanic metal guys. He's not even trying to insult or badmouth them, he's just saying he would be very dissappointed in himself if he gigged with people like them. Fair play to the guy for showing such backbone and character.
      Emenius Sleepus
      Satansim, Christianity,.. it's all just what someone believes, so there's no use for the argument "this has not place in metal" or whatever. The most honest stuff comes from personal experiences and beliefs so let it be. Props to Dave for being able to speak his mind and not be a sheep.
      Good job Dave! Good to see that he doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him. Its funny how he avoided badmouthing their beliefs but they just blatantly stated that religion is hypocritical. Shows the different mentalities and standards doesnt it...
      satanic people are pathetic. im glad he doesnt want them on his tour. id do the same if i was dave. as a christian, i thought he did the right thing. the dude above is right!
      I agree with Mustaine on this one. I'm not religious in any sense, but come on, going right out and bashing religion in the sense that this random-black metal band has done really pushes it. Blatant, full out hate is nothing to be appreciated.
      I love Megadeth but why does dave haveto always be so hateful and not open to things?!
      Im with mustaine, how can Rotting Christ be for freedom of the mind when they wont allow people to believe in conservatism or fake visions so they can be happy? And the funny thing is, THEY'RE the ones slagging the hypocrites...silly fools. Dont mention that word till you've checked you arent one.
      init4thefashion: its just so stupid because if a satanic band got a christian band scheduled to support them and they were like "no i aint playin with no ig'nant christians" everyone would be like eff yeah dude stay true to yourself! i say i admire dave for putting himself out there like that
      I wholly agree. Death metal is super-crappy anyway. And about metal supporting freedom of mind...Metal is so narrow-minded that really contradicts itself. Note:I love metal,I just don't agree with that shit band,rotting christ.
      Both bands acted mature about the situation. As for Dave, he has definitely done the right thing, because I know for myself being a Christian, worshiping Jesus Christ, I would not want a band called "Rotting Christ" to open for me. And another thing for all you who say Christians are hypocrits(as if we are perfect). Would you say a satanists were a hypocrit if they did something good?? Because "Rotting Christ" were gentlemen about the whole thing, so according to about 1/2 of people on here they are sell-out/hypocrits??
      Black/Death metal is a joke. I mean really. "Metal must support the freedom of the mind." Pssh what are you, the new Messiah?
      a real DEAD one
      Yeah Death/Black metal is horrible Mustaine is awesome and the bands now a days suck too. only the realy metal is good. (Iron Maiden Metallica, Megadeth, Dio, Helloween, ect...)
      Dave is a more skilled guitarist than Hammett judging by the solos he apparently wrote for early Metallica. But as for overall greatness, I'd take Hammett because he writes more musical solos. As for this whole thing, I don't see the problem. Mustaine made a simple choice, and a good one. Satanic music is just annoying, and boring, and generally REALLY bad.
      DiscipleOfRock: Black/Death metal is a joke. I mean really. "Metal must support the freedom of the mind." Pssh what are you, the new Messiah? [POSTED: 09 May 2005 - 20:19]|
      shut the *** up about how hes a pussy, and how your losin all your respect for him, hes standing up for what he believes in! he even was nice about it and said he didnt wanna play with them instead of *** em
      why should anyone care what some guitarist thinks about God / religion / politics? i certainly dont. i have my beliefs that are based on "philosophers" like nietchze etc, not "mustiane" or "hammet" or even "hendrix." play, or not. i really dont care one way or the other. i really dislike metal anyway, but this strikes me as, "wow, how unbelievably self-important does this guy think he is?" BOTH bands, actually. i dont care if you think religious people suck, nor do i care if you're religious. JUST PLAY SOMETHING. it's really not that difficult. you plug your guitar in. you turn your amp up very loud. and you play chords. for 2 hours. amazing. i am really sick and ***in tired of stupid, senseless posturing.
      so you're saying you'd be rather pissed off than be satisfied? you know...you're unique..
      Wow ignorance central all up on in here. Rotting Christ pwns modern day Megadeth.
      I hope the next person who calls Rotting Christ Death Metal gets shot. They're Black Metal, idiots. It even states at least twice in the the article that they are "Black Metal", and yes there is a huge difference between Black and Death metal, but I won't go in to that for the sake of those of you who wish for this to remain on topic. Since the majority of you can barely even read, why are you even attempting to debate anything?
      First, Dave was really respectful to Rotting Christ in that he didn't ask them to leave the tour, he said Megadeath would RESPECTFULLY decline to play. Second, y'all are waisting your time debating whether Dave is right or wrong by doing what he did. IT'S HIS CHOICE! Those of you that disagree with his decision, that's fine, but you must respect his right to decide. To say that he is wrong or bad not to play makes you no better than if Megadeath had forced Rotting Christ not to play. Remember that. Dave, mad props on standing up for what you believe in, whether I (or anyone) agrees with you or not. Freedom and all that jazz.
      thats like saying, "hey, instead of invading your country, why dont you step down." that's doesnt strike me as a whole lot of respect. it strikes me as playing word games
      i meant to say, "instead of invading your country and kicking you out, why dont you step down" ... a more clear analogy
      "instead of invading your country and kicking you out, why dont you step down" ... a more clear analogy No, it's like saying "either step down or we won't give financial aid to your country." A much clearer analogy, and something I think is perfectly fine. Ya shouldn't feel obligated to support something you don't believe in. Way to go Dave.
      Daves choice is the mans choice he a legend who does what he wants
      god of lamb
      Now to put an end to this once and for all but first i would like to say a few words...which are completely irrevelant...name a male dog Susan and tie him to a leash of thorns...and punch him in the groin...to make it bend like a ten year old...then wish merry christmas during Onam....and now that i've got that out of my system, let's continue. I believe that religion should be kept really personal...personally i have a very strong faith but i don't let that get in the way of anything that i feel like doing or having as much fun as i can. Basically, i quote from holy wars...." About religion, something i don't understand". In my opinion, it's all about the faith, not about the religion. If you've faith in god, you'll end up in heaven admist very soft fluffy white stuff...and if you have faith in satin, you'l end up giving your ass a good suntan. If you've faith in Allah, you'll have long hairy ears and will start clucking for all of eternity and if you have faith in Budda, you can blow your load in an average of two mins. About what the dude said about foul mouth christians, this is what i have to say.... ****! ****! ****!... My cock is much bigger than yours!....**** ****ity **** **** ****!.....So basically who the hell cares if megadeath cancels the concert in greece....( more for the western world) and who cares if megadeath kicks out rotting christ because they're the best trashmetal band and they can do whatever **** they want. If mustaine agreed to do the concert, it would not make him a pussy nor would it make him a pussy if he did not agree to do the concert( morbid angel is a sexy cool name while rotting christ is a weird ass name). So the nest thing in line....Megadeath vs Metallica Mettalica is gay...sad but true. but i do agrees that Kirk Hammet has a coller last name than Dave Mustaine( Mustaine sounds like a deoderant or something).But i do admit that Dave Mustaine refers himself in the third person too much..... the End p.s. Whos gives a **** about Greece,Satin, God, Greece and Binladen...metal should be free of all these evils. p.p.s Monkeys turn orange during autumn p.p.p.s anyone who posts anything after this is a mother****er! p.p.p.p.s lamb of god rules baby