Dave Mustaine: 'When You Say You're a Christian, People Think You're Anti-Gay'

"Being a Christian has a bad name," Megadeth frontman adds.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine was recently asked to clarify his past comments against gay marriage, now insisting he was misunderstood.

Chatting with Mohr Stories podcast, Dave also touched on the matter of Christianity, adding that the Christian faith comes with a bad reputation these days. Asked about how he found God, the frontman replied:

"I think being a Christian has a bad name. I think that when you say you're a Christian, people think that you're anti-gay, which I'm not. I'm not gay, so...

"When the question came up that started all this, someone had said 'What do you think I think about gay rights?,' and I said, 'Dude, I'm a heterosexual man, I'm married. The gay rights fight doesn't have anything to do with me,'" Mustaine continued (via MetalSucks). "So, being a sh-tty station up in ... well I won't say where it's at ... the guy said that I was anti-gay, and I'm not."

The interview during which Dave considers he was misunderstood took place in 2012 over at KIRO-FM. Directly asked if he supports gay marriage, the frontman replied: "Well, since I'm not gay, the answer to that would be no. I'm Christian. The answer to that would be no."

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    Why do people have to be so against gay marriage or anything? I'm straight, and I just say let them do whatever the **** they want. Who are we to prevent them from marrying each other, and in what possible way could their marriage affect anyone else but themselves?
    Because the Bible says so. You would be surprised how many religious people have never read Old Testament or not even the New one.
    "Swearing on the bible to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? Yeah, I'll tell you as much truth as the people who wrote that f****n bible." --George Carlin
    i would have to agree with dave.. not all christians are terrible war-mongering, anti-gay, anti-social activists. the ones that are give everyone else practicing the faith a bad name, just like any other religon. the problem though is everyone has a strong opinion on the subject, and they have every right to whether it's good or bad.
    Some people would disagree with me, but there's a big difference between being against gay marriage and being anti-gay. It's entirely possible to be against gay marriage without being anti-gay. I think that's what Dave was trying to say. It's difficult in this day and age, especially for people like Dave who are always in the media, to express a controversial opinion without immediately getting jumped on and branded as a hater.
    I'm not racist, I just think that black people should drink from a separate water fountain.
    I understand what he is saying. I am a Christian, and while I personally believe that gay marriage is wrong, I am not shouting it from the roof tops. I have gay friends, and I would take a bullet for them. They are some of the people who are the absolute closest to me. They know that I don't approve of all of their life decisions, and I am sure they don't approve of all of mine. Just because my personal beliefs are that gay marriage is immoral doesn't mean I sit here and hate them for it. It isn't up to any of us to judge what is right and what is wrong.
    your an idiot to not be able to see what hes saying. being anti gay is saying i dont think being gay is allowed or right.. when being against gay marriage is when you dont believe they should be able to form a union, personally im a christian and gays can do as they please its their life, but if your christian it says in the bible a marriage forms a man and a woman so it seems ok in my eyes to see why some people are against it. Is it right maybe not but owell
    ive read the bible front and back on many occasions. in the old testament of the bible God is a strict God and it does reference same sex couples in a negative manor. but.. with the coming of Jesus that old strict God is a new forgiving God and sin is forgiven. Please.. if you choose to use the bible to follow through your personal opinion do so correctly and reference the whole word of God. This is what makes us christians seem ignorant and unforgiving. also.. if you want human rights for all you have to accept the fact that means everyone.. not just hetrosexual white men.
    "Separation of church and state." The bible should have nothing to do with who can form a legal union. If you don't want them in your church, fine, but that doesn't mean it's suddenly public policy.
    I'm glad you said that. Because the State didn't get involved in marriage until the 1790s. The State butted in to what was previously the purview of the church only. If someone had only argued "separation of church and state" at that time, this whole debate wouldn't exist.
    And that would be freaking great (not sarcasm). Then we could do away with all these stupid semantics and everyone could get whatever kind of civil union thing they wanted.
    No. Being anti gay is holding back the progression of the gay agenda which is to have gay people seen as and treated no different to heterosexual people both socially and politically. Because Daves religion is an old, anti gay religion that says gays should be treated different because they are against god and there fore can not get married, Dave too, because he takes this part of the bible to heart, is also anti gay. That doesnt mean he hates gays or thinks they should be beaten to death. It just means he is in the way of their political progression to being treated equally regardless of sexual orientation.
    Saying a group of people dont deserve the same rights as another group of people just because of their sexual orientation IS being anti gay. Is it on the same level as going out and lynching people for being gay? Not even a little bit. But it is still anti gay. The same way as if I was to say people with faith shouldnt be allowed to pray while at work would be anti-theistic.
    It is especially difficult for Dave Mustaine to express opinions (controversial or not) in the media, since the thought processes going on inside his head are so incoherent. "Being a Christian does not automatically mean anti-gay" <=> When asked if he supports gay marriage: "as a christian, that would be no" The guy just contradicts himself all the time, it is beyond belief! PS: being anti-gay marriage equals being anti-gay, because you deny equal rights to some people based on sexuality.
    False... As I stated before... I don't support gay people... But that doesn't mean I'm against them. That's like saying I'm a racist because I didn't do anything to support China, Africa, etc. This is not a "either you're with us or you're against us" world. Some people are indifferent and that's just how it is. That doesn't mean their anti gay. Do I have anything against gays? No... Do I have anything against them being married? No... But do I support it? No!
    Yeah. I think what Mustaine said is that he isn't pro-gay. Not being pro-gay doesn't mean you are anti-gay. If you support gay marriage, it means you do something for it. It's really easy to misinterpret somebody's words, especially in the internet.
    I think what he's getting at is he has nothing against gay people and doesn't necessarily condone gay marriage, but he doesn't care one way or another if it becomes legal. I don't condone a late-stage abortion, but I feel it should still be legal. There's a lot of gray area on the subject as what defines a baby during development and religion shouldn't dictate what is and isn't legal. I imagine Dave feels the same way on gay marriage. (If it was my say, it would be legal)
    For every religious person who is an *******, there is an atheist to match them. Some people just suck through and through, whether they believe in a deity or not.
    Religion is bad for your mental health M'kay.
    So is telling everyone on the internet how proud you are to be anti-religion.
    So people who say smoking is bad for your health are just showing how proud they are to be anti-smoking? You're both as bad as each other!
    No it isn't. I'd imagine being rational and reasonably skeptical is really good for one's mental health. Dave Mustaine is tip-toeing around the fact that he's anti-gay and he's really only anti-gay because someone thousands of years ago wrote that it's wrong and Christians, like him, adopted it into their religious dogma. I don't consider that a healthy way of mentally grasping modern social issues.
    Says he doesnt support gay marriage because hes Christian then wonders why Christians have a reputation for being anti gay... You know, back in the days before Dave was born again he actually used to sound pretty intelligent. What a shame.
    You know, back in the days before Dave was born he actually used to sound pretty intelligent. What a shame. Fixed that for you.
    I think it has more to do with the fact that Dave is just a homophobe and less to do with the fact that he's a Christian.
    you people are the reason UG posts stupid stuff like this wow what an arguement, the guy isnt anti gay..... listen to the actual interviews or read them dont come here to comment
    If gay folks want to get married and be as miserable as the rest of us, all power to them. Seems ironic that gays are still fighting for the right in some places, when the number of marriages between hetero couples is actually dropping. A lot of people these days don't really see the benefit to it. You can sill be together and have a great time, without being married. I suppose its the ideological victory that counts for gays - if we they win the right, then they can choose not to be married, rather than not having the right to begin with!
    to me it would be the thought that matters, the thought that you are so into each other that even the government has a ****ing document about it
    I know this is gonna sound cliche, but screw what the government thinks, and screw all of its stupid pieces of paper.
    Wow, never heard that joke before. "Marriage sucks!" What a hilarious thought. You should be a comedian. I bet no comedian has ever come up with that combination of words. Beyond the ideological point, there are rights and benefits to married couples that unmarried couples don't get.
    How is it that humanity is so prejudiced against anyone who's different in any way? Let's look at it this way: does homosexuality affect you in a way that drastically alters your way of life? No? Then get over it and move on with your life.
    Let me say this it does affect people .It is a sick society and people like you turn a blind eye to it.Letting 2 men get married and now they want to adopt Children .Whats the kid gonna say hi mom hi dad or dad 1 or dad 2 .It is just not right and if you think it is YOU should be shot.I do not want my kids seeing these type of things in public.So you are wrong it does affect people and if it does not then you have no morals
    Kind of a bad example when this Christian happens to be extremely anti-gay. It's like Hitler saying, "I feel like Germany gets an unfair shake. Not all Germans are anti-Jew!"
    How is Mustaine anti-gay?
    He doesn't support it. He's just trying to dodge it, which is what people do when they don't want to speak their unpopular (and unfortunate) opinions.
    I don't support my local football team but that doesn't mean I'm against it. People really need to get rid of that "either you're with us or you're against us" mentality. There are also indifferent people in the world. I'm christian to... I don't support gays but that doesn't mean I'm against them...
    he clearly stated he isnt gay so it doesnt affect him, thats not being anti gay.....its a prime example because he and ellefson are into their christianity and from anything ive ever heard or read of mustaine he never once said yea gays are evil. just another story to restart the mustaine rants on UG bravo
    And not supporting something means you're automatically a bigot towards a certain group. The logic in this one...is BAD.
    Yes. Saying "I do not actively support your lifestyle" is not necessarily indicative of hate. I disapprove of or am indifferent toward many things, but at then end of the day I still have to value those who make choices I disapprove of as people. Disapproval is not equal to hatred.
    Replace "Germany" and "Germans" with "Nazi" and your statement makes more sense. Not every German in 1944 was a Nazi. That's like saying all Americans are Democrats.
    No... because not all Christians are anti-gay. All Nazis are, however, anti-Jewish.
    Not accurate either. A fair amount of Germans were either forced to join the Nazis, or they did it so that their family would be "safe". All the while not having anything against Jewish people.
    I see Christianity, and religion in general, to be anti-logic.
    teh fact that you are hetero doesn't mean you don't have an opinion on the matter dave... looks like ur too scared to "come out of the closet" with it though.
    What if he doesn't have an opinion on it? People are allowed to have no opinion, as strange as that may sound.
    No, this is just another classic case of Mustaine going back on his word in an attempt to cover his ass. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Mustaine is homophobic/antigay at all - but the only person to blame for interpreting his remark in that way is him, not the 'shitty radio station'. Here, let me break it down all simple like. "Well, since I'm not gay, the answer to that would be no." Okay, you could've worded that better but this is ambiguous enough where you can't justifiably run with it. It's just a shitty answer, but not necessarily homophobic unless you read into it. Oh, but wait.. there's more! (Go home, Billy Mays) "I'm Christian. The answer to that would be no." Ah, dropped the ball, Dave. You should know as well as anyone the reputation Christians have, and the views associated with your faith in regards to homosexuality. Should've left such a comment out entirely, in bringing up your faith and not clarifying you open things up to speculation - and then complain because you were misinterpreted? You're in the media, man - you should have learned by now to be more concise. I definitely don't think Dave's anti-gay, but I can 100% see why anyone could've interpreted his interview that way. He should just own up to his poor choice of words for a change, believe it or not it'd actually make him look like less of an imbecile. Humility is a powerful trait, and I thought the Christians were all about that..?
    Well, the Bible does say that homosexuality is nothing short of reprehensible, to be fair. Also, pretending that gay rights are none of your concern does not say shit about your stance on gays, Mustaine.
    I personally have nothing against gay marriages. It doesn't really harm anyone and if it makes someone happy it's fine for me. It doesn't benefit me personally, but hey, neither does women's right to vote. I guess people just need to be against someone/something. This is why people have such hard time to get along. They don't even want to understand each other. BUT why would anyone care if artist is anti-gay. You are listening to his music, not his ideas. You don't go to a store and change the desk because the salesperson disagrees with you.
    I agree with many of your points, but HOLY CRAP! How can a modern person even be SO ignorant?!?! Women's right to vote doesn't affect you? So you think that around half the citizens of the world's civilised nations not having any say in politics would have no effect on you? What?!
    No. That is not what I said. I didn't say that it doesn't affect me. Of course it does. It's important, but I meant that it doesn't benefit me personally. I support everyone's right to vote. You get my point now?
    No. I got that already, it's why I said you're being ignorant, because unless you're a total a-hole OF COURSE IT BENEFITS YOU! It feels redundant to say this, but do you really think your life would be just the same if no women could be involved in the way the world is run? If only the sneakiest and/or most powerful men had all the say in everything? I don't know about you, but I feel like having women involved benefits me a crapload.
    Gay people are good people. I have friends who are gay. But I think there's a good reason why Christians do not support gay marriage. Nobody wants to get infected with sexual-related diseases, so it's actually for their own good.
    In addition to anyone being able to get STDs, you do know that people f*ck outside of marriage, yeah?
    I say wat wat. You aren't being serious are you? Completely straight people can get STD's too you know. I... I'm not even going to say anything else.
    What the f*ck are you on about? Sexually transmitted diseases can happen to ANYONE, regardless of sexuality. Please don't tell me you're still so ignorant as to believe that diseases such as AIDS can only happen to gays.
    Which implies that straight people don't get STDs, sex only happens between married people, and that straight people and gay people regularly have unprotected sex and transfer STDs between them. All of those things are untrue. Don't be one of those pathetic fools who tries really hard to make their bigotry not sound like bigotry. Just admit you don't think homosexuals deserve the same rights all other humans are granted because you disagree with them. It's okay. You can do that.
    Good to see you back on UG Dave, its been a few days. And why shouldn't gay marriage be allowed? They have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us!
    Dave Mustaine can't complete a single interview without looking like some ignorant, conceited doofus who may or may not wear a tin foil hat in his free time.