Dave Mustaine's Daughter Electra Performs 'Heart of Gold' Cover With Stryper Frontman Michael Sweet

Duo delivers classic Neil Young cover, check out the video inside.

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Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has recently joined forces with Dave Mustaine's daughter Electra Mustaine for a cover of classic Neil Young tune "Heart of Gold."

The duo mostly kept the vibe of the original version, spicing it up with female vocals by 16-year-old Electra. The track itself is a true rock classic and needs no further introduction.

As far as Sweet goes, the frontman has recently released his latest studio effort "I'm Not Your Suicide," as well as an autobiography titled "Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed."

"After 30 years in this business, I feel honored and blessed to be able to continue doing what it is I love, making music," Michael stated. "I'm extremely thankful to have the greatest fans in the world. God has blessed me with this talent and I plan to continue on this path as long as I can draw breath."

Back to the new video, make sure to check out the clip below.

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    Wouldn't mind if Mustaine was my father-in- law...
    Too overproduced and flashy for my tastes, in my opinion sucked the life right out of that song.
    I found it a terribly boring cover. I like guitar solos but that particular solo does not fit.....overdone. Chicks vocals are nothing to brag about... mediocre at best....
    1. I didn't actually know Dave Mustaine had a daughter. 2. Electra is a f*cking AWESOME name! 3. I'd hit it, legally too in the UK 4. I hope she gets into the music business, we could do with more women in rock, and who better than the daughter of DAVE MUSTAINE?!
    I hope she stays out of the business. There are countless better women in rock/metal (just underrated), and her voice is horribly, horribly generic.
    I should probably mention that I've discounted point 4 in my list ever since I was informed that she was a country singer, not rock.
    Who cares if it's legal? She's [i]16, dude.
    Why is this downvoted? hes the only guy i can see here whos not a dirty ****er. She's not that amazing anyway.
    Are you sure it's legal in the UK? It seems to me that people make the same mistake there as in Sweden and think it's legal even though it's only legal for someone who's also under 18?
    That's not true. It's still legal when the other person is over 18 in Sweden. The thing is that there are some added paragraphs to further protect the young person in cases where the other person are much older. And that is if the person are dependent to the older person, e.g., a teacher or a trainer or something to the younger person.
    in the uk the age of consent is 16 and as long as your partner age isnt 7 years different its legal
    I did not know Dave was able to create anything that is that beautiful!
    The woman on the picture is NOT Electra Mustaine, it's the chick from the Super Collider music video! Her name is Hunter Elizabeth.
    This cover has no power behind it. Just a generic pop vibe that fails to capture the meaning of the lyrics.
    Electra isn't such a weird name, is it? Quite a common figure in ancient Greek mythology; the daughter of Agamemnon, for example.
    Electra? As in the guitar brand? What kind of name is that?
    It's certainly an odd name, especially since Metallica was signed to Elektra records. His other kid is called Justis, similar to the 4th Metallica album. I always think Dave must have realized, but wouldn't it be something if he hadn't?
    that is the dumbest comparison ive ever seen, its not even spelled the same wow.. you sir take the cake on dumbest conspirator in the world
    So I just checked online and apparently Justis was born in early 1992, so the Black Album was new at the time with AJFA still being rather recent as well. Doesn't it seem just a little fishy that his only two children have names that sound similar to Metallica in some way. Elektra could be more referential to the comic book character rather than the label, but Justis is too weird of a name for a male. It looks as if Dave did to the word Justice what Megadeth did to the word Death. And I wouldn't really call something like that a consipracy.
    The Judist
    That was one confused cover. Nice soloing but it wan't a cohesive arrangement between the vocalists and music. One of the best versions of Heart of Gold is by Charles Bradley
    And my personal favourite is by Tori Amos
    "Michael Sweet" looks too generic, reminds me of Billy Ray Cyrus or a similar fellow
    It's tough to tackle a classic, but they did a great job and I liked the metal overtone.
    it was a country like vibe but i dont know how people can say the vocal performance wasnt good, electra has a pretty kick ass voice listen to her a tout le monde cover...shes a great singer shes just a country singer
    Eh, I don't really care much for this. Niel Young songs, if covered, should remain "gritty" I think. The music itself isn't so bad, but the vocals really just made it a bit too "modern country" for my liking.