Dave Navarro Slams Eric Avery for Quitting NIN

Jane's Addiction guitarist appears to be really disappointed by Reznor's band bassist departure.

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Dave Navarro, the axeman for Jane's Addiction, has slated ex-bandmate Eric Avery for leaving Nine Inch Nails ahead of a world tour, Classic Rock reports.

The bassist announced last week that he'd felt "overwhelmed" by the commitment required to be part of Trent Reznor's reinvented outfit, and as a result would not be taking part. He was replaced by former NIN man Robin Finck.

Now Navarro has used the development to have a dig at Avery, who bowed out of Jane's Addiction for the second time in 2010 and later appeared in a 17-part YouTube interview citing his reasons for quitting.

Speaking on his online radio show Dark Matter, Navarro says: "I'm looking forward to the 12-hour YouTube session of him dishing the dirt." He puts on a spoof voice to say: "Once again I am mesmerised by my inability to follow through with anything."

He continues: "This guy has constantly talked sh-t about me, Stephen and Perry, and quit our band twice to 'pursue all these really intense solo creative artistic outputs' all these different mediums he's going to get into.

"Where is it? Where's all the sh-t he's doing? I don't know."

Navarro says he wouldn't be speaking out if Avery hadn't made a "feature-length film talking sh-t about all three of us." He recites the bassists' recent career, saying he quit Jane's, was fired by Garbage before being re-hired, then joined and left NIN.

"What the f--k is the problem here?" the guitarist demands. "Me, Perk and Perry and manager to put everything aside for 30 years. The guy's entitled to do whatever the f--k he wants to do it's fine, but keep your f--king mouth shut.

"You can quit every band in the world. Whataver. Where's this body of solo work? Where's all this film scoring? He's really good at commenting on other people that do really great work and take chances. He's the first guy to tell you how great Walt Whitman is, how great Picasso is. At the end of the day he doesn't f--king do a thing on his own or follow through with his work. I'm not buying it. Quit reading books and write one, dude."

Navarro says it's not just the YouTube interview that upset him, alleging that Avery "talks sh-t" to people that Jane's Addiction have to work with. He insists: "I don't wish him any harm. But if you you're going to f--king open your mouth about the inner workings of something that's been very, very good to you for a lot of years, then not follow through on anything else, you've got it coming sorry."

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    Slamming aside. Dave's got a point. Avery hasn't really done anything of note since the second Jane's Addiction album (as far as I know)He has stuff going for him and for whatever reason it doesn't work out. Shame because he's a brilliant bassist
    I expected sh!t talk from Navarro before actually reading the article. The man's got legit points. Now I wonder what the article downvotes were for.
    Whoa, what happened to my comment?..
    UG mods are constantly removing comments (offensive, vile, and hatefull stuff that now and then pops up), but today it seems they are a little butthurt over the "lol slam" comments - not very mature if you ask me...
    Dave Navarro is the ****ing man. Avery is a great bassist but Navarro is on point with all the "slams" he dished out.
    Don't we all know people who tell you they've got this going on and that going on, but you never see any of it happen? I know at least 2 people like that. They have a combination of habitual lying and big dreaming. I've learned to take anything they say a grain of salt.
    I don't get it, what's with all the blank comments?
    UG mods can remove the content of the comments when they think the content is either offensive or out of context. Seems like the UG staff didn't like the slam joke very much haha.
    Those are some philosophical questions you got going there. On topic: Why do rockers turn into little nagging girls? Pick up a guitar and let your frustrations drive you, instead of going all highschool sweet sixteen on people you worked with! Bunch of pussies.
    Who cares. Eric is an amazing bassist. I love Jane's earlier work, especially those groovy bass lines
    Avery put out an album with Navarro in a band called: Deconstruction. Avery sings on it and its pretty good. That aside, shit talking never serves any good (Avery or Navarro's).
    His lack of commitment is pretty disgraceful really considering how much other people would give to get those jobs.
    "Where is Eric's body of work" Ummm.. You have been milkin his "body of work" for years! Old Janes is why people still come to see you. The core of all those classic Jane's tunes were written BEFORE you joined. Don't get me wrong.. I love Dave,I am not discounting his role, & I understand his frustration.. but to bash his "work" is hypocritical.How is your "Spred" career doin?