David Bowie Streams New Album 'The Next Day'

His first album in 10 years is available for streaming in full - find the link right here.

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David Bowie is streaming his new album "The Next Day" in full on iTunes.

"The Next Day" is Bowie's first LP in 10 years, and the album strew will be online right up to the official album release on March 12.

In other Bowie news_backup, Simon Cowell recently revealed his dream of having Bowie on the "X Factor" judging panel. "It's no secret I've asked him, and he hasn't said yes yet, but I'll keep extending the invitation," said Cowell.

"Why Bowie? He's a legend. He's a great songwriter, he has massive influence on music today and he's 100 per cent credible. I'm a fan. Not just of his music but of him, the man. He's cool. Most of us aren't. Bowie is."

Yesterday we shared Bowie's latest video, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" on our weekly playlist. "I plead guilty for doubting of Bowie's return," said UG reader iommi600. "[His new songs] have been stuck in my head since the first listen. Really looking forward to the album."

What do you think of the new Bowie album? Hear it on the David Bowie iTunes page, then come back here to share your first impressions.

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    Why is the Bring Me The Horizon steam high lighted over Bowie?! UG please!
    What absolutely hilarious is that Bring Me the Horizon's album stream is somehow deemed more newsworthy than the return of one of the influential and respected musicians of all time. This is a new journalistic low for EVEN this site.
    well, the vast majority of UG readers are morons with IQs below 90, so what do you expect?
    Its probably because their album was leaked two months early and they said **** it lets stream it anyway to see what our fans think, which is pretty rare
    Hold on, I'm out to change my name to Ho-Lee Chitt, then I'll listen to the album when I'm back.
    So few comments on this incredible musician yet day after day we get into the same arguments involving trivial things involving Metallica or Dave Mustaine...
    the album is a masterpiece. easily his best since scary monsters but probably even better than SM and lodger, heroes even. Nothing beats Low, though.
    Absolutely phenomenal album. Why hasn't David Bowie been knighted? The Next Day is one of his best, hands down. It's the Bowie album for every Bowie fan. Every song is a knock out. I love the record, but maybe I'm biased, I loved Reality and Heathen too.
    He turned down a Knighthood in 2003, he doesn't understand what it's for. But yeah, one of his best albums I reckon (more modern ones anyway).
    Darn, it just goes to show how genuine he is, what an artist. Yup, definitely on of his best modern records.
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    David Bowie does it again! Even at 66 this man is making better music than most of the garbage that gets airplay today!!! Deffinitely going to pick this up!
    Shouldnt be a suprise...Bowie is a genius but more important he is a master of several instrumants and knows how to write...both things that the newer generations no nothing about....auto tune, lip sync, and trying to become famous at a young age without paying your dues is all the younger people seem to understand....
    I dig it, pre-ordered the deluxe edition two days before this was streaming, but I was left wondering what happened to that intro that was in the video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight), it's not present in the album, & that intro was the selling point for me, kind of a letdown in that aspect of things but I was pleased with the record in its entirety.