David Bowie To Judge X Factor?

Simon Cowell wants David Bowie as a judge more than anyone else, but the singer is busy preparing a comeback album.

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As David Bowie's new a bum release draws nearer, you can bet Bowie-mania is waiting to pour through the music world. And in some quarters, it already is.

The Daily Mail spoke to to more than a dozen music and art professionals about Bowie, one of the most elusive art icons in history - where Simon Cowell revealed he wants him as a judge on X Factor.

"I think if I could have anyone on The X Factor it would be David Bowie," said Cowell. "It's no secret I've asked him, and he hasn't said yes yet, but I'll keep extending the invitation.

"Why Bowie? He's a legend. He's a great songwriter, he has massive influence on music today and he's 100 per cent credible. I'm a fan. Not just of his music but of him, the man. He's cool. Most of us aren't. Bowie is."

Others to praise Bowie include film director Danny Boyle, who directed the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony:

"When I started work on the opening ceremony, I wrote to Bowie to ask if he might consider performing live. He agreed to meet, so I flew to New York and gave a presentation. In the end, he didnt want to make any kind of live appearance. At the same time, he wanted to support us and was more than happy to help us with video footage and the rights to songs. I loved it when Heroes played as Team GB entered the stadium."

David Bowie will release his new album "The Next Day" on February 26.

Are you interested in seeing Bowie's musical comeback, or is he just an alien from another generation to you? Does Bowie have a modern equivalent? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Don't, David. Please don't. You can do better than this.
    Can't imagine him accepting that invitation. X Factor is a great way to ruin your image.
    Battery Chicken
    Couldn't agree more. I know the money is a big drawcard, but it kills your respectability as a musician. It's fine for those who never had much respect to begin with, but not guys like Bowie. Just do a tour man, I'll buy a ticket.
    Is his A bum release similar to SuBo's Anal Bum Party? I'm sure he wouldn't accept the XFactor job. I don't think he wants to be in the public eye.
    Nero Galon
    Next it will be Maynard James Keenan saying he'll judge on the American X Factor haha.
    The release date is NOT the the 26th, for the UK it's the 11th and US it's the 12th. The second single comes out on the 26th. All you have to do is check his website or even wikipedia!
    If he can turn down an invitation to play the Olympics I can bet that he's sure as shit not gonna take this one
    "He's cool. Most of us aren't. Bowie is." No shit, Sherlock. He's David ****in' Bowie.
    The modern equivalent of David Bowie is... David Bowie.
    Or, a serious contender would be Damon Albarn, he's been involved in so many genres and musical projects, with Blur, Gorrillaz, his african stuff,plus his opera and numerous other side projects...peas in a musical pod
    "It's no secret I've asked him, and he hasn't said yes yet, but I'll keep extending the invitation." So basically, he said no and still UG decided to make a sandstorm out of it... EDIT: it was supposed to be "shitstorm", very polite of you, smartphone.
    To answer your question ...There is no modern equivalent to David Bowie born out of the newer generations....in fact there is very little "Real Talent" out there right now...we are talking about a generation that thinks its ok to LipSync, Auto Tune, and forget about competentcy with regards to playing an instrument.....
    What a horrendously defeatist attitude. There is a lot of good modern music, try digging a little deeper than what you hear on the most popular radio station.
    I really can't stand people like you, its like classic rock came around and nothing else mattered. You realize there is a plethora of music today? If you went back 30-60 years I bet you wouldn't like everything on the radio, we only hear of these classics artists now because of all the money thrown at them. Do you realize there was and has always been garbage music? But alas I digress.
    You're looking at pop music only. Take a listen to Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree and Black Light Burns. plenty of talent there to go around.
    I hope he doesn't take it, for his sake. However, with somebody like him as a judge, people with talent rather than just good looks would be more likely to do well.
    "Why? 'He's a legend.'" Margaret Thatcher's also a legend. Ask her. Keep your filthy commercial music hands off Bowie.
    Bowie just seems like too nice a guy to be a judge on a show like X-Factor. I think you almost need to be a Simon Cowell level ass-hat to judge such shows successfully.
    this isn't exactly news, first of all this has been all over the internet ever since bowie resurfaced and second, the only news is simon cowell saying he asked and bowie said no..
    Not going to happen. His first single "Where Are We Now" was cryptic. Is he literally showing us that the bottle is empty? This is my interpretation of Where Are We Now (David Bowie)
    God I hope this isn't true. Hope he doesn't waste his time with this shit and just TOUR.