David Draiman Blames 'Biased' Mainstream Media for 'Setting the Stage for a New Holocaust'

artist: David Draiman date: 08/11/2014 category: music news
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David Draiman Blames 'Biased' Mainstream Media for 'Setting the Stage for a New Holocaust'
Disturbed frontman David Draiman shared an aggressive stance regarding the escalating Gaza conflict, bashing the mainstream media for "biased, libelous, and often erroneous portrayal of Israel."

The American-Israeli singer, whose extensive family still resides in Israel, noted via Twitter, "The mainstream media's biased, libelous, and often erroneous portrayal of Israel in the current conflict has fueled a wave of anti-Semitism, the likes of which I have not witnessed in my lifetime.

"Well done, CNN, BBC, Reuters [and] MSNBC, you've set the stage for a new Holocaust. Maybe you'd be happy/satisfied when the extremist nutbags you defend so much, who eagerly martyr their own children who chant for the death of all Jews, not just the Israeli's, and whose ethics, morals and values stand diametrically opposed to your own liberal views of freedom of religion, gay marriage, pro choice, and even democracy itself, strip the region of the only bastion of true liberty that exists in the region.

"Well, guess what? Never again. Jews aren't so easy to f--k with anymore," Draiman concluded, along with a photo of Israeli jet fighters.

The Israel-Gaza conflict that began earlier last month has claimed over 1,800 Palestinian lives so far, as as well as 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians.

David's support of Israel is well-known; apart from discussing the matter in multiple interviews, the band's "Never Again" track off 2010's "Asylum" is dedicated to the Holocaust, calling out the people who deny it.

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