David Draiman Blames 'Biased' Mainstream Media for 'Setting the Stage for a New Holocaust'

"Never again. Jews aren't so easy to f--k with anymore," Disturbed frontman says.

David Draiman Blames 'Biased' Mainstream Media for 'Setting the Stage for a New Holocaust'
Disturbed frontman David Draiman shared an aggressive stance regarding the escalating Gaza conflict, bashing the mainstream media for "biased, libelous, and often erroneous portrayal of Israel."

The American-Israeli singer, whose extensive family still resides in Israel, noted via Twitter, "The mainstream media's biased, libelous, and often erroneous portrayal of Israel in the current conflict has fueled a wave of anti-Semitism, the likes of which I have not witnessed in my lifetime.

"Well done, CNN, BBC, Reuters [and] MSNBC, you've set the stage for a new Holocaust. Maybe you'd be happy/satisfied when the extremist nutbags you defend so much, who eagerly martyr their own children who chant for the death of all Jews, not just the Israeli's, and whose ethics, morals and values stand diametrically opposed to your own liberal views of freedom of religion, gay marriage, pro choice, and even democracy itself, strip the region of the only bastion of true liberty that exists in the region.

"Well, guess what? Never again. Jews aren't so easy to f--k with anymore," Draiman concluded, along with a photo of Israeli jet fighters.

The Israel-Gaza conflict that began earlier last month has claimed over 1,800 Palestinian lives so far, as as well as 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians.

David's support of Israel is well-known; apart from discussing the matter in multiple interviews, the band's "Never Again" track off 2010's "Asylum" is dedicated to the Holocaust, calling out the people who deny it.

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    you realize what band he fronted, right? not exactly a high level of maturity mixed in all that lyrical angst of his.
    So many things wrong with what he's saying. The media isn't defending Hamas at all, rightly so as it is a terrorist organisation, but a lot of recent criticism against Israel is due to the high death toll of Gaza civilians from Israeli bombing campaigns in their attempts to eliminate Hamas. That's a holocaust in it's own right, or does Draiman not think that, as long as Hamas is taken out no matter how many innocent lives are slain in the process?
    Juice Face
    What's with all the Dave's going crazy?
    Well, Dave Mustaine has been making slightly more sense recently, and Nugent has been adviced by his record label (or something/someone like that) to keep his gabber more tight, so where else to go but teenage-angsty Draiman who has a lot of rage, and little common sense and perspective - With other words, the perfect daily-rant article substitute which UG doesn't want, but gets anyway.
    When you see the opinion of a person on the Gaza conflict that is ALL IN CAPS, you're basically better of leaving.
    Yeah and he's totally unbiased, with that Israel flag as his profile picture. Also I really can't take someone who only writes in caps seriously, I always imagine him/her to be a screaming 11 year old Youtube troll or something.
    And that was another message from Caps-Lock Draiman with another misinformed, bigoted opinion no one cares about. He's acting as if the western media is almost explicitly on Israel's side. I'm sorry, but the people who bury their head in the sand of: Anti-semitism is the cause of these criticisms, are the only one's who are going to commit a holocaust anytime soon (that's how one would defend committing a holocaust too, imo...). My god, what they've done already counts as genocide, how much bigger does it have to count before we start calling it a holocaust.
    Man, this guy is such a mediocre singer/producer/musician, now I have even less respect for him. I get that he's on Israel's side and I agree that it is in Hamas' constitution to basically wipe out Israel, but that doesn't give the right to Israel to mass murder innocent civilians. Go home Draiman, and "awk" in your basement. Dummy.
    You idiot. The only reason why innocent civilians are getting blown up is because Hamas is using them as a human shield. Get it? They don't even value the lives of their own people. Have you seen the video's of people standing on the rooftops of the Hamas leaders? They're asking for it.
    Hamas chooses to hide among the people (they can't really fight Israel in direct combat in all fairness, they don't have a military, and Israel is as military superpower), but Israel chooses to bomb them. Israel doesn't have to bomb apartment blocks, schools, mosques, hospitals and UN refugee camps, they have a choice. They choose to bomb schools, mosques, refugee camps and hospitals, that's all on Israel. Isreal always has a choice, and nothing they've done in this war makes the middle east, Palestine or Israel a safer place, quite the opposite. Now there are hundreds of thousands of homeless, injured, maimed, thousands killed. When you do something like that, there will be desperate and hopeless people, and some will want revenge.
    Anyone who talks about the "liberal media" has their head up their ass. This idea that every single news outlet EXCEPT Fox News is in some conspiracy to report biased info is so stupid it hurts. Let's use some logic here, are Alllll these networks reporting biased agenda, or is the one and only Fox News just reporting things exactly the way you want to hear them?
    I don't think I'd trust David Draiman for the most [i]objective view on the conflict, what with him being an American-[u]Israeli and all.
    this guy's a toolbag. i love how these defenders of israel's genocide of the palestinian people say it's because they are trying to avoid their own genocide. meanwhile.. all this bullshit is over land so called "bequeathed" to one "chosen people" over another. it's like some fuked up pokemon.. "GOTTA KILL 'EM ALL!!"
    Look, I love David draimen and all but this guy is a broken record. He never shuts up about his Jewish heritage and the holocaust. Listen David we get it, your Jewish and you still have your panties in a bunch over Jewish history. Every time some conflict happens in the Middle East David likes to throw his 2 cents in like he knows it all. Sometimes I feel like this guy purposefully tries to capitalize on his ethnicity and his people's history. Maybe he should take his own advice and "never again" talk about Israel or Jews.
    "Sometimes I feel like this guy purposefully tries to capitalize" Hah.
    Israeli and Palestinians are both being arseholes (arguably for understandable reasons). The Western world at the end of WWII collectively should've paid for a Star-of-David shaped island off a coast here or there.
    There's no better way to sum up the hate Israel gets from simply not letting Hamas kill Israelis. And the media uses pictures of killed Palestinians to fuel this rage because it's louder than words. And by doing so they're proving to terrorist organizations that using civilians as human shields like Hamas does is a good strategy.
    If Israel was "simply not letting Hamas kill Israelis" there wouldn't be an argument. This is not the case. Innocent men women and children are being killed by the literal truckload by Israeli warplanes and tanks. They're using pictures of killed Palestinians because THAT IS WHAT'S HAPPENING THERE. If Israeli's were being massacred like this, their pictures would be everywhere as well. I have to ask, what would it take, if not what has already happened in the past few weeks, for you to condemn Israel's actions? When will you stand up and say enough? Pictures of killed people, on either side, should incite rage. One side clearly has more killed people, and you are blaming the media for fueling rage? stfu.
    I know I'll get flack for this but Hamas's lack of ability in regards to the killing of Israelis is certainly not for lack of trying.
    The human shield argument is ridiculous. In a hostage situation you don't shoot through the hostages to get at the captors. How is it acceptable to bomb schools and hospitals to get at a bunch of rockets and a couple of extremists. The Iron Dome missile defense system stops 90% of rockets out of Gaza and in this whole year only 6 Israeli's have been killed by rocket attacks, the rest have been killed in the ground offensive itself. I'm not suggesting Israel just sit on their hands and do nothing, but surely a country with this sort of army and tech can think of a better solution then carpet bombing civilians.
    In fact, a UN investigation/report shows that Hamas is in fact not using human shields, but guess who is. Israel. It's not Antisemitism to call out Israel on the war crimes they are committing. And really, Israel is kind of the aggressor in the same sense that the US has been serving as aggressor toward its native population. So Hamas you could say are a militia that, while they have done some shady things, is trying to repel a 60+ year colonial invasion. Both sides are not good, but Hamas and Palestine are kind of fighting for their lives while Israel is fighting to maintain land that really isn't theirs. Also, Draiman is kind of forgetting how until recently, the media has only told a pro-Israel story, bu now kind of can't since they are killing at least one child per day. I've heard that Hamas seeks to "kill all Israelis," but have never seen anybody show me concrete proof or even a statement from Hamas. . . so I'm inclined to say that the Israel-propaganda machine has warped views, including those of Jewish persons in other nations who would probably be otherwise sympathetic to Palestine's plight, considering what Israel has done to Palestine fits the dictionary definition of genocide. . . Oh Draiman was completely wrong.
    @Jellocrust People tend to forget that terrorsim breeds terrorists. There were none of thse groups until larger nations started coming into the lesser nations and trying to control, or in this case, take over a region. The British started this mess after WWII. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_insu... They were the ones that broke up Palestine after terrorist attacks by the Jewish Resistance Movement and the palastenians have been trying to get THEIR land back since It helps to know history to bring things into perspective.
    Yup, those 5000 people per square kilometre in the Gaza Strip definitely deserve that bombardment. What do you do if you want to kill Putin? That's right! You shell the most densely populated, run-down parts of Yekaterinburg. See? The logic works anywhere!
    It's funny how the solution for these other commenters is either: 1.) don't fight back, let then attack relentlessly and try to stop this attack with peace protests (not gonna work). 2.) I don't have a solution. Hamas forces the Palestinian people to stay in the country, Hamas is the enemy.
    I agree. People that say "well what about all the innocents killed in Palestine?" Hamas, the people running Palestine, are killing their own people! They are relentless in their attacks and won't stop, thus Israel defending itself. Tell me, if someone came into your home unwelcome and they wanted to kill your family what would you do? Any normal human would defend their home! Hamas and they people that follow them want everyone besides Muslims dead! How can you stand on their side?! Oh the innocents living their, yes it's tragic but most people in Palestine want this fight, they have bombs and large guns in elementary schools!!! They grew up hating: Jews, Christians, gays anyone different from them. The thing is Palestine will never claim Israel back but they will kill each and everyone of themselves trying. People look at the numbers and don't see the real problem. It's ok, most don't research enough.
    "Tell me, if someone came into your home unwelcome and they wanted to kill your family what would you do?" And if someone came to your country and took half of it to make their own country, what would you do? Because that's essentially how Israel was created following WW2.
    And then took the rest of the land, gave back a tiny strip for an entire country's population (read as:cramped worse that a slum and also creating a ghetto), cut off food and clean water, and, back to the house metaphor, when you try to get your "house back they cry to the international community that you're a bad person trying to murder me (with a spoon) in this house I found and up until recently everybody said "oh, poor you, let us help," to the person who took the house and said "go ahead and burn them, I'll give you some white phosphorous, like a good neighbor." Also, JOHNSTONE6, Hamas does not run Palestine, and Israel are the only people using Palestinians as shields. Also, if you're going to claim that Hamas wants everybody dead, you'll need to cite your sources, otherwise, you are what academics call, "full of shit." And in terms of research, maybe you should have looked up the history of Israel, because it is the result of an illegal land grab, and since 1948 (3 years after WWII) Israel has been committing genocide against Palestinians.
    @JelloCrust. Israel isn't actually committing a genocide against the Palestinians, ethnic cleansing is a bit more accurate. Draiman defends Israel? Quel surprise. He's Israeli. Israelis by and large tend not to be very critical of their own country's wars. Draiman is a right wing meat head to boot.
    Israel was never under Palestinian control. Actually, it's the Palestinians who said no to splitting Israel for both a Jewish and an Islamic state.
    When you consider the population demographics of the land at the time then you can see why the Palestinians declined the offer. The Palestinian population was a far greater the Jewish population at that time, yet they were offered the smaller half of the country. Not to mention Israel was given the land with the best water resources and the best farm land. I don't know about you but if it was me I wouldn't be too excited about that deal either.
    That's what north americans did to natives too. Natives should kill them.
    Draiman, won't go to heaven, he was rendered unhole as a little jew (to believe murder is ok).
    It's not anti-semitisem, it's simply talking without knowing the truth. 1. Is Israel really to blame for the iron dome? Why does Hamas waste it's money on rockets instead of on defense? 2. The human-shield argument is true. fact. face it. Iv'e seen it, my friends saw it. Hamas murdered citizens that tried to leave. 3. Since when does a military conflict has no civillian casualties? In WW2 did Germany, UK or USA bombed only soldiers? Civillians always die in military conflict. sad but true. (another arguement is whether the Gaza citizens are really innocent, but thats not for now). 4. The UN. Such a sacred and not biased organization. Thousands of people die in Syria every week, but only Israel gets attacked by the UN on a daily basis. But the real argument is this: If anyone thinks that they can stop Hamas from shooting missles at Israeli civillians with less civillians killed - your'e welcome to do it instead of us. Just a reminder, it's the same organization that celebrated after the terrorist attacks in England.
    Have you ****ing seen Gaza? it's the size of Manhattan and the 40th most densely populated area in the world. They need to send stuff OUT, they don't have any way to "defend" themselves. Hamas doesn't even have money, they literally only have rockets because of neighboring states that give them a fighting chance, and even then, Israel only allows for the bare minimum of food and water into Gaza. Are you really implying that regular citizens aren't innocent? how about the cashier at a Walmart? Is he going to send drone strikes to Iraq?
    Yes, I have seen Gaza in real life. I was on the border of it for weeks, guarding. Have you seen Gaza? Israel allows most stuff into Gaza. They have plenty of food and other goods. Israel is only making sure that no weapons enter Gaza. As the matter of fact, the rockets they shoot at us are made of fertilizers and tubes sold to them by Israeli companies. And yes, I am implying that regular citizens aren't innocent. If Hamas, a terror organization, won democratic elections there - that says something. If my friend came back from the battles there and tells me that he found rockets hidden in children bedrooms, it says a lot. If the UN itself admitts that rockets were hidden in UN schools... you get the point. Seriously, it's all about religion. That's why the western world can't understand it at all.
    The only defense they need is to shut the **** up. The only reason Gaza is attacked is because they are attacking.
    The only defense they need is to shut the **** up. The only reason Gaza is attacked is because they are attacking.
    Just saying civilians being a necessary loss is something that's almost exclusive to political war. Most human conflicts are solved through words, courts, or combat between only the combatants if it comes down to it with outside involvement looked down upon. It doesn't matter if other wars have taken civilians. It's unacceptable.
    Really? Which wars ended withoud civillian losses? WW1? WW2? It's really nice to get moral criticizem from the UK that bombed Dresden or from the USA that nuked Japan. But really, i'd love to get an example of a fanatic-muslem-terror-group that ended it's conflict with words.
    I'd like to see a fanatic muslim terror group that's not acting without some sort of political message. There's a reason they target specific countries. And I never said wars have gone without civilian losses. In fact I kinda said the opposite. No idea where you got that from.
    Israel uses its people as human shields. They steal land and use it for building housing estates (not military or buffer zones) then pay Israelis more money to move into these houses on the borders of Palestine. They fully intend these housing estates to have rockets fired at, Israel uses its own people as a human shield, then uses any attacks against them to do attack and provoke the Arabs, invade and build on more land.
    Where's your evidence of such claims? There's way more evidence showing that Hamas is the one doing just that. And you sound like a complete idiot making accusations that don't make any sense. Its like saying we built the World Trade Center to have it be the target of a 9/11 style attack and then go provoke Al Qaeda.
    Israel expelled all Israeli citizens from Gaza strip 9 years ago. Again, I was there. You could see soldiers crying for being forced to force their family members to leave their homes. And what did the Palestinian gave in return? They voted for Hamas, started shooting 3 times the rockets they were shooting, and used all the support money from the EU (and such) to building terrorist attack tunnels.