David Draiman Describes Working Away From Disturbed As A 'Wonderful Experience'

Disturbed frontman talks about writing and recording with his new band Device, state of music industry and more.

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Disturbed frontman David Draiman is currently quite busy with his new band Device. The group has recently posted a new video for the "Vilify" track with the full self-titled debut album set for release on April 9.

Australia's Heavy magazine recently took the opportunity to sit down with the singer and discuss the new group. Draiman went on to describe Device as a spontaneous project, adding that he had never actually planned on forming it.

"It came about quite accidentally, to be honest. The members of Disturbed always intended during this hiatus to do some of things we'd never had a chance to. I'd planned to do some producing, working with the guys from Trivium on their new record, but I'd not really planned another project."

As far as working with the band goes, Draiman simply couldn't seem to hide the excitement.

"It's been a wonderful experience. [laughs] I've been loving it, really, just free to go and create. With as much respect as I've had from the people I've been working with, with as much great input I've had from the people I've been working with, it's really been an amazing new experience and process. Like, imagine you have an opportunity to create something really amazing and unique after already being in the business of doing that for 16 years; being given the chance to start over again with all the knowledge and experience that you've already accumulated, and being a better musician as well - I'm chomping at the bit. I love being the guy where nobody has any idea what this is about yet", the singer tells the Heavy Magazine.

But it's not all that great for the vocalist either. The frontman has expressed his honest concerns about the current state of music industry, adding that if he had a choice, he definitely would have launched Device ten years ago.

"Oh, I would so have preferred to put it out in 2003! It's just night and day... even as hard as it was in 2003, it certainly wasn't as bad as where we are now. As a business, it has gotten so much worse. It's trench warfare out there, everybody fighting for everything, everybody expecting to do everything with nothing. [laughs] Really, it's an unreasonable state of affairs; as an industry, it's very frightening. We all, no matter who we are, no matter how strong a record we've created, we all need all the luck in the world right now. And I believe if you're going to go into battle, you better bring your biggest guns - that's what I'm doing with Device."

So have you checked out the new single yet? And do you agree with Draiman about the current state of affairs in the music business? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Wondering if the Device album will feature more or less "Ooh ah ah ah ah's..."
    So wonderful, his new single sounds EXACTLY like something Disturbed would record. go figure.
    Except the only thing that sounds Disturbed like in the song Vilify is the singing. THATS IT. Not sure how you guys all figure this. It sounds NOTHING like what Disturbed has sounded like, well at least everything after their first album I mean, do you honestly think Dan Donegan would settle with just those slow chugs in the middle of the song? Never!
    matteo cubano
    the chorus guitar riff sounds very much like disturbed and the main riff sounds like donnegan other than the tone. and if you think donegan wouldn't settle with slow chugs....check out stricken.
    Everyone keeps saying that Device sounds exactly like Disturbed, but I guess I'm missing something. They sound similar, but DEFINITELY distinctive.
    Device's new single definitely isn't bad by any means. It's not amazingly good, either. It's pretty catchy, though. I like the industrial elements, but I REALLY hope the rest of the album doesn't sound like one whole song from them sounding the same.
    there is no difference in the music.prob just some marketing technique for the same music but a new band name. then they can get people excited by saying "they are getting back together" for disturbed. when its the same shit. not a uber fan of them but I have seen them live and they were great but not sure if I wanna see Device unless they happen to be there with another band.
    The song is called Vilify. Does that mean it will sound like this? VILIFY YOUR MIND. YOU MOTHAMOTHA YOU'RE SO NARROW-MINDED, SO NARROW-MINDED
    I felt like the single felt more liker Korn than Disturbed actually, itwas still "disturbingly" awful though.
    my thoughts exactly, it does kinda sound like sickness-era disturbed but I personally think they've improved so much since then
    I guess thats the perks and breaks of having such an identifiable voice; the comparisons to Disturbed WILL happen, because, without sounding too redundant, he is the voice of Disturbed.
    Draiman has always been one of my favourite metal frontmen, certainly as far as voice is concerned (I've never seen him live). Personally, I'm excited to hear whatever Device will put out, as I was never severely disappointed by a Disturbed release.
    Good for him for taking a chance with a new project, he doesn't need your approval.
    those facial piercings are some of the dumbest things ive ever seen. anyway.... all that talk of it being something completely different is crazy. its really not different at all.
    matteo cubano
    i guess "vilify" really just shows us that Draiman really made disturbed what it was, he'd be irreplaceable.