David Draiman: 'Disturbed Will Reunite When the Time Comes'

Frontman says that we haven't heard the last of the band yet.

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Disturbed vocalist David Draiman, who is set to release the debut album from his Device project in early April, tells Billboard in a new interview that we haven't heard the last of the multiplatinum outfit, which went on an open-ended hiatus in 2011.

"Disturbed will reunite when the time comes, when we feel right," says Draiman. "When Device has run its course - when everybody's in the right headspace and we're feeling re-inspired and we're ready to go back to it and the itch is itching hard enough - it'll happen. This was not something that was done for any negative reason. When you feel right and the fire is burning hot, you go back to it with new drive and desire and hunger for it, and you make a timeless record and you continue on. That's our plan. When that's gonna happen, none of us have a clue. We haven't even had any preliminary conversations to that effect."

Aside from Draiman, Disturbed bassist John Moyer has branched out recently by joining Adrenaline Mob, a new group also featuring ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen.

Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren are rumored to be assembling a new outfit of their own with current Evans Blue singer Dan Chandler. Draiman himself alluded to his bandmates' new project in an interview in January, although no further information on it is available yet.

Disturbed issued a limited-edition box set of all five of its studio albums on vinyl in April 2012, called "The Collection". The six-disc package includes all the records remastered and pressed on 140-gram heavy duty vinyl, with each housed in new artwork that is unique and exclusive to the box. Only 2,500 copies were made available worldwide.

Disturbed released its first-ever collection of B-sides and rarities, titled "The Lost Children", in November 2011. The set included a previously unreleased song called "Mine" as well as a benefit track for the West Memphis Three titled "3", plus tunes that previously appeared only on soundtracks or as bonus cuts on international editions of the group's albums.

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    I miss Disturbed. Even though any song Draiman sings sounds like Disturbed.
    You mean, you miss every song being incredibly similar to their other songs?
    You're not wrong, everything after Stupify and Down with the sickness sounds nearly identical to me... I wish they could get that "Stupify" sound back. It was so dark, heavy, yet catchy when it first came out....FUCK DO I FEEL OLD!!
    I feel just as old, although I prefer the sound of "Down With The Sickness." I don't think all their stuff all sounds the same, but completely bad-ass. I want to see them back together.
    Thrice Capades
    I was just about to make a comment about how I could never differentiate one Disturbed song from another, but it looks like y'all beat me to the punch. At least we're finally on the same page about something. (point being, not excited about a reunion because seemingly we've already heard what it's gonna sound like)
    Mike Quall
    I have brown hair but I noticed recently that three orange pubic hairs are growing in my crotch. and by orange i mean cheetoh-eske orange. this is scaring me because i don't remember banging a bag of cheetoh's lately.. is this normal or am I getting gingervitus? I even cut them off and they grew back
    Please, for everyone else's sake... isolate yourself. Know that we love you, but it's for the best. I'm sorry it had to end this way, Mike. We always knew it would come to this.
    It will be interesting to see if it just sounds like Disturbed, or if Draiman will show more versatility.
    It's a whole new demon from what I've listened to. Just cus the singer is the Disturbed singer...doesn't mean it's the same as Disturbed Not your comment in particular but some other ones, it's like are you expecting Draiman to suddenly start doing metalcore screams or really soft singing???? Haha
    Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Disturbed's first three albums are all quite different and THEN they started making the same song over and over again?
    Thank Christ for this guy. The Sickness and Believe are completely different in every way. And considering that Ten Thousand Fists was the first to have guitar solos, it was quite different too.
    I only know one song by this band - Hell Frozen Over, the one that Stone Cold Steve Austin used back in 2000-01. Then again, I get the feeling that I've probably heard their entire discography in that single song... amirite?
    No matter what ever they do in the future ill just always remember them for Cartman fighting the midget to THAT song.
    David Draiman: 'Disturbed Will Reunite When the Time Comes and keep making track after track that sound exactly the same as the last. wah-ah-ah-ah.'
    Disturbed said themselves that they are a hard rock group. They aren't metal in any way.
    I think their first album is Nu-Metal-ish, but everything after that is more regular Hard Rock
    If they reunite, they need to change a few things. Find a different guitar tuning for one. Go down to the very basics of redefining their sound and start from there. Aside from their first two albums, everything since that time has sounded far too similar. Even worse than Killswitch's three albums with Howard Jones. We're talking can't differentiate much of anything, here. They grew in terms of technicality, but that's about it. I want to hear something new whenever they do reunite.
    You do realize they use all types of tunings right? They use strandard, E flat, Drop C, Drop D, one step down(not sure what to call it) They have plenty of versatility I think. Some songs do sound similar but they all have something different about them. Also Numetal is shit like Limp Bizkit so I wouldn't consider Disturbed nu metal at all
    I'd never know from listening to their songs. Perhaps it's the similar structures and tempos, but there certainly isn't enough differentiation from album to album. Granted, I admit I miss the days of songs like Remember.
    Not trying to pick a fight but some of you are way to hung up on what genre classification a band is. It's metal folks, crank it up and rock.
    It isn't though, and no one here is "too hung up" on it. They're just saying, dude.
    I think his brother Ben Draiman has way more talent and versatility... Either way, I was a huge fan of disturbed when the first album came out and mtv was rotating 'stupify', then when I moved back to Chicago in 01 and met them I decided not to support such huge bags of douche.
    I've never met all of them, but I ran into Dan at a CD store in Orland Park a few years ago... he seemed like a really nice dude.
    Hopefully if this ever happens, they'll make some new music I can enjoy. I used to really like Disturbed, but to be honest I've been pretty bored with all of their music (save for a few songs on Believe) for a long, long time now.
    Black Hazard
    UHWA-A-A-A-A *cough cough* *cough cough* That's him choking on a dick.
    I have only heard the single Vilify from Device and I gotta admit I was very disappointed. Sounded like Disturbed only with more computers and mixers.
    "When the time comes" AKA when nu-metal is back in style again. Let's hope that NEVER happens.
    Except Disturbed aren't nu-metal though...
    Their first few albums are classified as nu-metal.
    Just The Sickness I'd say is nu-metal or at least has some nu-metal elements, but they haven't been nu-metal since. One album with some nu-metal in it is hardly enough to call them a nu-metal band. If you use that logic, Machine Head is also a nu-metal band because they have a couple nu-metal songs in their discography too, but you don't hear anybody calling them nu-metal...
    Yeah, they and their public relations people say that they're not nu-metal now because nu-metal isn't popular anymore. They were happy to be on that bandwagon 12 years ago or whatever but over the last few years they've been trying to distance themselves from it for commercial reasons. Sorry to be negative, I just could never stand this band. Disturbed along with Papa Roach (haha) kinda epitomized crappy nu-metal back then for me.
    Jeez, I guess I'm the only one who really enjoyed "Infest." I mean, I can't say I care for anything Papa Roach has done post "Getting Away With Murder," but I thought they were a decent band back in the day.
    Their music is not nu-metal anymore and hasn't been for years, it has nothing to do with the popularity of the genre.
    I can't say I've given them a fair listen in a long time. I was really turned off by the early stuff (first 3 or 4 albums I think). If it's good I don't care what genre people call it! My mind is open. What album(s) would you recommend I check out?
    Waaaaay more interested to hear what Dan's doing with this new project. The music the guys made progressed, but Draiman's vocals never did.
    I have been a Disturbed fan for a long time but I think it is actually good that they're taking a break because they were really starting to stagnate. Asylum was proof of that.
    jus heard the new cd and its not too bad. Disturbed fans will love it and it is definitely more towards industrial hard rock id say. buy your copy and check it out!!!
    I definitely want to see more Disturbed but I do really like the new device stuff.... I'm psyched that the album is coming out so soon. Vilify is probably my favorite of his new songs. The video is pretty good too - http://bit.ly/devicevilify
    So they have a break because the music industry is collapsing or whatever and they go on to do other projects and become part of the music industry again?
    Actually the industry is doing very well and actually showed a profit last year. It's not going away anytime soon, they just had to figure out how to do things in a modern context.
    I don't know guys, I'm really big fan of Disturbed,and they miss me,because they are really good. I have all 6 albums on phone,and I'm know about 90% songs,and I'm singing every day. I waiting for reunion...