David Draiman Talks Disturbed Reunion: 'It Will Be an Event'

Frontman confirms that the band will "eventually reunite" with "new inspiration and appreciation."

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Disturbed frontman David Draiman has confirmed that the group will definitely return from the indefinite hiatus they went into in October 2011, and that once they do, "it will be an event."

In a recent Facebook announcement, the singer also stressed that the projects some of the band members are involved with at the moment have nothing to do with the break.

"While Disturbed's hiatus is in effect (and none of us truly know how long that will last), myself, Dan, Mike, and John, will continue to update you on the goings on/projects from the Disturbed family," Draiman started. "There's no one we'd rather share it with, as you, out lifeblood, have given us everything and we would be nothing/are nothing without your support.

"This hiatus has nothing to do with the projects each member of Disturbed is currently involved with. It has to do with stopping the assembly line type of machine the Disturbed leviathan had become, giving ourselves and the fans time away from it so that we can eventually reunite, with new inspiration and appreciation from both the band side, and the fan side."

Draiman then further discussed the group's reunion, saying, "When we eventually reunite, and we will, it will be an event, and one that will have greater meaning for all of us. Bitterness at our individual projects is really quite misplaced. So please support Device, Fight or Flight, and Adrenaline Mob as they are fruit born of this hiatus; we're counting on all of you."

Apart from working on his project Device, Draiman also found time to make a guest appearance on two new Megadeth songs off the group's upcoming album "Super Collider."

Latest Disturbed record, "Asylum," came out in 2010 via Reprise Records as the band's fifth studio effort. With about 179,000 records shipped in the US within the first week, it landed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, marking the group's fourth consecutive chart-topping debut in the US.

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    It seems like they thought they were stagnating musically, and wanted to take some time to get some new motivation.
    Why isn't the quote in caps? Too many liberties taken in the media these days!!!
    inb4 "Wh0 Carez, all tehre sungz sound teh saem anywai"
    They aren't bad, but they certainly aren't as intriguing as they used to be. They are just one of those bands whose time seems to have passed like three days grace, crossfade, hinder, etc all the post-grunge radio alt-rock type of bands that were popular through the early to mid '00s. I believe they would do well if they reinvented themselves as a band more on the metal side of things. Not that they weren't to begin with, but over the years they have seemed to have that alt-rock vibe in there as well. Though I don't listen to their stuff anymore, I hope they do make a big comeback, just because it would be nice to see a hard rock/metal band that isn't nickelback being big like they used to be.
    crossfade released a really good album in , i think, 2011
    I don't doubt it considering how good crossfade's material is, but that part of my point was that the style/genre of grungy alt-rock isn't as popular as it used to be. I do like crossfade though, so I'll be checking it out. I'll also add that just because a type of music isn't mainstream-level popular doesn't mean it's gone, and in the internet age everyone can listen to whatever they love instead of just what's on the radio, so disturbed definitely have a good chance of coming back strong and rebuilding their fanbase.
    Don't Taze Me B
    Am I the only one who is getting kind of sick of bands going on a "hiatus" just so they can "reunite" like 2 years later and call it an "event"? Just seems too much like contrived marketing to me.
    "Distutbed?" Come on, guys! Oh, why am I even bothering? Article-writers will never discover proof-reading on this site.
    You do realize that most UG employees as you call them are volunteers, right? And that most of them have lives and such? Lay off of them, guys.
    I'm aware of that, sorry for voicing it the wrong way at first. To make my point a little clearer, I think UG should at least seek for some volunteers to proof-read the articles, for the good of the website. Personally, I don't bother the typos anymore, but a considerable amount of users complain about it. In the end, UG runs a unnecessary risk of losing followers.
    Seriously, UG has got a considerable number of employees... I wonder how hard is it to hire someone to proof-read the articles...
    Hopefully this "Hiatus" will allow Draiman to learn how sing in a different key and use different melodies. I'm a huge Disturbed fan, the first albums were all really good but Draiman ruined Asylum. He's a great singer, he just needs to learn to branch out a bit. Case in Point: Device. Horrible, just horrible. Fight or Flight shows that Donegan and Wrengen are not the problem.
    I'd be happy with more choruses similar to "Remember" or even if they just dropped the fast arrangements and just played good riffs.
    Le Fantome
    This is a good thing. They could honestly be a great band, if they stepped out of the box a bit, and from the sound of it, that it what he is going for. That being said, I REALLY hope they don't come back sounding like Device.. -shudders-
    Considering how similar all their stuff has sounded since 10,000 Fists, I'm hesitant to believe that I'll even notice a new song unless they try out a new sound.
    Was anyone else disappointed with Asylum? I enjoyed every other album thoroughly but Asylum didn't hit the spot for me
    Rob Man