David Draiman to Roger Waters: 'Hate Disguised as Art Doesn't Work'

artist: Roger Waters date: 08/26/2013 category: music news
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David Draiman to Roger Waters: 'Hate Disguised as Art Doesn't Work'
Disturbed frontman David Draiman gave a detailed explanation of his stance on Roger Water's decision to put the Star of David on a floating pig during his shows, calling it nothing short of crass. As Draiman told Artisan News, one of the main reasons he was struck by Waters' "travesty of justice" to such extent is the fact that he's been a longtime fan of Pink Floyd. "Let's take this away from it being a political issue and whether or not you agree with the policies of the state of Israel - and there's many times I myself do not agree with the policies of the current administration," the frontman said. "I didn't agree after the UN gave temporary recognition to the Palestinian people as a nation - that the immediate reaction was to allow for additional expansion into the west bank territories - I thought that was a very foolish move." The singer then specifically focused on Pink Floyd co-founder. "Now let's take it a step further. If you're going to make a political statement against the government of Israel, then the proper way to do it would be to take the symbol of government of Israel - namely the Israeli flag - and put it on that pig. The very fact that you're affixing anything Jewish to a pig is offensive. "And I know that other symbols are utilized during the show, but they aren't but on the pig, aren't they? The cross is somewhere in the show, other symbols of government and religion are used throughout the shoe, but they're not put on the damn pig." Draiman continued, "On one side of the pig you have some Nazi-looking characters giving a 'Sieg Heil' salute and on the other side you have the Star of David - the lone Star of David - a symbol which has stood for the Jewish people as a whole for over 3000 years. And there's no one on the face of this planet - whether it's Roger Waters or anybody else - who has the right to redefine what that symbol stands for. "And if you're going to put that symbol on a pig and fly it through your audience as a symbol of tyranny and repression and greed - that is a very blatant anti-Semitic statement that shows exactly where your thoughts lie, that this is no longer a political issue, that this is something personal that you have towards an entire race and entire people. And it's not about artistic freedom and it's not about poetic license and it's not about freedom of expression." Draiman concluded, "It's about hate imagery which is backed up by hate speech. And that should be condemned. Hate disguised as art doesn't work."
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