David Draiman's Device Is Coming

Disturbed frontman's band gets its video introduction with the official teaser clip.

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David Draiman's new band Device has set April 9 as the release date of their self-titled debut album.

To build up the anticipation, the group has posted an official teaser video featuring a 40-second snippet of their music.

The first single "Vilify" is set for a radio premiere on February 19, with several concert dates already confirmed during April and May. Apart from Draiman himself, the touring lineup will consist of drummer Will Hunt from Evanescence and Dope/Eve To Adam guitarist Virus. Despite writing and recording the guitar parts in the studio, former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo will not go on the road with the group, due to previous obligations.

Numerous guest musicians have made their appearance on the record, including Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath bassist Glenn Hughes, Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian and Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows.

In a recent interview with Artisan News, Drainman went on to praise the rest of the touring lineup, calling them 'a right union of people with good energy'.

"Will is just a monster behind the kit and he definitely was one on a short, short list of guys that we were looking at. And Virus as well - a very accomplished musician in his own right, has done some amazing work with Dope, he's worked with a number of tremendously accomplished artists, [he's] a great songwriter in his own right. So I definitely wanted to find the right union of people that we had a good energy together, we had a good camaraderie, and we're ready to just take this monster of a record and unleash it on the world."

YouTube preview picture

So how does this sound so far? And how about that guest artists list, some pretty big names there, right? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    I think they should have given more. That sounded kind of boring to hear the same thing 0:44 seconds. Some lyrics would have been nice.
    David Draiman's Device Is Coming Props to whoever came up with the article title. I laughed.
    Sounds kind of like Disturbed but I agree with JuteJute, hopefully it was just a loop track of 20 seconds or something. Im surprised it didnt have any lyrics it's not like we haven't heard David Draimans voice before haha
    "Will Hunt from Evanescence" LOL. People forget he is a crucial member of Black Label Society.
    I reckon it's got quite a nice groove. I want to hear more, but I quite like what I've heard here.
    Stopped reading when he was praising the Evanesence drummer.. I mean, what, that guy, Dope's virtuoso guitarist (you can probably smell the sarcasm through your computer screen), and a bunch of way better musicians that contributed more than likely vocals/riffs to songs that they will never play again. There's no way in hell this is gunna be better than Disturbed. I'm not even big into Disturbed, just kinda obvious..
    I'd say this "Device" idea was not exactly expected when Disturbed was done.
    expected? i thought they were gonna talk about dave draimans penis when they said david draimans device is coming...
    So, basically it's an industrial metal band with very little (if any) technicality. Yeah, no thanks.
    ZOSO <(")
    My thought exactly, I mean the only reason I ever listened to disturbed was because Dave has an incredible voice but instrumentally they sucked pretty bad (with some exceptions) I can only listen to double bass drums and ridiculously low tuned guitars for so long.
    This is kind of the same path as Matt Tuck making Axewound, and that turned out pretty good, so high hopes for this David! dont let us down
    I just can't imagine this guy doing anything good musically. I'm kind of surprised that Geezer Butler and Tom Morello would have anything to do with it...
    I'm shocked as well. I can't really imagine anyone from a band like Disturbed ever doing anything decent. Let alone good. I don't even think good musicians like Geezer can save it from being terrible. It's like when an awful movie has a great actor in it, and that actor can give the performance of a lifetime but unfortunately the movie was so poorly written that there was no saving it no matter what happened. That is any project associated with disturbed. Just in music form.
    Co-signed. I dont care who this guy is friends with. He sucks.
    I'd go a step further and say David Draiman hasn't released a single relevant piece of music for over a decade and I fail to see how people still care about what he's doing in 2013. It's horrendous how the post-grunge/hard rock pony has been flogged to buggery for so many years. Somehow it sells.
    Eh, the list of Guest Artists is a lot more impressive than the actual members of the band. Someone obviously pulled the right strings to draw any sort of attention to this band.
    Not much of a teaser, no vocals, guitar licks or anything. But the lineup definitely has me interested. I'LL BE BACK!
    He is such a dynamic vocalist. I'm sure the new project will sound nothing like Disturbed. (insert sarcasm)
    I thought he took a break because he " didn't like the way the music industry was headed". Sounds like an excuse to make a dollar somewhere else. Maybe every Device album wont sound the exact same like disturbed.
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    Not really a fan of Draiman. I'm a fan of Dan Donegan though (so I like Disturbed). The only reason I'll listen is for the guest artists. Namely Tom Morello and M. Shadows.