David Gilmour To Appeal Against Son's Jailing

artist: David Gilmour date: 07/20/2011 category: music news
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David Gilmour To Appeal Against Son's Jailing
Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour is set to appeal against the 16 month prison sentence handed to his son for violent disorder. As reported by the Evening Standard, their solicitor Robert Brown confirmed the family are "actively considering grounds for appeal". They are said to be hopeful of cutting his sentence. Charlie Gilmour, 21, was sentenced after pleading guilty to charges that including defacing the Cenotaph, throwing a bin at a car carrying Prince Charles and smashing a window. When the judge, Nicholas Price QC, passed sentence he said, "Such outrageous and deeply offensive behaviour gives a clear indication of how out of control you were that day." The Daily Mail reports that Charlie had taken a cocktail of drugs, including LSD, Valium and whiskey, when he took part in the protests last year (November 2010), over the hike in tuition fees. Charlie Gilmour, the biological son of Dave Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson, and adopted by the musician, has apologised for his actions, saying it was "a moment of idiocy." Thanks for the report to NME.com.
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