David Lee Roth Hints at 'Secret' Van Halen Project

"Can't announce anything or I'd have to come find you and swear you to secrecy," the singer adds.

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Van Halen singer David Lee Roth has hinted at a "secret" project coming from the iconic band in the near future.

During the latest installment of "The Roth Show," the vocalist confirmed that something is definitely happening among the band's ranks.

"Doing some catching up here, a little bit of a scrapbook," he said (via Blabbermouth) "We've been doing a lot of traveling. [I've been] working on a great Van Halen project - can't announce anything or I'd have to come find you and swear you to secrecy."

According to the previous reports, Van Halen are working on the new studio record, tentatively due in 2015.

The band's latest effort, "A Different Kind of Truth," saw its release in February 2012 via Interscope.

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    I hope it's some new original material. I want to see what actual 21st century Roth Van Halen sounds like.
    We did, it was called A Different Kind Of Truth. The instrument tracks weren't original for most of the album, Dave's lyrics were rewritten (maybe not for Tattoo/She's The Woman though, it was said that he played those songs back in his solo days- no one heard those though) Either way, count me as interested.
    This would be exciting if Van Halen didn't suck. Not to disrespect those there for the bands they love though.
    This would be exciting if David Lee Roth didn't suck. Fixed that for you. Eddie is still a shredding god, and now that he's sober he's even better.
    Why do I keep reading "Not to disrespect those there for the bands they love though." in the comments section of most articles recently? o.O
    I wrote it on a Pixies article and it posted twice so everyone rewrote it, it was funny but this guy...
    do you just post this on every thread and just change the name of the band? You're as bad as the Kerry King troll
    This isn't even funny. Bellend guy was fun, the Kery Knig guy is mildly amusing, but this? I don't think I get it.