David Lee Roth: There's No Stagecraft In Today's Bands

artist: David Lee Roth date: 02/29/2012 category: music news
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David Lee Roth: There's No Stagecraft In Today's Bands
David Lee Roth isn't exactly a subtle front man and his flamboyant persona both onstage and offstage is a key ingredient in the formula for success that was Van Halen in the mid-1980s. Yet, Diamond Dave sees the balance between style and substance as something missing in today's young pretenders, something which he lamented to a New York Post journal in a recent interview: "These days, I see too much cheerleading and not enough stagecraft, and what I'm seeing isn't worth cheering for. The questions I want to ask most of my colleagues are: Can you even do the whole song from beginning to end? Can you do it onstage like you did it in the studio? Do you float like a butterfly or sting like a pre-recorded bee?" Dave was keen to explain why so many women still turn up at Van Halen's shows as the band members reach their mid 50s: "We've always paid a lot of attention to women. Do you think I'd wear yellow-anything for guys? Do you think I move anything below elbow level in honor of my bros? Come on! Every night is ladies night and that feeling is right." What's more, the front man also suggested that his ongoing "frenemy" status with guitarist Eddie Van Halen has cooled somewhat since the band's reformation: "We're doing a lot of tunes that don't usually get out of the deck and Edward is more lucid now than any time in my memory. I'm his biggest fan. I still remember the first time I saw him playing in a backyard party in Pasadena in high school. He was great then and he's great now. We've come full circle." The full interview is available from NYPost.com. Think Diamond Dave is being harsh on new bands, or is he preaching the gospel to your ears? Let us know in the comments section.
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