David Lynch Names Beatles, Hendrix, ZZ Top Among All-Time Favorite Musicians

Director talks musical preferences in new interview.

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Director David Lynch has been talking with Rolling Stone about his musical preferences.

As Lynch notes, ZZ Top is one of his all time favorite bands:

"I love the blues. And I love rhythm and blues, and Elvis Presley taking off from those two things. And I like rockabilly, and I like the Beatles - my favorite Beatles song is 'Across the Universe.' I like Jimi Hendrix and I like Bob Dylan. ZZ Top is one of my all-time favorite bands. When I first heard them, I said, 'These people have got the power. And the roots are there.' But they just kick butt."

Lynch also talked about the use of music in his films. As the director states, his choice of music is often based around fragmentary ideas:

"Sometimes music kicks off a whole idea. In the case of Club Silencio, that was Rebekah Del Rio who sang Roy Orbison's "Cryin'," a Spanish version. She came in to meet me, but she went into the booth, and John the engineer recorded her. It went into the film and it sparked the whole thing. A lot of times for me, ideas come in fragments. The sequence was written, but without her part. I had a lot of the fragments, but she finished off the puzzle."

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    I typically don't get into experiment film or art...but this guy's pictures will blow your mind.
    I accidently watched Eraserhead as a 9 year old and it creeped me out for years, was never the same. Now I feel almost cathartic from his creepy dream like films.
    it's surprising to hear that he likes these bands.. considering he never uses any of them in his soundtracks...
    Yeah, Angelo Badalamenti's ominous soundtracks fit the tone of his films much better than The Beatles or ZZ Top would. Lost Highway features some Bowie, NIN and Marilyn Manson though.
    you're right I totally forgot about Lost Highway! which out of all his movies I feel with most underrated.
    "Ugh, he's a poser, he hasn't even put their songs in his movies" That's what you sound like right now.
    How did you come to that conclusion? Quite frankly, it would be the same situation as me being surprised that my college friends like Iron Maiden despite never wearing one of their t-shirts. Sorry, but you simply won't know these things until they say it.
    I just simply stated that he does not put any of those bands in particular in any of his soundtracks. Scorsese does it all the time.. I am just surprised because it's David Lynch.