Dead Kennedys Respond to Bruce Dickinson's Punk Bashing: 'I Don't Think He's Ever Heard East Bay Ray Play'

Punk icons not convinced by singer's statements, stir up a massive discussion.

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Following Bruce Dickinson's bashing of the punk genre earlier this week, punk legends Dead Kennedys have issued a brief response to Iron Maiden singer.

Along with a link to the article, the band brought up their guitarist as a counter argument, saying, "I don't think he has ever heard East Bay Ray play guitar."

The Facebook post stirred up quite a discussion, fetching nearly 3,000 comments, mostly from enraged punk fans.

As reported, Dickinson called punk music rubbish and the genre's musicians wannabe metallers.

"The closest the 'art establishment' ever came to embracing metal was punk," the vocalist told the Guardian. "The reason they embraced punk was because it was rubbish and the reason they embraced rubbish was because they could control it.

"They could say: 'Oh yeah, we're punk so we can sneer at everybody. We can't play our f--king instruments, but that means we can make out that this whole thing is some enormous performance art.'

"Half the kids that were in punk bands were laughing at the art establishment, going: 'What a f--king bunch of tosspots. Thanks very much, give us the money and we'll f--k off and stick it up our nose and shag birds.' But what they'd really love to be doing is being in a heavy metal band surrounded by porn stars," he concluded.

During the rest of the interview, Bruce was in quite a slamming mood, continuing to rip Glastonbury festival for being snobbish and fellow metal legends Judas Priest for using autocue.

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    Old grumpy guy responses to old grumpy guy. It's like politics only with...wait a sec...
    these articles are always so out of context, it's just people talking and one sentence gets highlighted and we are all supposed to go ooooh ahhhhh what a dick, who cares what people say, its all opinions and everybody has one
    Seriously dude, Bruce took a few little light hearted jabs at things that, for the most part, he's somewhat right about. Iron Maiden is a band that gained popularity in a time when punk was starting to be "popular" and the record companies wanted them to change into a punk band. Obviously they didn't and they have all earned the right to voice some of their opinions. When he talks about things like punk music, hes right about a majority of it, but theres always gonna be some exceptions, ala Dead Kennedys and their response. Its all just overblown opinions that aren't even meant to start crap with anybody, Bruce's just sayin what comes to mind.
    Normally Bruce is such an outstanding character. But this whole debate is very much beneath him. He should refrain from such comments when they serve no other purpose than to piss people off.
    That's one of the most pretentious thing Dickinsons said. Besides listen to A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi to hear Punk bands put a decent amount of Metal guitarists to shame.
    As a punk musician, I dont personally aspire to be in a metal band and be "surrounded by porn stars", I actually love my wife. I like being able to play where I want, when I want, and how I want. If I wanna play like shit, **** it, I will, no elite fanboys are gonna call me on my shit. Most local metal bands around here have a higher standard and I could care less. There are some punk bands that adhere to that same aesthetic, but I play music because I like to have fun, and it makes me happy. Iron Maiden is pretty dope, and I am a fan of metal, but Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris are just typical pretentious Brits. No offense or disrespect to the Brits on the site.
    As a metalhead and a fan of Iron Maiden, i agree. Bruce really pissed me off because he shows absolutely NO respect to the genre that heavily influenced Iron Maiden!!! because without punk, Maiden wouldn't exist.
    its like the old days again when metal fans and punk fans fight
    This is starting to get funny. I thought punk or rock n roll was supposed to be the middle finger to the man or anyone who tells you no? oh but lets not hurt anyone's feelings in the process, everyone is a winner here!!! bunch of Nancy's these days I swear.
    Who gives a **** about what Dickinson says? As a punk, I`m pleased to know that a "tosspot" like him doesn`t care for punk rock... I`m surprised The Dead Kennedys even acknowledged any of this.
    This argument is dumb. Metal and Punk are both important genres of music and both have a lot to offer. Bruce made some good points but the press have really been having a field day with that interview...
    Seriously, what the hell is happening in the comment section today? It's like an entire sugar-hyped middle school class that have just learnt to use swears have been let loose in here.
    I love Iron Maiden...but Bruce is just being a ****ing ******* who needs to keep his retarded opinions to himself! punk is great, and i don't give a **** what Brucey boy ****ing says!
    It is indeed unlike Bruce to be so slamming. He's an outstanding front man who's performance can bring a tear to my eye.
    Why does anyone care about any of this? Listen to and play the music you like, that's all there is to it really. People get so prissy these days about the least little thing. As an antidote....stick some soad on. Best of both worlds
    I remember when Iron Maiden first hit the scene and everyone considered them as a punk/metal crossover band.
    This entire thing blows my ****ing mind , i never took bruce here to be retarded. As far as i am concerned the entire Metal scene is a direct result of the Punk scene in the 70's.
    What. Metal was born before punk existed. And there was almost no punk influence on metal until the '80s and thrash, which was the first metal genre to incorporate some punk influence.
    Punk and Metal started up around the same time actually. But yes, Thrash took a lot from Punk.
    correction NWOBHM is a result of punk. Venom, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Diamond Head, Angel Witch etc. all too punk's energy and speed and fused it with metal. Most the stuff that considered "true metal" (I hate that term) wouldn't exist without punk. Thrash and subsequently Black and Death metal would not exist without punk. tell me this doesn't have punk influence all over it.
    Bruce's words taken out of context and now the give-a-**** punk rebels are all upset.
    just saw dk and got backstage it was ****ing awesome, east bay ray is insane so i agree with dk response to bruce
    he's just mad because his voice is getting old
    No, he is mad because Dickinson is talking shit.
    There's definitely an element of truth to Bruce's rant. Obviously you can't say ALL punk is like that, but a good deal of what you hear on the radio certainly is. And that's usually not even 'proper' punk anyway.
    Punk was about doing more with less. That was the point. It's ridiculous to compare it to metal. The two are almost in opposition to one another in terms of musical approach.
    Not when his rant serves to piss off an entire fanbase. Honestly, Bruce is just becoming a ****ing loser. I'm quite pissed with what he said because i'm a fan of Maiden, yet he's acting like such a conceited twat. He acts like anything that isn't Maiden sucks.
    @MaidenisGOD89 & seance Fair points all. But I do think Bruce isn't miles off the mark. Like I said, not all punk. Just a good deal of it. Same with a lot of metal, pop, alternative, etc, to be honest. Proliferation of music that sells over music that's genuine.
    Don't pay any attention to it if it really makes you that mad. Bruce isn't trying to upset a bunch of people, and I wouldn't really call it a "rant" either. He points out some valid flaws in punk as a whole but obviously not all punk bands/guitarists apply to what he's saying.
    Iron Maiden flies around the world in a gigantic plane with their name and mascot painted on the sides. No punk band has EVER done that. end of discussion.
    How does is even remotely important, let alone relevant to the topic?
    You don't seem to understand punk rock...that's the exact opposite of what they stand for
    Fuck the dead Kennedy's and their pussy music. Iron maiden for life!
    lol Dead Kennedys is so much more hardcore than Iron Maiden. Compare a dead kennedys show in the 80s to a iron maiden show in their prime. Maiden fans would shit their pants out of fright. Not only that but Iron Maiden is the corniest shit on the planet. Singing about ****ing monsters and mmythical creatures isn't scary or hardcore. It's nerdy. Plain and simple.
    Two excellent examples above me of how it looks like when 12 year olds discuss music.
    But are the Dead Kennedys really a punk band?
    Was Black Flag really a punk band? Omg, really... I don't think you can get more punk than the DK's.
    awww punks whining and crying like little b1tches again? no surprise there lol. i can't say maiden are the most imaginative when it comes to writing progressions, especially when most of their songs are in Em, but they have some of the finest riffs ever attached to those progs...also, i don't think i need to mention that bruce is one of the greatest metal singers of all time, but i will and just did...unlike punk singers, who pretty much all sound the same
    You have just highlighted how ignorant, and uneducated you are. "they have some of the finest riffs"... OH CUMON!!
    Thankyou for posting basically a rehash of the same article but with a picture of something the Dead Kenedy's stated...unless you have an interview or something with punk rockers or other metal guys talking about it that is interesting just stop posting this bullshit over and over and over again
    Holy shit, did you hear his opinion? I disagree with it. Ima say why Iron Maiden sucks, or why punk is the best, and explain why his opinion is wrong. Or.. You can say "oh well, thats his opinion. Not much we can do." Do you think hes gonna come back and say sorry for being basically right? Let alone voicing his opinion? Let it go. Iron Maiden is great, and Punk id awesome. Dont let the opinion of one guy get your panties in a bunch.