Deadmau5 Sued by Disney Over Mouse Ears Trademark

EDM artist applied to trademark his look at the US Patent an Trademark Office.

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Deadmau5 is reportedly in a legal dispute with Disney after attempting to trademark his mouse ears logo in America, NME reports.

The US EDM artist has used his signature look for 10 years and has trademarked it in countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy and the UK. However, as TMZ reports, an effort to do the same in America has been met by opposition from the company behind Mickey Mouse.

Deadmau5 reportedly applied to trademark his look at the US Patent an Trademark Office in 2013 but a leaked document shows that Disney, who created the Mickey Mouse character in 1928, argue that this would affect their business in both the US and abroad. In response, Deadmau5' lawyer Dina LaPolt argues that her client already holds the trademark in 30 other countries.

This latest legal case follows news that Deadmau5 has been given a cease and desist order by Ferrari. The DJ had put his 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider (F1 Edition) up for sale earlier in the year, customised with images of internet meme Nyan Cat. However, he recently claimed that the Italian car manufacturer had a problem with the customisations.

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    Screw Disney and Deadmau5, what about actual mice, surely they originally invented the look
    But they didn't copyright it!
    You mean they didn't trademark it? Copyrighting technically happens automatically whenever you create something. Mice don't have circle shaped ears anyway
    This isn't at all true. If it was, so many people wouldn't have been sued, like Blink 182 not being allowed to be called Blink or Mark Zuckerberg having ripped off the Winklevoss twins. Thats like me creating a site called: and having a similar design, but because I created it, I own the copyright.
    can we please stop using TMZ as a news source? those vultures don't need any more attention...
    Deadmau5 answered by suing them for a youtube disney video which uses his music without his license.
    In my opinion companies put themselves into a bad light with things like this, they're not saying ,, you are violating our trademark!'' they basically just say,, GIVE US MONEEEYYY''
    What exactly is a "Dead Mau 5"?
    Why would Disney oppose it in the US and not anywhere else? Strange... They make money globally, not just on home turf, so I don't see the issue really.
    It makes monetary sense to litigate in places that result in higher profit and to leave it alone in places where they're more likely to lose (where deadmau5 has had an established TM for 10 years).
    ^ indeed. Also, Mickey Mouse is one of the USA's great cultural exports. If it is trademarked by a Canadian, many Americans (according to the media) would be properly pissed.
    How can Ferrari sue him for selling his own car?! Now I want a Ferrari just to **** around with it and sell it on the internet. (and I just want a Ferrari...)
    they had an issue with the lame customizing,because it is some sort of an insult to the car.And it is.
    No its not. Ferrari just takes its shit wayy too seriously. He bought it its his car he can do whatever he wants with it. Could you explain how "insult"?
    Ferrari treats its cars like art. To customize a 458 with internet memes, is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa, to Ferrari anyway. That's why it's an insult.
    Because deadmau5 is 95% marketing andadvertising he is like the gene Simmons of electronic music.
    I don't think Disney is really helping themselves by pushing this trademark thing here to be honest....
    Hope they sue him for all he's worth because I hate his music and that scene!
    So do I. I don't get what all the hype about electronic music is. Just seems like a bunch of idiots who goes to raves just to get high and listen to shitty music that requires 0 talent to make. It's pretty ****ing stupid.
    I actually first thought this back when I first saw him. As much as I enjoy his music, I gotta side with disney. I thought Disney the first time I even saw that mouse head.
    True, but Disney's head is actually really different from Deadmau5's. They are similar only when it comes to overall shape.