Death Grips Give Away Surprise Album 'Government Plates' For Free

Noise hip-hopers are giving away "Government Plates" for free - download it here.

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NME reports that noise hip-hopers Death Grips are giving away their new, surprise album, "Government Plates," for free. The band announced the release via their Facebook page earlier November 13 evening, with two links to download the LP here and here. You can also listen to and download the album via SoundCloud. Scroll down to hear the record. Last year, the band became embroiled in a public spat with their former label Epic Records after they self-leaked their album "No Love Deep Web" online before its release. The group were eventually dropped in November 2012. In July of this year they announced that they had set up their own record label, Thirdworlds. "Government Plates" follows last year's "The Money Store" and "No Love Deep Web" as well as 2011's "Exmilitary" mixtape. The "Government Plates" tracklisting is: 01. You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat 02. Anne Bonny 03. Two Heavens 04. This Is Violence Now (Don't Get Me Wrong) 05. Birds 06. Feels Like A wheel 07. I'm Overflow 08. Big House 09. Government Plates 10. Bootleg (Don't Need Your Help) 11. Whatever I Want (F--k Who's Watching)

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    wow. who would've thought, that the only way to get publicity, be ****ing awesome and eventually get money, was to not be ****ing tightasses? great work death grips, i look forward to the future
    What a surprise! This guys are just amazing - so crazy and original. Also I just wish to see them live - their shows are full of energy - live they're more like noise rock band in terms of craziness.
    I really love Zach Hill's drumming style. The other guys seem to be having a blast as well.
    I'm so glad Death Grips is recognition on UG. They're ****ing awesome and so is their new stuff. I's got an Exmilitary vibe to it.
    Not a fan really but I appreciate that they're totally doing their own thing within the genre and kinda pushing the boundaries of what we call hip hop. And man, Zach Hill is a beast on the drums.
    As someone who loves Death Grips, I can't hate on people who think this is garbage. First time I heard them I thought it was the worst piece of crap I'd heard in a long. They are a tough pill to swallow.
    If you call Death grips talentless you have no idea what talent is. Zach Hill is the one of the best drummers in experimental music out there today. Hell, he's one of the best drummers PERIOD.
    You can hear he's a good drummer with chops... he's just misdirected and the music he chooses to play is lame.
    Translation: I don't particularly like this so I'm just going to say it's lame and that he's wasting his talent.
    Truly happy to see UG covering this. I'd bet everything I got that this band is gonna receive cult status in a couple decades, so I'd watch out.
    Raw. I was worried when they released Birds because I don't care for that song, but this album is killer.
    My thought about "Birds" was the same - but yes, this album is real killer.
    For some reason I have been ignoring these guys forever, **** me. What a pleasant surprise this was.
    I'll give the album another shot. Not sure if it'll top The Money Store for me, but damn that first track is among their best already.
    The Money Store was one of my best impulse buys in a long time. Very refreshing album. In saying that, not showing up to your own live shows and instead having pre-recorded music play to your fans without warning (or compensation), is a dick move. I'm all for "sticking it to the man", but disrespecting your fans - the people that support what you do - is not how you go about it. It's not edgy, it's just shit. I lost a lot of respect for Death Grips after that stunt; and I know I'd never even bother buying a ticket to see them live if there's a chance they're just gonna throw it back in my face. Sadly there's similar stories of the band out there, but you all have Google anyway. I respect what they do musically, but not in much else.
    I was there at Lollapalooza, waiting for them to come on the stage after they got bumped to the headliner spot for the stage they were playing. Knew they were gonna be sick live....and they didn't show. Kinda lost some respect for Grips that day, I love their stuff but why you gotta do us like that? Made me miss out on OTHER headliner acts who were playing at the same time.
    Been trying to give these guys a chance but... Honestly, I like the Shocklee style noisy production, but the vocals and overall presentation are just terrible. Lyrically, there's nothing clever past the song titles. I can see some of the aspects of this working in a more musical setting, but there's really nothing here that's truly artistic. It's like a bad modern art painting... it's supposed to be art, but if there were no pretense stating it was art, you'd look at it and just think it was garbage. I hear what they are trying to go for, but it's a swing and a miss.
    You'd be better off listening to their first album, The Money Store. That one is a lot more accessible compared to this; this album is a huge shift for them stylistically.
    Saw these guys at Bluesfest. Zach wasn't there because I think he was/is working on that film soundtrack or whatever, but man from the unending stare of the keyboard player and the wailing energy of MC Ride, the crowd was going nuts moshing. If anyone doubts the power of these guys, see em live man (lol if they decide to show)
    Is that some Rugrats shit in Anne Bonny? lol Love Death Grips, with all their raw tracks and subtle innuendos to a late 80s kid's youth
    Death Grips really need to grow on you if you're just trying to get into them. Hell, I like Death Grips and I'm still getting into them.
    God damn these guys are amazing. I don't really care for hip hop that much, but these guys are definitely an exception. Also nice to see UG branch out and have something like Death Grips as a main article for once.
    The Spoon
    I always thought it would be so cool as a band to release an album completely unexpectedly.
    What a terrible, terrible sound. No wonder they released it for free. Saying that, good luck to them; releasing anything for free is selfless.
    This sounds like ****ing trash. Call me again when you actually take the time to post a decent band, UG.
    If you don't like Death Grips you are stupid, and probably liked the last Black Sabbath album.
    The music for me comes a bit too harsh, before anyone accuse me of racism, I respect rap and hip-hop. It is just not my style, but I'm not going to talk shit about it considering rap music is a very vital part of many cultures.
    I've yet to listen to the tracks or the band, but really? This is the top news article? Who the hell are these guys?
    They were pretty big last year with a strong debut album and surprising 2nd album. The Money Store was extremely hyped after their first mixed tape and they've been influencing a rise in industrial-style hip-hop greatly since their start with some singles passing a million YouTube views. But oh yeah, if YOU'VE never heard of them I guess they're just nobodies.
    The only time I've heard of this band was lurking /mu/. That's the only place Death Grips got brought up that I saw.
    /mu/ hypes them up big time for sure. One contributor was Anthony Fantano giving TMS a 10, but Fantano has more followers than just /mu/ so it it spread quite a bit. The No Love Deep Web release fiasco got big coverage on Pitchfork. If you were following music well last year it was hard to not hear about Death Grips at least once.
    ??? Fuck was this??? Someone needs to put this drummer in his place. He Blows. Well that can be said about the whole band.
    Go listen to Zach Hill's drumming on There's No 666 in Outer Space by Hella, or Cryptomnesia by El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez, and prepare to find yourself incredibly incorrect.
    Talentless garbage.
    You don't like it? That's fine, it's your opinion. Talentless? Absolutely not. Whether you like it or not, they are definitely talented at what they do.
    Yea but what if what they do is garbage? I'm really great at shitting in my hand and rubbing it on a canvas and calling it art... Wanna buy a painting?
    Art is subjective, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' to it. In their own right they are talented and know what they want to do. It is their art, not ours to control.
    So by your definition my shitt smeared on a canvas is art as well?
    It may not be my taste but there will be someone out there who appreciates it.
    And that person would be a moron.
    If someone had never been exposed to the concept of art before and learned that smearing shit was the pinnacle would they be a moron simply because they didn't conform to some academic definition of art? And its hardly a poop smear here since like it or not Death Grips have quite a bit of sonic layering in their music. Feel free to share your opinion but don't try to bring objectivity into it. You can't argue it without falling back on baseless tradition.
    Thrice Capades
    Kueller...we actually are discussing a poop smear. Seriously, look back and read the rest of this conversation. That's right...we're actually talking about producing and selling poop smears.
    Agreed it's pointless to argue objectivity... especially here, but sonic layering of shit on shit is still shit... just piled a little higher.
    the poop smear tells a story about a man who smeared his own shit on a canvas because he thought it has value to other people. That in itself is an intriguing enough subject. Also I've always been appreciative of textures in 2-D presentations
    Thrice Capades
    ^Ok, so that dude likes poop. If he invites you over for tea, don't go. Just...just don't go.
    because they like something that others typically don't?
    Thrice Capades
    I think the argument here is that they'd be a moron because they'd be willing to pay money for a poop smear. And I would have to agree.
    True, but it's their business and it's what they like. You aren't forced to deal with it.
    Wrong. We are forced to deal with it. It's front page news here. True I don't have to listen or engage in it... but I have a right to voice my opinion on it to hopefully change what is covered on the front page in the future.
    No, we're not really forced. It's not like, "Oh man *insert band you don't like* is on the radio right now, guess I'll just have to listen to it". All you just have to do is not care about what you don't like, it's actually easy. There's nothing wrong with voicing your opinion even if you don't like it, but when it comes to elitism that's when it's hard to take it seriously.
    I appreciate what they're doing, and the fact that they seem to be making the music that THEY want to make, but I can't get into this. I tried enjoying The Money Store, but it's just not for me.
    I feel the same way. I respect their effort, but I just don't think they're good enough at what they do.
    I can't say I understand what the frontman is doing (sorry, not a fan of rap, or of vocalists I can't understand at least 90% of the lyrics from), but I appreciate the hell out of what the rest of the band is doing. It certainly sounds like nothing I've heard before, and that's always good.