Death Metal Band to Play in Airtight Cube Until They Run Out of Oxygen

Unfathomable Ruination will repeat London stunt for almost a month.

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Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination are to play in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they run out of oxygen – repeating the feat three nights a week from July 3 until August 1.

As NME notes, the performances, held outside London landmark the Gherkin at 6pm every Wednesday to Friday, will be inaudible to the public and are part of an installation titled "Box Sized Die" by Portugese artist Joao Onofre.

Onofre said: "The performance's duration is limited to the length of time in which oxygen is expended. Outside the cube, viewers observe its strange vibrations, only viewing the band's entrance and exit to the performance space."

London five-piece Unfathomable Ruination formed in 2011 and have released two albums, "Musical Album" and "Misshapen Congenital Entropy." The video for their song "Carved Inherent Delusion" can be seen below.

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    And the darwin award goes to....
    that growl is soooo overdone its a cliche anymore. and musically it wasn't much to listen to either. a bunch of blast beats, drum fills and bunch of notes played on the low strings with some quick pinch harmonics thrown in for good measure. i bet their ENTIRE catalog sounds like that.
    westley23j, you should check out Sexhavin. Completely reinvented the growl.
    Mildly entertaining until that racist rant that was out of nowhere some of the melodies were cool sounded like scatterbrain in the background
    I think the point is they're purposely trying to be as despicable as possible. Hence the racism.
    that was just funny XD even the singer's laughing his ass off i think haha. "Be-be-be-be aggressive!" Reminded me of that mObscene line from MM, Be Obscene be be obscene.
    link no1
    All styles of music have cliches. It's like complaining that a country singer is likely to sing in a Southern accent regardless of their real accent, or that a rapper is more likely to TALK about hoes and guns rather than SING about something worthwhile.
    There's probably a reason nobody's heard of the band until this article..
    "Baht it r needz 2 soundz br00talz'! I wouldn't say that this is garbage, but I surely won't get a stiffy from this.
    Seems a bit dangerous, especially if all the audience gets out of it is a slightly vibrating box.
    Damaged Roses
    It would be cool if people could actually hear them fainting or dying while the other members still play or die too.
    not even a camera or mic in there with them? this is dumb.
    They'll just sit there not doing anything and go out in an hour. Fans be like SO BROOTALZ!
    This actually might be the dumbest thing I have ever read on this site... and that's saying a lot.
    That's so dumb. Sometimes, metal is just as gimmicky as pop for crap like this.
    Nah, I'd say taking something an artist did and projecting it onto a genre of music like it's self aware is dumb. 'Pop' and 'metal' aren't responsible for anything, this is one guy's performance art and the bands he invited.
    Their bass seems to be pretty technical... again, this comes from a total airhead amateur who regards slap bass in metal a fresh thing
    Death. Trapped in a Corner. From the album Individual Thought Patterns. Slap bass in metal. 1993. There are definitely earlier examples, as well. I just really love that song.
    I think it would be more interesting if you could see into the box, & if the box was big enough for them to perform like a standard gig/move a little. Also, I quite enjoy some death metal, but I've never understood low death growls. Mostly because I literally can't understand it, but it just sounds awful too. I do however like screaming, but low growls? Nahhh.
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    I'm guessing you like screaming more because in general, it's easier to understand what they're saying. Not saying low growls are impossible to understand, just that no matter how bad a guy screaming sounds, I've always understood what they're saying.
    Try Cattle Decapitation's recent album. It definitely makes the case for low growls.
    I'm curious to what death metal you enjoy if you don't like low death growls, which are a ubiquitous element of the subgenre.
    All death metal bands should do this, except for the part where they come out.
    you just told every death metal band to die just because you don't like their music. That's awfully Death Metal of you. Maybe you should try it first since you're so eager.
    I didn't say that I didn't like their music, and nothing I said can be construed as me saying that I'm "eager" to try it. Your conclusions are erroneous.
    looks like a very small box.... at least they could have gotten a bigger box. imagine the back pain. well that would probably be the least of their concerns
    If the people can't even hear them, what's the point in doing this? Have people forgot that without sound there's no music?
    This is clearly not meant to a "musical" performance. It's not even the band's idea. Some weirdo abstract artist of some kind came up with the whole thing, and invited the band to be involved.
    If I have to look up your lyrics just to know ANYTHING about what you're saying... I'm not a fan. All I heard was a lot of bass and some dude "Growling". I guess some people don't really care about the words or the meaning just a certain sound?
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    To be honest, I somewhat agree. I'm not one for taking notice of the lyrics of songs, I listen for the instrumentals BUT I still like to know what they're saying without having to look them up. I like a lot of metal that does use harsh vocals like this, but for me there is a massive difference between it being harsh and still being able to clearly understand it and it sounding like a whoopie cushion. The band in that box falls more into the 'fart noise' category. I think I caught what some words are but I don't think it was worth the concentration to work it out.
    I have to look up lyrics to understand most things on pop radio. I can't understand a single word that comes out of the singer of Led Zeppelin's mouth. Death Metal surprisingly I can figure out what they're saying. So everyone's insistence that being able to understand the lyrics instantly is vital to a band being good... well that's just stupid. Instrumentals are apparently all bad then because they don't even say anything so you can't understand what they're saying.
    I honestly don't care about lyrics at all unless we're talking about hip hop or folk music or something, and even then, the rhythm, flow and/or melody is infinitely more interesting. I listen to metal for the music, for the riffs. Lots of DM bands have great lyrics, breaking the mold of gore and death, but they're icing on the cake for me, and the very last thing I bother with. Complete non issue for me. When it comes to lyrics, one man's genius is another man's cheese, so I would honestly never judge a band by those standards. So many bands think they're shedding light on relationships, the human condition, or philosophy, and I don't get it. The vast majority of the time lyrics are there because the singer has to say something, regardless of how 'deep' what they're singing about actually is.
    I had their album and then I deleted it. not htat my music is much better. they sound like origin. I don't like their name at all. **** this band, they're all lamb of god fans.
    You deleted the album? so you didn't buy it you illegally downloaded it and now you criticize them...pathetic.
    Izzy-Sweet does illegal downloading invalidate his opinion? I'm not condoning illegal downloading, but his opinion still counts.
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    Does it matter if they're Lamb of God fans? Devin Townsend is a fan of the Venga Boys, I don't see why that matters though. My second point being, I can pretty clearly understand the lyrics in Lamb of God songs and spot the difference from song to song instrumentally. I'm guessing these guys just make noise with blast beats accompaniment for 10 tracks of their albums. Point being, just because they like something, doesn't mean they sound the same.
    Hopefully its soundproof too
    It actually is, which you would know if you bothered to read the first sentence in the article.
    Aint nobody got time for that
    You don't have time to read the first sentence but you do have time to make a comment and then read and respond to somebody else's comment. Hmm...
    @District *What
    Well, you say dumb, I say that it's a ****ing pitty that some bands have to do crazy shits to actually get some acknowledgement whereas a lot of shit runs on the radios. I didn't even listen to their stuff 'cause of no audio driver installed on my PC, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.
    Sry to say but no one wants to hear growl on the radio, I agree radio is mostly shit music for the casual retard, but asking for Death Metal on radio is asking for alot IMO lol
    insert annoying death metal band name here and send it to their email address and ask why can't you do that? Think Kerry Kind would go for it