Decemberists Cancel Fall Tour

Indie band The Decemberists have canceled their fall tour, citing an illness among the band.

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Portland, Oregon based Indie rock band The Decemberists have canceled their fall tour, stating that a member of the band has fallen ill and will need recovery time. Earlier in the week, following a show in Chicago, the band canceled 28 shows. They included hot spots such as New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington D.C. A statement from the band's official homepage stated the following:

"One of our band members has been ill for a while but we thought all would be well in time for these tour dates [....] After a couple shows, though, it has become clear that the illness is much worse than we had initially realized. We need to return home so our friend can mend."

The statement did not tell which band member was sick, and the Decemberists' label, Capitol, would not release the information either:

"The statement is the information that we're giving out," said Courtney Martin at Capitol, which released the band's major-label debut, "The Crane Wife," in October 2006. "The statement is what it is."

The Decemberists have been touring recently in support of their new album 'The Crane Wife', which came out last year. The band spoke to their fans on the web site:

"It saddens us to disappoint our fans," the band said, "We hope everybody understands it is only because of an extreme situation that we had to cancel a tour we've all been excited about doing since the idea was originally hatched. [....] Our deepest apologies but at this time no plans are being made to reschedule the dates."

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    Comeback Kiddd
    I have a feeling a lot more bands will start cancelling due to illness/other reasons since winter is coming up. I do hope people do not sue bands
    What does winter have to do with bands canceling gigs? I'm sure they wouldn't sacrifice all that money unless they absolutely had to. I commend the Decemberists for not continuing on without their band member. That's a good sign of unity.