Dee Snider Launches Website Dedicated To The Metal Horns

Dee Snider has launched a web site dedicated to the reclamation of our iconic heavy metal symbol.

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Motivated by what he calls the "systematic abuse" of the metal horns, heavy metal icon and frontman for the legendary band Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has launched a web site dedicated to the reclamation of our iconic heavy metal symbol,

"The rampant misuse and overuse of the metal horns is an insult to true fans of the music form it represents," says Dee, "They were never intended to be thrown by members of the hip hop, country and pop communities. We fought long and hard for the music we love to be recognized. They have no right to use our sign!"

While absolutely recognizing the humor in the situation, is dedicated to not only raise awareness of this abuse, but the site has been designed to inform and educate the reader on the history and proper use of the metal horns. Dee Snider hopes it will unify the massive, heavy metal community in the fight to stop the metal horns' further exploitation and degradation. Says Dee, "I appreciate the appeal of throwing the horns and even acknowledge that its overuse shows just how far the acceptance of heavy metal has come as a music form. But when little Johnny throws the horns to his mom because he's successfully made a number two, things have gone way too far." also contains a section for visitors to post photos of abusers of the horns and an interactive "Metal Or Not" rating system to help define and decide the proper usage of the iconic symbol.

Dee goes on to say, "In the '80s, I went to Washington, D.C. to defend heavy metal and fight censorship. Now it's time for me to defend the music I love again and fight a very different enemy. I need headbangers the world over to join me in this important fight. Let's say to the purveyors of other music forms, the usurpers of our mark...get your own damn sign bee-otch! Let's take back the com!"

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    It's an ugly job, but someone has to do it! When I see pictures of George W. Bush flashin' the horns, it makes me want to run amok. The University of Texas will just have to come up with something else. I suggest the crossed fingers from Tupac. Leave our horns alone!!
    if you actually go to the site and read "the onion" link, it's pretty badass nikki sixx overlord of glam metal Grand Elder Lemmy Kilmister dave mustaine! lars sucks! and so does james!
    Unfortunately the "spirit sign" for my college are "Bull Horns", which look exactly the same as the devil horns. It's a shame.
    YEAH! let's take back those horns, i've even seen some people who have never even listen to metal in their life use them , it's terrible and disgusting.