Deep Purple Stream New Single 'Vincent Price'

Hard rock veterans unveil their latest album's closing track.

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"Vincent Price," the closing track off the latest Deep Purple album "Now What?!" was recently streamed in full and is available for listening in the player below. As the nineteenth release from the hard rock veterans, "Now What?!" is the fifth record in the Deep Purple opus to feature guitar virtuoso Steve Morse and the first one the five-piece has released since 2005's "Rapture of the Deep."

Based on a sturdy guitar riff, the track has all the essential Deep Purple elements combined with today's latest recording technology, rightfully being described as "the perfect match from the original spirit of '70s Purple, and a fresh and modern production." Also, make sure not to miss the solo part, as it demonstrates plenty of nifty tricks from Mr. Morse.

With a set of 11 new songs, "Now What?!" has officially dropped on April 26 via Germany-based label earMusic. Recorded and mixed in Nashville, Tennessee, the record features Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, KISS, Kansas, Alice Cooper) handling the production duties.

"It doesn't really come from the head. It comes from everything: instinct, the body, the fingers, the playing, the singing ... it's what feels good," bassist Roger Glover said. "It's very difficult to define what a Deep Purple song is; it's whatever we do, actually - we write the rules."

The previous Deep Purple record, "Rapture Of The Deep," has managed to peak at No. 43 on the Billboard's USA "Top Independent Albums" chart with 2,500 copies sold within the first week.

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