Deep Purple To Tour Russia This Fall

British rockers Deep Purple are set for a tour of Russia this fall.

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According to RIA Novosti, British rockers Deep Purple, one of the favorite bands of the current Russian president, are set for a tour of Russia this fall, a spokesman for the tour's promotion company said on Thursday.

Vladimir Zubitsky said the band, with a collective age of 297, would give performances in Russia's 12 largest cities, playing mostly old hits, with their final concert to come at the Olympiisky Stadium in Moscow.

"The tour will finish on October 27 with a grand concert at the Olympiisky Stadium tickets have already gone on sale," he said, adding that the price for the concert tickets varied between 2,000 rubles ($86) and 10,000 rubles ($430).

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    that would be awesome if they came to america (only if they had the great lineup w/ blackmore, lord, gillan etc. again, though)
    DP are probably the most touring band ever! They have not had a year without tours lately. And they absolutely love touring the former Eastern block. Which gave me a chance to seeing them live