Def Leppard Cover Band In Hunt For One Armed Drummer

artist: Def Leppard date: 01/11/2011 category: music news
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These days, it's easy enough to find a tribute band that looks and sounds more like the real thing than the real thing. Def Leppard tribute band Pyromania, however, may have taken that ethic a bit too far. According to, the Texas based worshipers of Joe Elliot and co. are looking for a new drummer. Specifically, they're after a sticks-man with one arm. In a crudely drawn flyer, the band state that they are looking for a one arm drummer no prostetics (sic) with a flame retardent (sic) kit & stick. Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, who is referred to by fans as the thunder god, is perhaps most famous for returning to the drum stool for the band in 1986 in spite of having lost his left arm in a car crash the year earlier. Allen first used a custom fashioned, predominantly foot triggered electric drum kit on the band's 1987 Hysteria album, a record that went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide. A Californian Def Leppard tribute band, who are also called Pyromania, have labelled the band's actions in very bad taste and have asked people not to confuse them with completely disgusting and disrespectful behaviour. A representative from the real Def Leppard has yet to comment on the advert. Meanwhile, front man Joe Elliott has promised in a recent interview that the band will be out on tour again at some point in 2011. A photograph of Pyromania's flyer can be found at the following location. Anyone thinking of applying should note that the band is looking for "serious inquerys (sic) only"...
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