Def Leppard Have 15 Songs for New Album

Phil Collen also reveals the band getting vegetarians for this album making process.

Ultimate Guitar

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has revealed that the band has started writing 15 songs for their upcoming album.

In an interview with Classic Rock, the guitarist has explained that, while the band was originally planning to produce an EP, they now have enough material for an album:

"I just got back from a very productive and creative Def Leppard session in Dublin. We got about 15 songs started. What we thought was going to be an EP has now definitely turned into an album of new Def Leppard material."

Collen also revealed that the band has been on a new diet since working on the album, after meeting a gourmet vegan chef:

"The whole time we were there, the incredible gourmet chef Jeni Cook put the band on a raw vegan food diet - no, it's not just lettuce. We were treated to some of the tastiest foods I've ever had in my entire life.

"We had raw vegan desserts every day, along with sushi, pizza, Mexican-style wraps and incredible salads. The coolest side effect was that I lost seven pounds, while keeping all of my energy and strength up."

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    You know i use to like Def Leppard back in the early 80s albums Like pyromania High and Dry on threw the night these are the only lps i like by them. Every time i here that they have a new album coming out i have always kept my fingers crossed and hoped that they would return to this and there best sound...but it has never happened ok and to be fair they have not put anything out worth shit since 1990 Adrinalized and to me it was pure bubblegum rock but still a lot better than what they have been putting out up to date.But with the set in there atmosphere where they are recording and talking about not eating meat losing 7 pounds bla bla bla i dont see this being to rocken of a album maybe some new songs for a Richard Simmons workout video .PLEASE return to normal BRING BACK old DEF LEPPARD
    Thats what i am saying .. come on D.L. give your true fans what they want a mean Hard Rock album bring back the early 80s sound it is the best
    Bitch...Phil Collen looks better than most mother****ers at 56 years old. GTFO.