Def Leppard: 'You Don't Need Record Labels, Artists Should Be in Charge of Their Career'

artist: Def Leppard date: 05/27/2014 category: music news
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Def Leppard: 'You Don't Need Record Labels, Artists Should Be in Charge of Their Career'
Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has been speaking with My Global Mind about life in the band.

As the singer notes, Def Leppard has relished the opportunity to be an independent band, rejecting the major label industry of which they were once a part:

"Well we have been a cottage industry for five years. As soon as we were out of our deal with Universal, we have done everything in-house-everything. We do our own artwork, our own distribution deals. We write and record our own songs, we record our own live stuff, we organised it all ... Its not that difficult to do, all you need to do is have a bit of knowledge ... We are ticking along, and any mistakes that get made are ours.

"We don't like finger pointing and we hate getting angry at people and 'You have messed up our career.' We are more than happy to mess our own career up. If it is going to go down the tubes I want to be responsible for it not somebody else. At least it is our choice, and that is what it should be. Artists should be in charge of their own career and that is all that we are doing. We are just wrestling back control."

Elliott also spoke about guitarist Vivian Campbell, who is currently in remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma:

"He is a continuum that's what Vivian is right now. He is doing all right, he is in remission, it's not gone altogether. He is working on that and he is in great spirits. Last time I spoke to him he was giggling and joking and having a good time. I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago and he was in great form. I have been chatting in emails to him. He is looking forward to these dates and doing them. So it is not actually hindering him and his ability to perform. He is still having ongoing treatment. It is just positive thoughts from here on in really."
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