Deftones' Chi Cheng Hospitalized With Pneumonia

Deftones bassist Chi Cheng has been hospitalized with an infection just two days after flying home from New Jersey clinic.

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Two days after flying home to California from New Jersey, where he has been undergoing treatment at a brain injury clinic for over a year, Deftones bass player Chi Cheng has been hospitalized with an infection.

Yesterday the following was posted online via Cheng's mother, Jeanne Marie Cheng:

"[Chi] just got home last night from NJ and is in ER with something serious going on... pneumonia and don't know what else. Not good!"

Hours later, Gina (of posted additional update:

"Chi is in ICU on three antibiotics for pneumonia. Blood pressure and oxygen are both low. Please send healing."

Thanks to for the report.

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    This really sucks. Seems like things can't get any better for this guy. Truly a good man and a great musician who deserves to live a full, happy life.
    This guy has the worst luck, a coma, brain injury and now pneumonia. I feel bad for him.
    Deftones are such a great band with so much bad luck... There's always shit going on with these guys. Keep fighting man.
    Chi is the coolest guy ever. I saw the deftones on the around the fur tour. i was standing right in front of chi the whole time as he handed out free beers to everyone. I really hopes he pulls through this
    I hope he pulls through this. Really nice dude, great bass player. It only happens to the good ones.