Deftones 'Eager to Start Writing Music,' Chino Moreno Says

artist: Deftones date: 02/13/2014 category: music news
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Deftones 'Eager to Start Writing Music,' Chino Moreno Says
Following the announcement of Deftones taking a year off, singer Chino Moreno has now noted that the band is "eager to start writing" fresh material.

Chatting with Billboard, Chino added: "It's not like we can show up in each other's houses anymore; We have to plan it out and get into a room. We'll go lock ourselves in a room for a couple of weeks and start making some noise and see what comes out. We took that approach on the last couple of records and it seemed to work."

Concluding on an optimistic note, the singer pointed out: "So it's just figuring out a time frame. We'll work it out."

Moreno previously told Rolling Stone that the band has "just finished a tour, so we're gonna take the rest of the year off. We're gonna start writing some music early next year," also unveiling plans to get back to writing in February 2015.

In related news, the band was announced among the latest batch of Sonisphere 2014 performers, alongside Protest the Hero, Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls and nine more acts. The event will be headlined by Metallica, Iron Maiden and the Prodigy, details here.

Finally, Moreno's side project Crosses made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show, rocking out a set of tunes from the self-titled debut released on February 11. Check out the band performing "The Epilogue" and "Bitches Brew" below.

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