Deftones Fans Riot As Gig Is Called Off

artist: Deftones date: 02/16/2011 category: music news

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Deftones fans rioted in Bangkok, Thailand, last night after the band were forced to cancel a show at the city's Thunderdome Arena. The event was already running 90 minutes late by the time the waiting crowd were told to go home. Hundreds of angry gigglers began throwing bottles, breaking windows and setting fire to beer tents. Deftones have apologised for the call-off, stating: "Local power issues threatened the safety of the band and fans. We're sorry to those who were inconvenienced and hope to return to Thailand in the near future." While some fans directed their anger at the band, many others placed the blame on concert organisers. Eyewitness Chantakahn Saetehn says: "This country is deprived of good concerts. The crowd was bigger than for any metal band that's ever visited Bangkok that's why we were so upset. But the whole event from buying tickets to the cancellation has been absurd." And fan Pakam Kiatpinyo adds: "I've been waiting to see the band for ten years and I was as disappointed as anyone. But as a musician I understand why the band didn't want to play. I blame the concert organisers for not being professional enough to prepare the equipment." Police report that no one was arrested or injured following the riot, which had fizzled out by the time officers arrived. Deftones are currently touring their 2010 album Diamond Eyes, the first to be recorded without bassist Chi Cheng, who remains in a semi-comatose state following a car accident in 2008. Thanks for the report to
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