Deftones: Our New Album Made Some Fans Really Angry, But We Get It

"It made a lot of people happy also, but we've noticed that it's really made people really angry."

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Deftones: Our New Album Made Some Fans Really Angry, But We Get It

Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham and bassist Sergio Vega discussed negative fan reactions to the band's latest album "Gore" with Overdrive, with Vega saying:

"We are really just passionate fans of music and passionate fans of being musicians and also very passionate of music gear.

"We are always consuming new things and with all of our different tastes combined, there are obviously overlaps with the material that we write. When we enter that process of writing, you are totally right as it’s a very organic process for us all.

"Basically what happens is that we get into a room and we make noise. [Laughs]

"In the case of 'Gore' - for me it's my third album with the guys - what we do is document everything and with this album, Abe and I took a handle on that, whereby we would record everything and the next morning we would get up extra early, have some coffee and listen back to what we had worked on and would begin to chop up the ideas and mail it out to the other guys, keeping things documented and dispersed to everyone else."

Abe chimed in:

"What's crazy, and kind of funny is that this record has really pissed a lot of people off! It made a lot of people happy also, but we've noticed that it's really made people really angry. I guess it takes a bit of time for people to wrap their heads around it."

Sergio continued:

"Yeah, I take solace in the fact that from my perspective of coming into the band and I was reading the way people were viewing [2006's] 'Saturday Night Wrist' and [2003's] self-titled and then after [2010's] 'Diamond Eyes' and [2012's] 'Koi No Yokan' came out, it re-contextualized those albums and people approached them differently and favorably.

"I feel that when you take risks and put yourself out there and following your heart, it’s really all that we can do to stay true to what we do. There’s no point in recording the same album over and over.

"When I first heard Jane's Addiction or Wu-Tang Clan it really made me angry. I remember with Wu-Tang Clan, I was thinking, 'This is dissonant and everything is just out of key with what’s happening.'

"And it was the same with Jane's Addiction. I was just thinking, 'This is so fucked! Everything is out and not flowing properly. I hate everything about it!'

"Then something changed inside of me and it's the only game in town and then I was starting to fiend for that sound and had to just keep going back to it and getting my fix of this new sensation that ultimately was changing my taste and perception of what can be achieved with the boundaries of music.

"When people hold a band really close to their heart and that band then try something different, it really messes with people’s sensibilities."

Abe concluded:

"I get that too. It's like, 'That's my band, that's my jam' and when the next album comes out and it's totally different, I'm like, 'What the fuck happened here?' After a while, as Sergio said, you become more open minded to different things and ultimately that's what we're trying to achieve."

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    Vicryl 2.0
    there are records that i liked immediately but disliked the longer i listened to it and then there are those that i hated at first listen but eventually liking them after listening to it a couple times. Gore is not really that bad but its not in the level of say white pony or Diamond Eyes.. When Saturday Night Wrist came out, i hated that record and didnt bother about it till ive heard it again in its entirety many years after i first listened to that record came out.
    Gore's good, but Diamond Eyes is a masterpiece, and Koi No Yokan is a few songs short of one.
    At some point between Koi No Yokan and this new album I just stop caring about Deftones and this was my favorite band for more than 10 years. Since Diamond Eyes they have progressively morphed into something I don't really enjoy anymore... or maybe I just got old, I dont know. But it seems that Chi's dead took away much of things I liked about this band. I will always wait for the release of Eros, though.
    Sure, Gore was out there..... However, you could still tell it was all Deftones.  Unlike some Linkin Park band I used to know.  Still want white pony 2.0  Nothing gives you that digital gothic sound like that album.  Puts you inside some dark void from white noise and static freeze and make some hollow outlines in the darkness of black and white.  Send me into that onyx and cream void.
    This album should be called "Chino Moreno's experience featuring Deftones". Or maybe, they could point out which track Stephen played on.