Deftones Premiere Lyric Video for 'Swerve City'

Alternative metallers go with the Western approach on the new lyric video for the "Koi No Yokan" opening track.

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American alternative metallers Deftones have officially presented us with the lyric video for "Swerve City," an opening track off their latest record "Koi No Yokan." The clip features snippets from an old Western movie fitting in surprisingly well with the lyrics printed over the video.

Featuring Chino Moreno's signature vocals, the song is dynamically well thought-out with a slightly shorter total length of less than three minutes. "Swerve City" is now also available worldwide via iTunes.

The band is currently keeping themselves busy touring with a forthcoming string of about 30 concert dates stretching all the way to early September. Although a live album is supposedly in the works, no additional info has been recently revealed.

Several days ago, guitarist Stephen Carpenter discussed his views on the music piracy, giving all the illegal downloaders a thumbs up by saying that the "people who download your music are your fans."

"I say hallelujah to them. I say it for only one reason, the truth is people who download your music are your fans, or people who are potentially going to become your fans," he said. "And if you're going to be upset that someone is interested, or becoming interested in your stuff, then what's the point? What are you doing?"

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    Great, great tune, although I prefer the homemade video on YouTube with the smoking, hot girl wielding the ax.
    Fuck...are we ever gonna get a real video for this album? One was filmed for Tempest, and it never came out, and one was filmed for Swerve months ago and still nothing...
    I don't think I really liked the deftones until this album came out, now I can't get enough.
    I love this song a classic deftones heavy pounding trolloping riff and just awesome vocal's certainly up there with the best of the deftones.