Deftones Started Working on New Album Two Weeks Ago, Chino Moreno Confirms

"We don't make plans, we react to each other," the singer explains.

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Deftones singer Chino Moreno officially gave a confirmation that the band's been working on material for the new album.

Chatting with Soundwave TV at this year's edition of the Australian festival, Moreno noted that the rest of the guys kicked off the writing sessions about two weeks ago now. "I haven't personally started [working on the new album], but the other guys started last week," he said. "So I'm excited to hear what they've done so far, I'm gonna go check in with them next week."

Focusing on the group's approach, Chino added, "When we make records we don't plan out what kind of record we're gonna make. It's like, we react to each other. Like, one guy starts playing something, the other guy reacts to it, the other guy reacts to it and then the next thing you know, we have a song. I always think that's the best organic way to write music. We don't have a game plan - as long as it's good, as long as we're happy and feeling what we're doing - it's worked for us over the years."

During the rest of the chat, Chino singled out 1997's "Around the Fur" as the most exciting record for the band ever to make. "That record was so good because we didn't have nothing to lose," the vocalist stressed.

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    Diamond eyes and Koi No Yoken (forgive me if I have the title wrong) were absolutely fantastic and up their with their best releases so this can only be good. Metal bands take note, this is how you mature and grow without coming across as a parody of yourself...
    But would they have ended up writing those albums if Chi hadn't had his car accident? It would've been Eros we received instead if it hadn't occurred so really, their progression was by sheer chance cause apparently Eros sounds like a darker version of Saturday Night Wrist
    I hate koi no yokan. Hope we can se self titled or aroudn the fur
    If you want the self titled or around the fur, go listen to them!
    Why people disliked this comment? ITs my opinion, and i hope we can see soemthing simillar. So you guys didint like SE and ATF? And powachord, i do still.