Deftones to Kick Off New Album Work in 2014

Drummer Abe Cunningham reveals it's time for the band to "start figuring out some new tunes."

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Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham recently stated that the band is looking to start writing new material and hopefully hit the studio sometime during next year. During a chat with, Cunningham kicked off by reminiscing the early days and touring habits, but then focused on the new album timetable. "Back in the day we were always a touring band, and we still are," he explained "We were nonstop, man, and it was generally a two-year cycle to kind of get in that write-record-tour whole thing. That's probably why we're still here today - we were able to start bouncing around the globe. Things are different these days. In lieu of selling records, everyone tours." Abe continued, "You have to be smart about our touring cycles these days. And we like to take breaks. We have families and things at home that we need to tend to. It's about balance. We'll get together some time in this next year and start figuring out some new tunes." The drummer also discussed the group's work ethic, naming the eight-hour-day approach as the most effective for Deftones. "Yeah, here you are, with an eight-hour day, and now, clock in and be creative. In the past making records became really ridiculous, the amount of money being spent, and just the time wasted, and that was just part of us growing up," he said. "Now when we know we have the time allotted, we just sort of make the best of it. When we can put our heads together, we can whip something out in half the time we used to, without rushing anything out." The latest Deftones studio effort, "Koi No Yokan," dropped in November 2012 through Reprise Records, debuting at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart with 65,000 units shipped in the US within the first week. The band recently also premiered "Romantic Dreams" single and music video. Check it out below.

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    Weren't they going to work with Eros? Or have I missed a trick here? Because I'd really like to hear the finished product, with it being Chi's last work.
    Here's a quote from Chino last May: “We’re actually not entertaining anything. I get asked about that all the time. And I’ve been giving the same answer for like… ever since people have been asking me about it, I’ve been saying that ‘probably someday.’ The only thing I said differently the other day that I could think that I said was ‘sooner than never.’ I mean you know now there is some sort of closure with what happened with Chi. That was obviously… Him and his state that he was in and you know, in general, it wouldn’t feel right to try to even think about going back to that record and trying to release it at that time… You know, with the hope that he would still wake up. I don’t know, so we never really looked back at it then. But with his passing recently I mentioned that I did listen to some of the music. It was a very emotional experience because it took me back to that time when we were recording those songs, and those were pretty much the last days that I got talk with him and have a conversation with him, so… And when listening to it I thought to myself it might be cool for people to hear this sooner than never. Will it happen soon? I don’t know, probably not. That’s the thing, I never really talk about that record. I don’t think any of us really do, but we get asked about it almost every interview. Like ‘what’s up with that record?’ It’s cool because people are curious and I understand that and everything. It’s just a thing that we weren’t ready to reflect on. I mean it was hard for me to listen to it the other day. You know… reflecting on something that was pretty… it was pretty deep. Just a very fresh wound that we just received with Chi‘s passing. So I don’t know, it’ll be [out] sometime I think.” Source:
    Somehow I doubt they'll release it until they're close to being finished as a band. I don't really mind either, I loved Koi No Yokan to bits!
    yeah, I see it as a "ghost" record, but I think it's cool tho. It would be nice if they release a track once in a while between other records
    Deftones are probably the only band of their kind that can get heavier, poppier, and more ambient at the same time without it sounding cheesy or trendy. IMO they're easily the only band that got slapped with the nu-metal tag to actually go anywhere and remain relevant as a band that develops their sound as they go.
    I eagerly await this...Koi No Yokan got me into the Deftones so I look forward to their next effort
    I know it's only noon, but this is definitely going to be the best thing I've heard all day.
    Every album is fantastic in its own way. Everyone should listen to the Deftones, no matter what musical taste they have.
    Yeah, not happening with a lot of people I know. Then again, maybe CMND/CTRL isn't exactly a good "beginner's Deftones song".
    Koi No Yokan is my favorite album by them, all of the tragedy surrounding them with Chi Cheng has really given them some kind of musical awakening.
    Good. Koi No Yokan was wonderful. Everything they've done is nothing short of excellent. I'm excited to hear their next work.
    I love it eh. Ive always been into Nu-metal and its probably why i got into Deftones so easy. One of the only other bands i know of who kept the sound are from here in New Zealand by the name of Blindspott (Now Blacklistt due to legal issues with a former band member) and over the 13+ years they've been active they kept the same sound for their albums, 2nd was a bit more metal because they had 2 members leave and join for BL. Check out their song Nil By Mouth - Blindspott
    I almost wish they would take a little longer between albums this time, KNY could've been a taaaad more fleshed out (though it was still really good). But hell, if they're on a roll, let em go with it.
    This makes me wonder if Chino's two projects he has now will get some of his ambient ideas out of the way of Deftones writing. I can't remember the name of his other band besides Palms and Team Sleep, but Palms reminded me a lot of some of the more ambient ideas on the last few Deftones records.
    Maybe, maybe not. He did Team Sleep in '05 (and developed it over a few before that) and SNW was still their most ambient album to date at that point. I think it has a good fit in Deftones though, ever since White Pony they've been fusing the heavy/pretty thing and going back on it now would be strange.
    Cant wait!!! I was a very late adopter into Deftones, and ive got White Pony and Diamond Eyes, Digital Bath might be one of my all time favorite songs and the stuff the write is incredible! What makes me laugh though is that people argue about metal not being heavy enough, or complicated enough then Deftones comes along and everyones alright with it (Not to say they dont have technical or heavy stuff). Shows the sign of an awesome band!
    I don't think most people even associate Deftones with metal anyways. Nobody expects them to have blast beats or technical riffs, and they only got the nu-metal tag because they came in at the same time lots of other bands were mixing heavy, distorted guitars with alt-rock or funk or whatever. Deftones have a few riffs that could be metal but nothing about what the drums and bass were doing made me think 'metal'. Chino at his heaviest makes me think of hardcore.
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