Delonge On Angels And Airwaves Leak

Angels and Airwaves' Tom Delonge has addressed the recent leak of some early material from the band...

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Angels and Airwaves' Tom Delonge has addressed the recent leak of some early material from the band, saying:

"I am honored and humbled that my new band has gotten all this attention. Of course I had not planned for it or my song to come out so quickly, but it is so cool to finally see the electricity build in all your lives....the version you are hearing is not the actual final version, but a rough concept...I have been working restless nights on a cool short film that was to debut the actual song "The Adventure" within a few short will be released within the next 2 weeks with the launch of our website.

"And there is no way anybody out there can even guess how much of myself I put on this album... When I was in the 7th grade and my dad got diagnosed with Leukemia it tore me and my family to pieces... When my brother went to war in Iraq it made me so angry that the world could be so lost...And when the band that I started slowly started to melt away, it gave me the dreaded first hand knowledge of what its like to lose two of your best friends...

"Please stay open minded as I try to give you more than an album, and more than just a cool punk-rock tune, because I have already done that. But this is something different. I have an idea, an honest experiment to inspire you...just trust me, I wont let you down....and maybe, just maybe this all might be as good as you all hope and believe it to be.."

The band's debut can is expected this coming April. Angels & Airwaves is the brainchild of Blink-182 guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge and features guitarist Dave Kennedy (Box Car Racer), bassist Ryan Sinn (The Distillers) and drummer Atom Willard (The Offspring).

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    I just cant believe this, blink is gone, Mark, Tom, Travis, its to hard to believe this guys are not best friends anymore, I mean come on, they where the best band ever, everybody loved them, they where knowned world wide, and they come up with this shit?, spliting because they have band problems? YOU GUYS ARE BEST FRIENDS... they where the ones that made me look into the world of music, learn to play guitar, learn to play drums and bass, and even writing songs. I hope they come up with another blink album...
    Obie wrote: LOL good logic. I can play most guns & roses songs so Slash must be a shitty guitarist!!! Go jerk off to some Van Halen solos... yeah but you didnt learn those the first time you ever picked up a guitar did you. blink was cool but they dont have any musical talent there is no question about that. its good that they broke up though they were startin to go down the ****in drain oh and travis had/has talent but mark and tom,i mean come on, no one can honestly think they had talent
    you completely missed the point. the point is the man can write songs. i know plenty of people who can shred or play scales up and down but cannot write a good song to save their life. it takes a lot of talent to write a catchy song.
    its nothing special, its all delay effects and repeated riffs. sounds like tom is losing his touch on music, on the other hand plus-44 will be much cooler because they're choosing a different sound
    any one who says Blink can't be complicated has never heard "Not Now" and/or the entire self-titled album. also @ Yousef, the only song i got of limewire that was supposed AVA and was really AVA was the Adventure, if it says "jennypunkchick" in the comments its fake, however the stuff that was labeleed as AVA was cool, i got some Bl"ast, and some Agito +9
    you guys keep on saying that blink didnt have complicated riffs and stuff but travis barker is amazing at drums and on the song reebok commercial there is a pretty good guitar solo
    what songs were released? I have Bearshare and i just searched for Angels and Airwaves and a crapload of stuff came on. There was some BCR stuff mislabeled ass AVA and some other songs i didnt recognize. I saw Valkyre Missile on BEarshare but the intro isnt the same as described on the Kerrang article on the AVA website.
    just listened to the new song. Can definitely say that the guitar is a new venture for tom. Used to be a huge blink fan, back in middle school, but now i really don't listen to them, especially after their last album. Even if it was better or whatever, it just wasn't the same as dude ranch or chesire. Come to think of it after dude ranch none of the albums were the same. tom's vocals however, sound pretty much the same as on boxcar, and by the way if you listen to his voice he really can sing worth a shit. No malice or anything, people may respond to it but the whole whiny high pitch thing.... makes it sound like he is singing out of his range.
    Most people don't understand the difference between musical talent, and musical ability. You don't have to be an awesome shredder or be able to play intricate guitar solos to be a good musician. Blink wrote songs that were good enough to compensate for their lack of training with their instruments.
    i just heard the song... i dont care for it honestly. my musical taste has changed ALOT in 5 years. i cant listen to this.
    this is going to be amazing.. i was worried for a second when tom started Hyping it up like crazy... but after hearing it.. i'm content
    kjohnson08 wrote: QOTSA40 wrote: the only good thing about this guy is he's pretty funny, blink had ZERO music talent, anyone here on this forum can play any of their stuff, so i dont respect them at all. Boxcar 182 go cut your wrists and write a ****in song about it, and stop godamn cryin, no one likes emo kids anymore whos making money on it and who is not? i will answer both of those for you. they are making money off their music and you my friend arent making anything for your music. until you release a record that goes multiplatinum, i dont want hear your shit.
    in his defense, since when does making money make the band good? i can list 30 bands off the top of my head that are garbage that make a shitload of money. this is the only band of their genre that i can listen to for more than 5 minutes.
    im not a fan anymore, i used to listen to blink. they make good music, and i think thats what it all comes down to. i can list a million bands with more talent as far as playing goes, but blink made some good songs and if it wasnt for them i prolli wouldnt have started playin guitar about 4 years ago.
    everyone starts somewhere with music, i started with blink. i wouldnt be where i am today musically without them. i remember learning practically every single one of their songs on a crappy classical, and then being so excited to bang out "all the small things" on a squier. this man is my backbone. i owe him. and cant wait to see what hes done. all the hating people need to shut up. now.
    i love him so much, i cant wait to hear this album. im glad hes taking such a huge step from blink even though i love blink, he needs to do this for himself. and i loved the boxcar racer and new blink cd, and this should be similar only way better. cant wait
    i really like the AVA songs. the whole idea that the album is like a sci fi movie or whatever...wierd but cool. ive got faith in this band. and i think plus 44 is kinda cool. theyve got a song out on their myspace. im extremely suprised no one has said anything like 'blink 182 sucks so this sucks too'
    BLink was a good band, and i listened to them alot when i was a kid, , its nice to hear a different side of toms music, and it sound pretty good, and he seems to be doing what he wants. travis is better on drums tho, though I like the offspring alot
    listen to his podcast he seems really cool, im actually more rooting for PLUS 44 cause theyre awesome but anfels and airwaves should be good as well
    First I have to say, you people are silly. The untitled album was quite good, if Tom had sang less it would have been excellent. Much better than the lyrical genius of "Na na na na na na na na na na na...etc" The leaked song is ok. The vocals sound good, that computer is an excellent singer.
    ISuk@Guitar wrote: sounds good... had a listen to a few songs.almost all the songs are up on limewire.
    dude only 1 of thay're songs is on limewire the rest are something else or old blink recordings
    Blink rock. Them and sum 41 and I suppose green day r d only really good punk bands around. Its a shame tat blink split. I take back wat i said bout green day. theyre really good.
    glad to hear respects from most people towards tom delonge. and as manny said, blink was a "starting off" band for many of us, i started electric guitar with nirvana and blink 182, now i am fully into arch enemy, kalmah etc. anyone?
    Ive never been a huge Blink fan, Ill say they have some good songs. Although i was never a fan I would most definitly listen too them over all the crap bands (Fall out Boy and so many others) from today. Who knows maybe this new band won't be so bad for me.
    ST. DIZZY!
    Hell yeah they are!!!!! Long live blink 182 and Tom!!!
    Blinkfanatic108 wrote: trust me guys blink is coming back
    It's not about being able to play mind blowingly fast solos bro. It's about song writing and I would like to see you go out and write as many memorable riffs as Blink did. Before their self titled cd, they had some very good songs. [/quote] i agree but 1. it was an untitled album not self-titled and 2. it was f***ing awesome
    i loved blink 182 but AVA sounds so good itmight just make up for the split. also, has ne1 herd ne Plus-44 songs (Mark nd travis' new band) cos they're pretty awesome as well
    its awsome band members form distillers offspring blink and not to mention box car r gettin togehter and yeah a bunch of bands can write good riffs and all that stuff but to write a song that has so much meaning to even make hardcore kids friggin cry only shows that tom has grown in songwriting since blink started and ended till now
    its awsome that drummer from offspring , guitar from box car , bassist from distillers r doing a band some of my favorite bands plus blink 182 r a band even though its not as complicated like jimi hendrix or metallica the song adventure has alot of meaning to it and shows that tom has come along way in song writing since blink started
    omg!! i so loved Blink and i was so devastated wen they split!!! Cant wait for AVA tho.... Heard part of The Adventure, sounds pretty cool, although Tom has said that it isnt the finished version so maybe it will sound even better!!!
    All i have to say because i skiped the 20 million comments is . . .wait . . .because i have heard 4 of thier 8 official songs and they were the greatest songs i have ever heard 3 of them were anthemic(sounds like anthems)but other then that this sh** will make history!
    all the ones the say they are by angels and airwaves on stuff like limewire are fake, the adventure is the only song that is real at the minute
    whats wierd is that there are a lot of people on this site that say blink sucks and delonge is the worst guitarist ever but if you look at the number of tabs and reviews, blink has the most on ultimate guitar.
    If you listen to Cheshire Cat Tom does some pretty fast lead parts. Those diminished in their later stuff, but he has talent, no doubt about it. Have respect for your fellow musicians, you don't have to like what they play, just have respect. This is the music of our generation, you can either embrace it or spend you time complaining about it. Complaining just seems like a waste of time to me.
    I would also like to say, just because mark and tom didn't play awsome solo's and immpossible riffs does that make them crap. they had some really catchy riff's made from a few simple power chords. just cus a songs hard to play it isn't instantly good. take eruption by van halen, its an impressive piece of guitar but not very catchy. i know a lot of people who claim to be and probably are better players than tom but are they worth millions of dollars and have fans in pretty much every country they visit, probably not.
    I don't think that we'll see blink for a while now, they all have new projects to work with and they have made it quite clear that they're maybe not the best of friends any more (check out some of plus 44's lyrics)and the fact none of them were in the sudio when their greatest hits was produced says somthing
    I'm not too sure with them. I see them either flying or falling. They're way over hyped about being the next best thing so we'll see...
    ginger ninja
    tom delonge is a god! i am DEFINATELY buying angels and airwaves' new album! tom delonge is a legend! all you *&%$!" that are sayin bad stuff about him SUCK!
    I like Blink. They have some catchy songs, good for a starting out band just to get timings and playing in synchronization with each other. As for all you people that think that Mark and Tom have no talent well I think you are wrong. I'm sure they have plenty of talent or they would still be sitting in their basement trying to write songs like many of you, and myself are doing. Their songs are piss easy, but that doesn't mean they dont have talent. Maybe they just weren't using it to their full potential.
    im really excited for this album to come out. it really was a shame when blink broke up.
    I like his take on leaked material circulating on the internet. So cool and calm about it, and not going around rippin' his shirt saying "GIVE ME BACK MY SONGS!!!" Good music should be shared. Way to go Tom, now, if everyone else on mother earth would feel that way too.
    I'm sick of people hating on Tom and Blink 182. Maybe Blink's stuff isn't that complicated, but I'd LOVE to see someone else come up w/ the catchy shit that they did. Even though it's not hard to play, it's hard to make up. Their last album was a masterpiece, and if anyone disagrees, please send me 14 songs YOU wrote that you think are better than the songs on that album. Angels and Airwaves is going to be amazing. It's a different side of Tom, and he's putting his heart and soul into the whole album. "The Adventure" is an amazing song. Great lyrics and great guitar parts. It's a really catchy song. Y'all need to stop ****in saying blink sucks, and that Tom sucks, because they are both amazing. Send me a song you wrote that you think is better than something Tom wrote and I will shake your ****ing hand if it is.
    I Hate Music: QOTSA40 wrote: the only good thing about this guy is he's pretty funny, blink had ZERO music talent, anyone here on this forum can play any of their stuff, so i dont respect them at all. Boxcar 182 go cut your wrists and write a ****in song about it, and stop godamn cryin, no one likes emo kids anymore It's not about being able to play mind blowingly fast solos bro. It's about song writing and I would like to see you go out and write as many memorable riffs as Blink did. Before their self titled cd, they had some very good songs.
    i agree. i mean i have all the respect in the world for green day and blink who have so many memorable songs using a limited number of chords. im excited for this new album.