Depeche Mode Fans Name 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' the Band's Best Album Ever

Thousands voted in recent Gigwise poll.

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Depeche Mode fans have named the band's 1993 album, "Songs of Faith and Devotion" the best of their 34-year career.

In a Gigwise poll, the album narrowly beat "Violator" to take the top spot, with their 1990 release placing second in the poll. "Black Celebration" placed third, "Music for the Masses" fourth, and "Ultra" was named their fifth best album.

Released in the early nineties, "Songs of Faith and Devotion" is one of the most successful albums of Depeche Mode's career, hitting No. 1 across the globe, including the UK and US charts. Recording the album was a notoriously tricky experience for the band, being done so among claustrophobic conditions for the bandmates, who lived and worked together in the same property. The results were, however, a huge success, with critical acclaim and huge sales following the toil of studio time.

The album ultimately produced some of the biggest singles of the band's career, with "I Feel You," "Walking in My Shoes," "Condemnation" and "In Your Room" all scoring huge success on charts across the globe.

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See the Top 5 best and worst Depeche Mode albums below.

Top Five

1. Songs of Faith and Devotion
2. Violator
3. Black Celebration
4. Music for the Masses
5. Ultra

Worst Five

1. Speak And Spell
2. A Broken Flame
3. Construction Time Again4. Sounds of the Universe5. Exciter

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    SOF&D!!!! I love that album. Well, I can't find any bad one at DM's discography. Maybe yeah! why not? The five in the "worst" list could be some of their least good ones.
    I don't really see the point in the Worst Five List, it's not like those are awful. I really enjoyed Sounds Of The Universe and Exciter, despite not being a solid release, it has great moments. EDIT: On a second thought, Speak And Spell is ... well, yeah, not their best moment.
    I always skip half the tracks on Speak And Spell, but i do sorta enjoy the half that i can listen to, despite it being a bit cheesy at times.
    What do people think about Delta Machine? Personally i think it´s the best of the three (Sounds and Playing) with some of Gahans best vocal performances in many years.
    I'm with you dude... amazing how after 35 years of incredible stuff, they still create a song like "Heaven" - Dave kills it on that one. And the album as a whole has really grown on me.
    I'm more of a Violator, Black Celebration and Some Great Reward kinda guy, i would even go with Ultra over Songs, but it is a great record. Must of their stuff is pretty awesome. I agre with the worst list somewhat, Speak and Spell is defineately not their finest moment.
    I actually agree with that list. Well voted. Though I enjoy Playing The Angel a lot too, I might have put that in the Top 5 instead of Music for the Masses.
    Speak and Spell the worst? Harsh. considering it's their first record. I think Exciter or Sounds of the Universe should be their worst.
    That's a good top 4: EVERY song on each album is great, although for me any could be top. I'm a huge DM fan since the 80s and I even love their crappy songs, though. If Martin or Dave write or sing it, I buy it. The "worst" albums in the poll feature some of Martin's (and Vince's and Alan's) most unique writing, and what really set them apart from all the other bands of the time - and really shaped their style. Therefore they hold tremendous value. I might take out Ultra and put in Playing the Angel. I Want It All is an absolute masterpiece.
    Violator is my all time favorite album. That and Nirvana Nevermind and KISS Creatures of the Night. As far as DM goes Ultra is a close second.