Derrick Green: 'Nobody Wants a Classic Sepultura Reunion'

artist: Sepultura date: 11/18/2013 category: music news
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Derrick Green: 'Nobody Wants a Classic Sepultura Reunion'
Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green clarified the band's stance on classic lineup reunion featuring the Cavalera brothers, pointing out it's basically not something anyone involved would want. "Nobody wants a reunion, as far as our side," Green told Hard Rock Haven (via Blabbermouth) "That's all I really know. We wouldn't be making all these albums and doing everything if there was any chance of those guys wanting to wait for a reunion; it would be kind of silly. I mean, we enjoy what we do; that's just the truth of it. "People have to accept our happiness [laughs]," the singer continued. "We're truly, truly happy playing powerful sets and writing and seeing the world and playing incredible festivals and having amazing opportunities. That's what we work for and that's our lives. So we've just been evolving. And nobody wants to really step backwards and just do something just to please..." Derrick also stressed that a reunion can always flop and not meet fan expectations. "[There's always the chance] that [a reunion] is going to be disappointing and it will backfire in your face. Where people just walk away, 'Oh, man, it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it would be, like...' And then, it's just, like, what the f--k? If you try to please everybody, you're gonna lose. You really have to take care of what is best for yourself and for the band." Sepultura unleashed their latest studio effort "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" on October 25 through Nuclear Blast Records.
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