Derrick Green: 'Nobody Wants a Classic Sepultura Reunion'

"Nobody wants to step backwards and do something just to please," the singer says.

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Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green clarified the band's stance on classic lineup reunion featuring the Cavalera brothers, pointing out it's basically not something anyone involved would want. "Nobody wants a reunion, as far as our side," Green told Hard Rock Haven (via Blabbermouth) "That's all I really know. We wouldn't be making all these albums and doing everything if there was any chance of those guys wanting to wait for a reunion; it would be kind of silly. I mean, we enjoy what we do; that's just the truth of it. "People have to accept our happiness [laughs]," the singer continued. "We're truly, truly happy playing powerful sets and writing and seeing the world and playing incredible festivals and having amazing opportunities. That's what we work for and that's our lives. So we've just been evolving. And nobody wants to really step backwards and just do something just to please..." Derrick also stressed that a reunion can always flop and not meet fan expectations. "[There's always the chance] that [a reunion] is going to be disappointing and it will backfire in your face. Where people just walk away, 'Oh, man, it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it would be, like...' And then, it's just, like, what the f--k? If you try to please everybody, you're gonna lose. You really have to take care of what is best for yourself and for the band." Sepultura unleashed their latest studio effort "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" on October 25 through Nuclear Blast Records.

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    Why would we need a reunion anyway? Cavalera conspiracy plays classic sepultura songs already as it is.
    I want Sepultura to reunite with Max, just so we can see him ruin the band by forcing them to play the mediocre Groove/Thrash that Cavalera Conspiracy makes (of which many idiots like to claim is "old school Sepultura"). Then we can just go back to pretending Sepultura broke up after Arise, and no one from the band ever made music again.
    Not for nothing but of course the replacement singer is going to rule out a reunion. It's like asking Bumblefoot about the odds of Slash rejoining GNR.
    "If you try to please everybody, you're gonna lose." The voice of experience.
    por que tiene q meter sus nacices este weon q ni siquiera es un miembro original de la banda?? La reunion de sepultura no se ha concretado por discrepancias entre max y andreas, no porque derrick no lo quiera. no hay q olvidar q los hermanos cavalera crearon esa banda, los otros miembros se apoderaron de lo que no es suyo y lo transformaron en un proyecto totalmente distinto. Además los "nuevos" fans de sepultura parecieran disfrutar mas los temas de la época cavalera, en los conciertos, y es obvio, porque es lo mejor de sepultura.
    The new sepultura sucks, just buy there albums they did with Max & Igor, calvera conspiracy was the reunion of the brothers & both soufly & calavera conspiracy cover sepultura songs.
    Sepultura is dead in the year 1996 to me. Now it's a commercially big joke.
    I want Derrick, Andreas and Paolo to get onstage with Cavalera Conspiracy at a festival to perform Roots Bloody Roots and Refuse/Resist, like how Andreas and Derrick did with Hatebreed and Korn at Monsters of Rock this year. It'd also be cool if Max had Derrick feature on a Soulfly track, we all know he likes guest artists.