Despised Icon Announce New Guitarist

artist: Despised Icon date: 03/26/2007 category: music news
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Despised Icon have posted the following update: After going though tons of audition videos, we'd like to introduce our new guitarist; from Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Al Glassman (Goratory, ex-Burn In Silence). Al learned and played the songs perfectly but most of all, he's an awesome dude and we're glad to have him as a guitarist and as a friend. He joined us on our latest Canadian tour and proved to us and to the rest of the crowd that he's the perfect guy for the band. Thumbs up! "We just got home from our Canadian tour. Almost every single show was sold out! We hadn't toured home in while and we'd like to thank everyone that showed up for making this a memorable experience. Our plane for Europe leaves tomorrow! This will be our first time touring overseas and we can't wait to see what it's like. We hope to see you there.
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