Details of Jack White Covers Album Revealed

Artists including Wanda Jackson will contribute covers of White songs to new compilation.

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A new compilation album paying tribute to the music of Jack White is to be released later this month. Artists from the formative years of rock, rockabilly and punk such as Wanda Jackson and Gary U.S. Bonds have all contributed to "Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White," released on November 18. Jackson, who has covered the White Stripes' "In the Cold, Cold Night" for the album, previously worked with White on her 2011 solo album, "The Party Ain’t Over." Speaking to Rolling Stone (via NME) about the album, Jackson said: "When I heard 'Cold, Cold Night' for the first time I knew it was a song that I wanted to record some day. When the opportunity came around to pay tribute to Jack on this album I thought it was the perfect opportunity to lay it down in the studio. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and I hope Jack approves of the job we did." A list of contributors to "Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White" and their covers can be seen below. 1) Big Jay McNeely and Nik Turner – "I'm Shakin'" 2) Gary U.S. Bonds – "Salute Your Solution" 3) Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers – "Steady as She Goes" 3) Joe Clay and Cranston Clements – "Trash Tongue Talker" 5) Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding – "Another Way to Die" 6) Knox, Walter Lure and W.S. "Fluke" Holland – "Seven Nation Army" 7) Johnny Powers – "Fly Farm Blues" 8) Bobby Vee – "We're Going to Be Friends"
9) Rosie Flores – "Blunderbuss" 10) The Dirt Daubers – "Fell in Love With a Girl" 11) Rejected Youth Nation feat. Cyril Neville – "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)" 12) The Denver Broncos U.K. – "Top Yourself" 13) Los Straightjackets – "Icky Thump" White is currently working on new songs with his band the Dead Weather, a tweet from his Third Man Records label revealed in August. The band are holed up in the Third Man studio in Nashville working on the album.

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    Usually todays´ talent get together to pay tribute to the veterans. Jack White is so bad-ass, the veterans get together to pay tribute to him.
    I feel like that could be part of a most interesting man in the world commercial.
    I was under the impression it was an album of covers by Jack White, not an album of Jack White covers.
    I don't know if I'll actually get this... I'd rather listen to the actual thing. But new Dead Weather! I can't wait for that!
    what's the point of this album? Unless these covers are something really special i can't see myself getting excited for this
    Isn't I'm shaking a cover already? Haha, a cover of a cover. Unless I'm mistaken *it is a cover. Not much of a tribute I'd you're not even playing a song he wrote.
    Man this article scared me, the first few lines made me think jack white had died and people were giving him a tribute album ;_;
    A new compilation album paying tribute to the music of Jack White because he's... alive, still making music, and under 40? He hasn't even been making music on a professional scale for 20 years yet! Why is this happening?
    Because they all have an immense respect for a genius musician perhaps? He may not be 20 years into his music career but has accomplished more things in more areas than many legends that you could mention. Record Label, leading a vinyl resurgence, Platinum records in the days of downloading, numerous #1 hits and all while doing whatever the **** he feels like. He's worked with Page, The Stones, Loretta Lynn... too many to be able to mention even. Like him and his music or not, it is undeniable that he is one of the most prolific musicians of our time.
    I'm not denying that at all. He's probably my second favorite artist of all time. I'm just saying this seems a little premature.
    Seriously. He certainly deserves it and a tribute album to him is cool and all but, maybe they could let him get halfway through his career for this sort of thing.
    Why did they make a tribute album to Jack White? White Stripes aren't that great and neither has anything he has really done. Whatever, it just goes to show how stupid people are...
    more than youll ever do in any of those ""core bands"" you have listed in your profile.
    Well we will just have to see about that...
    "White Stripes aren't that great and neither has anything he has really done" Too busy hitting pipes to pay attention in 7th grade English class?
    Can't wait to hear seven nation army. I saw W.S. Holland perform with remaining members of Johnny Cash's bands from different era's and he is one hell of a drummer. Would love to hear his spin on that song.