Dethklok, Anthrax, Slipknot Members Join Forces on 'What Does the Fox Say' Cover

"Garbage" music collaboration details surface, comedian Brian Posehn also involved.

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Details of Dethklok mastermind Brendon Small and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian collaboration have recently surfaced, confirming the pair is woking on "What Does the Fox Say" cover, also featuring Slipknot's Corey Taylor and comedian Brian Posehn. As reported, Ian initially announced joining forces with Small, tweeting, "In the studio with Brendon Small writing the best worst song ever, ergo my face," along with an attached image, just for Brendon to reply: "Proud to have made some real garbage today!" As Metal Injection reports, Small had since made an appearance on Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Podcast, discussing the collaboration in more detail. "I still do music stuff," he said. "I end up getting roped into other music stuff. I'm doing a ridiculous cover of 'What Does the Fox Say?' With Scott Ian and Brian Posehn. Oh! And Corey from Slipknot is a part of it. It actually sounds really, really good." Ian previously praised Small as "an insane guitar player" in a blog post during late October. "We were rehearsing for the Mr. Show Experience at Festival Supreme and just watching him f--k around is ridiculous," the guitarist noted. "We went to the premiere of 'Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem' and the music he wrote is incredible. Hearing it all with a huge orchestra (conducted by Bear McCreary) really loud in a theater was so awesome." Several "What Does the Fox Say" metal renditions have surfaced online within the past few months, make sure to check out a few below. But back to the topic - do you think this one might actually turn out to be awesome? Let us know in the comments.

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Brendon Small could take a shit and probably make it appealing in some way, so I'll wait and see what it sounds like
    Scott Ian is probably one of the funniest guys in Metal and Brendon Small IS a comedian, so this pretty much can't fail.
    Brendon small is not only a comedian, hes also a great musician. Just listen to Dethalbum I,II,III and Galaktikon.. I agree, this cant fail
    doing forget the lead duel from the latest album. That was sick
    The only thing that could make it better would be news that Devin Townsend is getting involved, he's hilarious too.
    That first video is brilliant - he nailed it flawlessly =]
    yeah, eric calderone i think his name is. always does great covers
    Yeah but to be honest most of his covers sound the same, usually plays the main riff once then plays a crazy fast tapping solo. The what does the fox say cover is probably one of his most unique though
    Sleeping in
    The Pellek guy is okay, but singing vibrato into every single word does get a bit annoying... It's good vibrato I just need a break sometimes lol
    It involved Brendon Small right? Of course its going to be awesome. Next question.
    eRock's alwasys brilliant, but i didn't really like the second video there
    I'm always glad to see Metal stars letting go and showing their funny side, these are people who's lives involve many things outside of metal and this is bound to be a great example of a few Metal stars cutting loose and making fun of a terrible internet fad.
    i dont care that man can sing and i like this song-why? i dont know it's just silly.
    This is not a song, it's parody of pop. How can you listen to this? This song sucks ass just because it is not a song, how can people think of it as a song? Covers was pretty good though/
    Some people missed the joke, i have seen people on youtub and other who thinks it's anything but a parody.
    They haven't so far, so why would this be any different? The original is beyond preschool level. "Cat goes meow, dog goes woof"? Fucking really?
    This is just awful, Brendon Small and Scott Ian or not, nothing can make that "song" tolerable.
    Neer actually heard this Fox song before... are these seriously the lyrics??? Was this written by 3rd grader?
    It's a comedy group, go figure :p. They are basically a swedish version of Lonely Island.
    This is a great idea. I couldn't dream of a better concept to a metal rendition of a ridiculous song.