Dethklok Premiere New Song 'Blazing Star'

Check out the new "Metalocalypse" track.

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As the October 27 premiere date of "Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem a Klok Opera" steadily approaches, Dethklok have decided to premiere the soundtrack's extra song "Blazing Star." Featuring production work of Brendon Small and Emmy-winning composer Bear McCreary, the song was exclusively premiered over on Loudwire. Make sure to check it out below, the orchestral moments are nothing short of epic. Also featured on the soundtrack is the legendary metal drummer Gene Hoglan, as well as bassist Bryan Beller from Joe Satriani's band and guitarist Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani). "This is not like anything we've ever done," Small said. "This is a full-blown musical - metal combined with symphonic passages, classic musical theater, high stakes drama, emotional moments, and yes - totally ridiculous comedy. I drew from all of my influences to make this the most unique project I could dream of. This is easily the best thing we've ever done with the show and the music. I can't wait for you to hear it." The Dethklok opera will air on October 27 at midnight on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The full soundtrack will hit the shelves two days later, on October 29.

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    Awesome song.
    Yeah, but it wasn't like the rest of Dethklok's music. It really shows Brendon Small's ability both as a song writer as well as his wide range of music influence. It sounds more like his Galaktikon album, which was great. I'm excited as hell, only 9 days. Dethklok, we are the Gears.
    Galaktikon is one of my favorite albums of all time. It is absolutely brilliant.
    It's amusing to me that this is written for a cartoon. Dethklok are really good. Having Hoglan on drums is never a bad thing IMO.
    I can't wait for the episode. But I don't want the show to end I wonder if Dethklok will continue?
    why wouldn't they?
    i remember brendon small saying that they would end it with a movie - could be wrong though
    i remember the same. my only hope is that if Dethklok ends, that Brendon, Beller, and Gene (and maybe another awesome guitarist) keep writing metal music in some form. they are all so talented.
    I'm pretty sure I've read in the same interview that Brendon wants to keep the music going even after the show ends. He's a great musician with some great skills
    Who is the other guy singing in the prechorus? Pickles?
    Yeah, it's Pickles. Brendon Small also did Pickle vocals on Hatredcopter and Kill You.
    Pickles is badass
    I believe it was James Hetfield in Hatredcopter. He did a lot of guest voices for the show along with that song. And Kill you was another guest too, cant remember who though....But yeh they are all meant to be pickles singing voice.
    I've seen dethklok in Las Vegas at the house of blues a few years back, its Brendon singing.
    Hatredcopter was Brendon Small doing Pickles. James Hetfield hasn't done any vocal work for Dethklok. As a matter of fact I'm 99.9% sure all vocals are attributed to Small.
    Flying Afros
    the only "vocal" work James Hetfield did was the voice of the troll from the first season I believe...
    Yeah something like that. Corpsegrinder does cameo stuff like that too.
    I really love the combo of Small, Beller, and Hoglan. Really great metal. Very well composed (to my semi trained ear).
    Can't wait for the return of Toki. He's my favourite character. It's not just because I'm diabetic too haha.
    Small as stated that part of the movie is about finding Toki, so hang tight. And I really like the clean element in this. I only hope the rest of the soundtrack is as good as this.
    It sucks that this is going to be the end of the show. Metalocalypse is one of my favorite cartoons ever. And there wont be anything able to replace it.
    How do you know that it's going to be the end of the show?
    Brendon Small himself said that him original intention for the show was to make 4 seasons and a movie. Season 4 ended with the shit that went down at the funeral and Toki getting stabbed by Magnus. The Doomstar Requiem takes place immediately afterwards.