DevilDriver Frontman: 'Groping Crowd-Surfing Females Is Tantamount to Rape'

"We're here to have a good time, not to be groping people," Dez Fafara says.

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DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara recently took a strong stance against groping female members of the audience during rock shows, calling it an equivalent of rape.

Asked by Rockersphere to comment on Staind frontman Aaron Lewis' recent show-stopping stage rant addressing a group of gropers in the audience, Fafara commented:

"First of all, Aaron and I are good friends, but I'm not familiar with the incident which you are talking about. But I will speak on the groping of females in the pit or if they're crowd surfing.

"I mean, of course, it's wrong - it's completely wrong - and if I see it, I'll stop a show for sure. Gentlemen should be just that - gentlemen," Dez continued (via Blabbermouth). "That's why we're in there, and that's why metal people are in there - to have a good time, not to be groping people; that's tantamount to rape.

"So no, I'm not into that one bit. And if I do see someone doing that, I will stop the crowd. I don't put up with any of that kind of sh-t."

You can check out Lewis' rant from this year's Rockfest in Kansas City in the clip below.

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    random rockstar being asked about random event at a rockshow of a random band. Ok. seriously though, they are right.
    That's pretty awesome seeing people taking a stand on this. I could never see how someone could lower themselves that far as to touch someone else inappropriately like that. I've always made sure not to do that when a chick was just trying to have fun and enjoy herself.
    Agreed, we need more people like this in the community, especially men as well, problems can be solved if an outside party can emphasise.
    *empathise Not everyone is American.
    ...and not everyone isn't american... what a weird comment. The guy used the completely wrong word. Empathise or empathize work fine. But emphasise is clearly wrong.
    Well it is wrong. Very wrong. But it's not the same as rape. Don't be stupid.
    He didn't say it was the same as. It's serious physical sexual assault on an unwilling and (for all intents and purposes) defenseless party. That is tantamount, i.e. as equivalently serious as, a rape. And he's right. People wouldn't stop to think twice about pulling a guy off a girl he's forcing his dick into and kicking the living shit out of him. So it's a mystery why they look the other way when they see girls getting groped as if it's "acceptable" just because you're at a gig.
    How is getting groped for half a second the same as being violently raped? Yeah, you're damn right we would kick the shit out of a guy who is raping a women. We'd probably do the same to a guy trying to cop a feel. However, in one instance, we put them away for 10-20 years. The other we don't. Because we live in a secular society that sees the difference between a real dick move that we should definitely discourage, and an act of extreme violence that we isolate people from the rest of society for. Also, Tantamount also means; 'virtually the same'.
    Why are you obsessing over whether or not people think it's the same, they're united under the title of sexual assault and that's what matters. arguments like these just get picked up by the idiots who do this kind of shit and use it as an excuse.
    WOAH. How dare you tell it like it is. UG users will now downvote you to kingdom come.
    OMG you maintained logic rather than getting wrapped up in feelings. Prepare to be downvoted to hell.
    We should only grope women if or when they want to be groped. Do it right too- be gentle, don't stick your whole hand up her ass FFS!
    Yeah if you face looks like this guy's avatar afterwards... Then you should probably take his advice...
    So grabbing ass, grabbing boobs, is, in the mind of all these politically correct crazies, as bad as forcibly having intercourse with another person. By that line of "logic", you might as well try people who get into a brawl at the bar and exchange a couple punches, with murder. OMG assualt is as bad as murder! OMG grabbing ass is as bad as rape! Tell that to a woman who actually has been raped, don't think she's gonna agree with this politically correct crap. No one is condoning groping, molesting, unwelcomed sexual advances, but unwelcomed touching is not the same as, ie TANTAMOUNT to, forcible penetration. Now downvote me to hell for telling it like it is because I wouldnt go along with this epic fail of semantics.
    Good on him. One thing can lead to another (would say slippery slope, but that can mean something else to some people).
    What if she's hot though?
    Still sexual assault.
    So touching someone somewhere inappropriate is as bad as rape? Wake up you ****ing cretin.
    From Wikipedia: "Sexual assault is any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against their will, or any non-consensual sexual touching of a person. This includes rape (such as forced vaginal, anal or oral penetration or drug facilitated sexual assault), groping, forced kissing, child sexual abuse, or the torture of the victim in a sexual manner." Sure, groping is nowhere near as bad as rape, but it still counts as sexual assault. Thanks for the strawman.