Devin Townsend : 'I Hate When People Call Their Audience Fans'

artist: Devin Townsend date: 03/11/2014 category: music news
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Devin Townsend : 'I Hate When People Call Their Audience Fans'
Devin Townsend recently touched on an interesting matter of fan relationship and the ability to interact with musicians much closer these days, primarily thanks to the internet.

Asked by Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire) on whether the given state has affected his musical approach, Devy commented, "Yeah, I think it has in surprising ways; I've been so insular for so long in the way that I chose to participate in life in a lot of ways, you know?

"I like being a hermit," the musician continued. "I like being under the radar and things like this. For a long time I was a lot more hesitant to interact with the audience for whatever internalized reason, I was either afraid of it, or it just weirded me out, or I felt insecure about my own place in it, or whatever, but I think over the past decade, there’s been a lot of credence for me, just given to the fact that it's people."

Getting to the thick of it, Townshend added, "You know, some people are as smart as you; some people are not as smart as you. Some people are more talented, less talented. It's not really that distinction between artist, and I hate it when people call their audience fans, you know like my fans, it sort of instills a hierarchy that I just think is pretty '80s to be honest.

"So, getting together with people and hanging out with the audience is great for me as long as it doesn't end up being super weird," Devin continued. "Like some people will project things on you. They'll want to think that you are more than you are based on your ability to meticulously sculpt something in Pro-Tools, then come out and be like listen to me I'm this big he-man, when actually you're not.

"You just spend three weeks making yourself sound like he-man, right, so I think if the audience ends up being too over the top those sorts of interactions I find taxing, but for the most part I'll tell you it’s people and if I am in the right frame of mind, I love talking with people. I love being able to interact with people on a one-to-one level, and if it doesn’t get too peculiar, then I think it's great and those sorts of boat cruises offer a great opportunity to do that," the frontman concluded.

When it comes to Townshend's upcoming projects, Devin is set to kick off the recording of "Ziltoid the Omniscient" sequel on May 2 in Los Angeles. As reported, the frontman has also announced working on three projects during 2014, singling out Casualties of Cool, Ziltoid 2, as well as a relaxation music project with flutist Kat Epple.
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