Devin Townsend: I Can Save 1 Guitar, 1 Amp & 1 Pedal From a Fire. This Is What I Choose

UG exclusive: "Just because it's three pedals and it's a loophole."

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Devin Townsend: I Can Save 1 Guitar, 1 Amp & 1 Pedal From a Fire. This Is What I Choose

Mr. Devin Townsend answered one of the top questions from the UG community: "You can save one guitar, one amp and one pedal from a fire to play a gig. What do you save?"

The man shared the following picks with our interviewer Steven Rosen:

Single-coil '50s-style Tele

Blackface Fender Champ

Mooer Ocean Machine Pedal

"Just because it's three pedals and it's a loophole."

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    Is it just me, but does Devin look younger now than he did 15/20 years ago?
    From the stories I've heard and read he did seem to be heavily into the drugs and alcohol from the early 90's up until 2007 when he went completely clean and vegetarian And now he's been working out a bit so he probably is in the best health of his life at the moment. 
    no surprise for the tele, he always speaks of teles highly, even though he has like 5 crazy signatures
    I mean with at least one of the signatures (The giant flying V one) he actually wanted to make it a telly variant, but they talked him into doing a more metal one first with the telly coming second (Don't think that one ever got made, though).
    He finally got his (kinda) Tele though with the Framus plank. It's his signature model that supposedly is taking over the place of his teles.
    I love reading articles on Devin, he seems really down to earth. However, I can't say I enjoy any of his music that I heard so far. So I'm asking the hardcore fans, what songs would you recommend checking out from his career of musical work? I want to love his music, but nothing has really impressed me so far. I don't know, you can suggest albums too.
    Depends what style your interested in. Heavy, ambient, prog etc...? My favourite Devin works are Ki, Accelerated Evolution, Terria, Ziltoid the Omniscient and Alien (SYL).
    I'm interested in all their genres, but would probably enjoy their prog stuff over the heavy and ambient. I love a lot of heavy music, but for some reason SYL i can not get into. But anyways thanks for the suggestions! I will check them out throughout the day. Alien is the only thing you suggested that I already heard so far, I will check out the rest for sure.
    No problems. I'd definitely recommend you start with Terria and Accelerated Evolution then.
    Thanks again! I actually enjoyed some of the stuff on Terria. Even if I don't turn into a huge devin towsend fan, I will admit the guys got a ton of talent.