Devin Townsend: 'I Can't Listen to New Black Sabbath, Drums Are Distracting'

artist: Black Sabbath date: 09/20/2013 category: music news
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Devin Townsend: 'I Can't Listen to New Black Sabbath, Drums Are Distracting'
Ever since Bill Ward's departure from Black Sabbath, there's been an ongoing discussion on whether the band's latest effort "13" can be considered a true Sabbath effort. Joining the side that thinks "13" simply isn't Sabbath comes Devin Townsend, who touched on the subject of metal icons during an interview with Dead Rhetoric. "I bought the new Black Sabbath record and I can't listen to it because the drums are distracting," Townsend explained. "It’s not Bill Ward. It has nothing to do with the drums being not-Black Sabbath or poor performance or poorly recorded, or anything - it's just that I can't shake it’s not Bill Ward, so it's not Black Sabbath to me." Devin explained further, "I know that it’s a naive way of looking at it, but I feel the same way about anything I do. Unless it's completely me, I don't want to be that guy, I don't want to be that guy that goes up and plays Strapping Young Lad songs." As you might have noticed, the frontman reached the Sabbath matter while discussing constant Strapping Young Lad reunion demands. In a nutshell, Townsend noted that he simply can't understand the urge people have when it comes to reunions of rock icons. "I don't understand the process people go through in terms of assuming that if the band was still active right now, they'd be like the period that was of emotional significance to them," he explained. But back to the current state of affairs, Devin discussed the Ziltoid sequel, as well as other projects he's working on. "I think the goal with anything I’m working on right now is to take my time with things. If it takes five to ten years, that’s what it takes. If it takes two months, it takes two months," the frontman said. "The record I’m working on now, 'Casualties of Cool,' it's the first record I've made since 'Ocean Machine' that I've been able to think it out. Everything else has been 'Go, go, go, we need another record, you have to get it out.'" Townsend concluded by noting that finding other ways of making income allowed him to take all the time he needs with his music. "I'm doing seminars, I do a radio show, there’s a lot of different things are letting me take more time with 'Ziltoid Part II' or 'Casualties of Cool,' because I'm past that point where it was need to produce is of any interest to me."
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