Devin Townsend to Musicians: 'Protect Yourself, Protect Your Investment, Wear Earplugs'

artist: Devin Townsend date: 02/05/2014 category: general music news

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Devin Townsend to Musicians: 'Protect Yourself, Protect Your Investment, Wear Earplugs'
Devin Townsend has been talking to Rock Hard Magazine about the importance of wearing earplugs.

As the singer/guitarist notes, it's a question of protecting yourself:

"If you don't wear earplugs, your ability to hear those nuances that you want other people to connect with as emotional experiences that you're trying to represent through your music ... it's not gonna happen. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, protect your investment. Wear earplugs."

Townsend states that, as a result of not wearing earplugs for many years, he now suffers from severe tinnitus when he tires to sleep:

"Do I wear earplugs? Absolutely not. In fact, I don't think I've worn earplugs on more than seven occasions liveā€¦ The thing is, when I go to bed at night now, as a result of years of traumatizing sound pressure levels and monitor men that have this button, I think, located conveniently under their thumb that says "feedback in the monitors", I go to sleep at night with the sound of someone frying bacon and another person blowing a rape whistle...

"To summarize, wear earplugs, because there's a good chance you're smarter than me."

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