Devolved Covers Metallica's 'Battery'

artist: Devolved date: 01/04/2010 category: music news
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Australian/American tech-metallers Devolved have posted two new tracks on their MySpace page. "Derivative" and the cover version of Metallica's "Battery" come off the band's new album, "Calculated", which will be released on January 19 via Unique Leader Records. The CD was mixed by famed producer/engineer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Nevermore, Deicide, Judas Priest) and was mastered by Alan Douches (Sepultura, Unearth, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, God Forbid). The album is the first release to feature vocalist Kyle Zemanek. "Calculated" track listing: 01. Fractured 02. Hybrid 03. Vex 04. Derivative 05. Synergy 06. Catatonic Ruin 07. Biotics 08. Impute 09. Assimilate 10. Icon 11. Depth Perception 12. Battery (Metallica cover; bonus track) 13. Vex (Mass Confusion Remix) (bonus track) Devolved filmed a music video for the song "Fractured" in early October 2009 at Ramona Mainstage in San Diego, California with acclaimed music director David Brodsky, who has worked with such bands as Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, All That Remains, Suffocation and many more. David Brodsky also won best video of the year for 2008 on MTV2's "Headbangers Ball". Devolved drummer John Sankey was a member of an early version of Divine Heresy and co-wrote some of the material on the band's "Bleed The Fifth" album before being forced to leave the project and go back to Australia due to visa issues. Originally from Australia, the band conquered its homeland in almost next to no time after forming in Queensland in 1997. Since Devolved's first release, a four-track demo called "Truth", the band gained exposure and captured the imagination of fans in their home country that would take many top level bands years to work at. For more information, visit
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